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  1. Thank you for your reply. Now if I understand this your only using audio for the MODX. How would you set the system up to use VST. Can you use VST or do all your sounds come from the keyboard? Can you use the instrument insert or just go audio for midi? Thanks
  2. Thank you for your response. I’ve tried midi not wave. I tried an instrument track. The meters on the software moved and I could hear it coming back into the headphones but it would not record the signal. I’m going through a Steinberg 24C midi interface and a mixer. Setup works perfect with Cubase
  3. if this has already been discussed I apologize in advance. I have MIDX 7 and i have been trying for months to get this thing to record into Cakewalk. I've contacted Yamaha and they sent me some video thats supposed to help because all it did was plug there own software. I have one song on Cakewalk that's almost complete. All I have to do is add a bass line and it's through if not I'll have to rewrite the song again and that song is 70 tracks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Power Spec Windows 10. I7 Samsung EVO 4TB Steinberg UR C midi interface XENYX Q802 Mixer
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