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  1. Thanks very much, Scook. This all worked perfectly, but it was quite a bit of a learning curve. I had no idea what dot CAL files were, but found the folder where they are stored. Looked at a few, but it is rocket science to me. Using Notepad, I copied your scripts and named them. I had to study up on Key Bindings also. Did not know it was there under Options. Bound the CALs to Left and Right keys and it works great. I had to change (+= Now 30) and (int offset 30) to (+= Now 2) and (int offset 2) to get the Now bar to step in 1 milliseconds increments. Thanks again.
  2. In the Track View, there is the Clips Pane. When you press play, a vertical bar scrolls from left to right along the clips. Did Cakewalk ever name this bar or refer to it in their manuals? I cannot find any info. When Play has been stopped, is there a way to move this bar in increments without a mouse? Is there a keyboard short cut to move it? The only way I can place it in time line positions is with left mouse clicks. I would like to move the bar in one frame increments and even one millisecond increments.
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