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  1. Ok thanks, that's good to know:)
  2. So basically the answer to both questions is "you can't"? Still there has to be some kind of logic behind how Cakewalk decides whether to create a new clip or edit an existing one when working in the PRV? At least that would help to work around it somehow. It would be great to have a feature that highlights notes that are inside the same clip, once you select a note inside the PRV. Maybe an outline around all the notes in the clip or something like that. And when those notes are highlighted you'd know that you are currently editing inside that clip. When no notes are highlighted you'd know Cakewalk will create a new clip on a new Track Lane.
  3. Hey guys, I'm new to Cakewalk and hope somebody can enlighten me... I don't understand how to control which Midi clip/Take Lane is "active"/edited when I'm in the PRV. Sometimes Cakewalk just creates a new Take Lane when I add stuff, sometimes it edits one of the Midi clips that happen to be at the same position on the track. Which one? Who knows... Another thing that confuses me is that the PRV always shows the notes of the entire track with no way of knowing which note belongs to which Midi clip. So I have two questions actually: 1. How can I control which Midi clip is being edited on which Take Lane when fooling around in the PRV? 2. Is there a way to "isolate" a single Midi Clip in the PRV instead of having it show all notes of all the clips on the track? cheers
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