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  1. estolad

    M-Audio Code 61

    Figured it out. To enable Transport control with an M-Audio Code interface, you need to set up a Mackie Control on MIDIIN3 and MIDIOUT3. In Controller / Surface properties you need to Disable handshake in the Options, else it will stay in status Connecting. (you also need to set up an ACT MIDI Controller with In / Out Ports Code 61 to play the keys).
  2. estolad

    M-Audio Code 61

    Bump. I'm trying to figure it out as well. In FL Studio it's working (not sure if it was out of the box or if I set it up months ago). And I tried to copy over the setup. In FL Studio it's Code 61 as generic controller (this part also works in Cakewalk), and MIDIIN3 as Mackie Control Universal so the transport is working in FL Studio. If I try to set this up as a Midi device in Cakewalk, nothing is happening. Anyone had any success?
  3. Yes this Sampler track looks amazing. This, together with the Spectralayers One Instrument, makes Cubase an awesome DAW to work with loops and make remixes or mashups. If Cakewalk would have something similar it would be awesome.
  4. No, it's an issue with the old Cakewalk site. I had the same problem and needed support to fix it for me. Besides the old Cakewalk software like Z3ta or Rapture Pro is not free/available.
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