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  1. Hello Lapasoa, I finally got my Apollo Twin USB working on my computer, I had to purchase a USB PCI card with a specific chipset driver... took me 3 days to figure things out. My brain is now melted.... Now I'm trying to figure out how to run this in Cakewalk... Would you mind sharing some insights? Short tutorial? Please.... Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Has anyone been successful at getting their UAD Apollo Twin USB to work in Cakewalk and Windows 10? If so, can you share your journey, steps and settings used to get it working. I have spent all of New Year's Eve as well as New Year's Day trying to solve this with no success. Not a good start to the year for me.... please help me change that. Thanks!
  3. Hello Sven450, I also have a UAD Apollo Twin USB, but I'm having such a hard time getting this to work with Cakewalk as well as hearing Youtube... I used to use the share drivers feature. Anyway.... I can't seem to open up any of my projects because there is some type of conflict with the device. I was wondering if you can share what steps and settings you used to get your UAD Apollo Twin USB to work on your system. I have spent my whole New Year's Eve and New Years trying to make this work. Thank you so much in advance...
  4. That was it!!!! Incredible!!! Wow, Thank you so much for taking your time and looking into my situation. I am so grateful for you help.
  5. Canopus First, thank you so much for taking the time respond, I truly appreciate it. Everything looks exactly how you are explaining it until it is time to load presets. When I click on "Load Program" I am greeted with this empty preset location, which is the exact location that Steinberg Library Manager says the presets are. In order to actually see something, I need to change the file format to "Any Type (*.*)" Which in turns gives me this.... I can't load anything from this.... What am I doing wrong?
  6. Hello everyone, Has anyone encountered this when using Padshop 2 in Cakewalk... Plugin loads perfectly fine but no preset is showing, the browser window is empty, no preset name in red showing up. Also, clicking the browser window opens up window to search for presets but I can't find any .vstpreset files where I installed libraries. Instead, I find files like this: "FCP_SMT_790_Padshop2_Presets.vstsound" Any advice on how you got it to work? Thanks so much!
  7. Hey, I figured it out. Somehow Izotope opened up as mono on a mono track. When I converted my track to stereo, Izotope did not follow and it kept opening up in mono regardless of what I did. Anyway, all I had to do was go to the Izotope settings and click on "Force plugin to open as stereo" (something like that) then close and reopen. Wala! Eric, thank you for responding and looking into this.
  8. Hello, I hope I can be helped with this issue I'm having. 1. I recorded a mono vocal take 2. I converted to a stereo track 3. I inserted Nectar 3 to make harmony vocals, I spread the vocals in the stereo field 4. Harmony not coming out in stereo.... sound is in the center. What am I doing wrong? I'm breaking my head trying to figure this out with no luck. Please Help!
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