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  1. Daniel Bautista

    Izotope Nectar3 Not In Stereo

    Hey, I figured it out. Somehow Izotope opened up as mono on a mono track. When I converted my track to stereo, Izotope did not follow and it kept opening up in mono regardless of what I did. Anyway, all I had to do was go to the Izotope settings and click on "Force plugin to open as stereo" (something like that) then close and reopen. Wala! Eric, thank you for responding and looking into this.
  2. Daniel Bautista

    Izotope Nectar3 Not In Stereo

    Hello, I hope I can be helped with this issue I'm having. 1. I recorded a mono vocal take 2. I converted to a stereo track 3. I inserted Nectar 3 to make harmony vocals, I spread the vocals in the stereo field 4. Harmony not coming out in stereo.... sound is in the center. What am I doing wrong? I'm breaking my head trying to figure this out with no luck. Please Help!