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  1. I'll give that a try, not sure which ordering I've done. Thanks for the tip
  2. I'm using superior 3 and kontakt on the same midi file with a drum map that shares the 2 vstis. Everything works great, the drum is fine and is recallable in the same session I created it in. The problem I have is when I save those tracks as a template and import else where, the drum map always resets the channel outputs to just the superior vst and I have to redo the kontakt part. To me, it looks like the drum map only remembers the instances of kontakt inside the initial project I create it in. Superior was the initial vst I made the midi on and then added kontakt after which is probably why it gets changed.
  3. Curious if anyone else has hit this... I made a track template for drums and a couple tracks go to an aux. The project I made the template from was using my focusrite audio driver. A day later I added the template to another project but was using a different audio driver and all my aux tracks had their inputs wiped out. I tried it on several other projects and it does the same thing. Are aux tracks specific to the audio driver as the main input? It's a pain to have to set them all up again
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