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  1. John

    Spurious Correlations

    This has to be the best ever!!!!!😁
  2. John

    Wusik Products 90% off

  3. Chuck makes a very important point. The master bus is summing all the tracks which adds volume. If one keeps all the tracks in a projects at or near 0dB the master bus will be in the red all the time. I have mentioned this before but one neat way to start mixing is pull all the faders down to infinity and move each up one at a time listening closely for balance. You may want to set a preliminary pan at this point too. By the time all are at or near the perfect level your mix should be well on its way to sounding good. There it a lot more to it but that to me is the very first thing to do. BTW this is without any FX.
  4. John

    Still using SONAR?

    To those that haven't tried Cakewalk. It really is a better Sonar. You have nothing to loose by trying it. It will cost you nothing except a small amount of time for DLing. Plus you have this forum. It is every bit as good as the old one and I believe its better. The membership is the best on the net.
  5. Darn it! I was going write I had kidnapped them and would release them for a Coca Cola. 😀
  6. John

    Still using SONAR?

    I know what you mean Bapu. Its a great DAW that somehow is unpleasant to work with.
  7. John

    new member with no idea

    I would talk to Jim Roseberry. He builds audio desktop computers and laptops. He has one heck of a good reputation here. I would trust him.
  8. John

    Exporting with fx and automation

    You don't export the FX. Plugins are installed on the new machine. If you used per project folders all you need to do is copy the project folder to the new HD. This will include all audio and project files. If you did not use per project folders but used a group audio folder copy the directory where you stored your projects to the new HD. Be sure it also includes the global audio folder. Then when you open a project in the new machine you may need to tell Cakewalk where the audio is. Automation is saved in the project.
  9. I have never come across this problem. Instead of bouncing have you tried freeze?
  10. Ok I think you are looking at the AL as a maximizer and not a limiter. -1dB for the cutoff is too high. To me a limiter is to prevent audio from exceeding a set dB. Unless its a true brickwall limiter and even then you can still have inter sample clipping if you push it hard. I would start reading about Loudness Unites and LUFS.
  11. John

    PVR lock or unlock events

    Me either. I have never locked anything. What I do is save as an unedited version and save incrementally thereafter with a save as.
  12. John

    remove "silent Hardware" warning?

    Its a good idea to keep it as a default. Its sort of important to know if you have output or not.
  13. John

    Still using SONAR?

    I think Samplitude is on a lot of desktops without being used. Its on mine too.
  14. John


    Sort of like dyslexia of the ears. 😀
  15. John

    Still using SONAR?

    I have Sonar on my system but I have not used it for a very long time. In fact I removed the icon on the task bar. Now I have Cakewalk by itself on the task bar.
  16. John

    Native Gain FX Removes Audio

    Did you try the gain control on the Console?
  17. John

    Should Hyperthread be enabled in BIOS?

    I have mine enabled.
  18. John

    ASIO4ALL Locking up

    You may need to increase the buffer for WDM if its crackling.
  19. John

    ASIO4ALL Locking up

    I'm sure some one will come to your aid soon. However I and many others view ASIO4All as not the best way to access your audio interface. If you have a proper low latency audio and it has real ASIO drivers please use those. If not use WDM drivers. As an aside that is what ASIO4ALL uses.
  20. John

    new member with no idea

    Recording audio is not as CPU intensive as some think. What really are the CPU hogs are plugins and virtual instruments. Sample libraries need RAM. Audio is streamed from disk. USB audio devices are very competent especially if they are USB 2. Keep in mine we were doing all this back in the last century.
  21. John

    new member with no idea

    I think you are approaching this with an attitude of too much humility. If you ran Samplitude and were able to create with it you have nothing to be concerned about. Cakewalk is a lot like Samplitude. It is object oriented without touting that. I have Samplitude X4 Pro. A desktop computer that is fast with at least 16 GB of memory will do well enough. Fast meaning 3 or 4 to 5 gHz speed will do the job. Graphics cards are not as important for DAWs any decent one with work. If you want dual monitors get one with adequate memory for two monitors. Speed is more important than cores or threads for the CPU. Though more cores are better than fewer. Cakewalk is a very easy DAW to get to know. Yet it is able to do just about anything any other quality DAW can do. Plus you have the forum for those times when you get stuck Also, welcome to the forum.
  22. I have had Ozone since version 3. I have some odds and ends from Izotope but I never got into Neutron until now. All this is very exciting and very interesting. RX 7 seems very useful too. I am grateful to Musical and Larry for letting us know about this very cool deal.
  23. John

    Forum members /home country ?

    I'm from Mars.
  24. RX 7 can remove clipping. It may also be done with Spectral Layers 6 from Steinberg. As mentioned Samplitude Pro X4 also can. True one can not unbake a cake. However, we are not talking about baking. Sound has a frequency(s) with all its overtones. These can be isolated and edited. Who thought we could adjust the note pitch with ease via Melodyne of recorded sound. Anyone heard of autotune?