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  1. John

    2019.05 CbB Release highlights

    I'm impressed indeed. Thank you.
  2. John

    ASIO question

    MIDI does not have to have a virtual instrument i.e. softsynth. Hardware sound modules or synths can use MIDI too. However, in this case I don't see an Maudio MIDI driver. This suggests the OP may need to re-install his Maudio drivers. This assumes a MIDI keyboard is hooked up to the Maudio. I use a dedicated MIDI interface with plug and play drivers.
  3. John

    Main Fader to control Volume

    In this view we see 3 sections. To the left are the tracks. In the middle is the buses that are user created to anything you want. To the far right is the hardware outs. You can route your tracks to any bus at will. Here is the way tracks are routed to a bus. If you see the drop down just above the green test you will notice it says master. The tracks are routed to the master bus. The master bus in turn is routed to your hardware outs. This is the normal way for most users to set up a simple bus structure. I completely agree with Chuck. We are here to answer questions. If the above is unclear it is not your fault but mine.
  4. The weekend only get bx_rooM/S for $29 with 24H-rooMS-29 Voucher. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/bx_rooms.html
  5. The simplest way is have an audio interface with multiple ins and outs. Cakewalk will record as many ins as one has. Just make sure each track is set to use the input from the appropriate in from the interface. Setting an out for each performer is simple if you have an interface with multiple outs. You would use a bus that is sent to the out needed. You may need a headphone amp for each person.
  6. I see no reason to change the sample rate. I have no idea why they think its a good idea.
  7. I don't know what you have to work with ;i.e the audio. but maybe a noise gate would work for you. You may need to learn about side chaining to make it effective.
  8. John

    Hi guys Iā€™m back

    That is some very serious stuff. You sound good. Keep getting better and its really good to have you back.
  9. John

    Crazy Town X

    Its got to be good its a cakewalk! I hope it is a number one hit.
  10. OK. Then all you need to do is replace the HD and start over. This happened to me a few years ago. It gave me the option of getting a bigger and faster HD. I had to do the same on a laptop and replaced the HD with a nice SSD. In the end it was an upgrade. šŸ˜‰
  11. I don't think anyone is upset with you Davydh. As said I think it was useful at first. Its the further responses that went sour. It happens as I noted for as long as there has been a program called Cakewalk. Its not new. The problem should be address by Bandlab. The only way to do it efficiently is for the poster of the video to work with them to get it fixed. I don't think its good form to post a video that bashes Cakewalk without a chance for Bandlab to fix it. Others have a right to a different opinion.
  12. Yah! I wasn't worried. I knew you would fix it. Thanks for letting us know. Have a good night and see you in the morning.
  13. That's the problem using a Mac in the same room as your Windows machines. When I use my Macbook I go into another room. šŸ˜
  14. It is set up in BIOS as to what disk is the boot disk. Priority isn't reliable. You will need to make your DVD drive the boot disk in the BIOS for it to work as a boot disk. At least try it see that works.
  15. I wouldn't count on a dvd or CD. I would build a new install on a USB stick.