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  1. Not really. I no longer use Sonar. I prefer Cakewalk!
  2. This forum is about learning. The topic is fine and the dialog we have here is just as fine. There is no reason for you to feel sorry.
  3. If you are talking about Cakewalk's Console View no you can't. The audio has already been recorded to disk before it hits the Console. This is one reason in the manual says you have to control volume for input at the source.
  4. BTW there is an arpeggiator on every MIDI track in Cakewalk.
  5. The way I install Cakewalk is install it via Bandlab assistant then when that is done I go to Sonar 8 on DVD and install Pantheon only. Off hand I forget if there is anything else to install from any of the X1 through X3 versions. I do not install anything else from that version Sonar 8. Then I look up Sonar Platinum and install all the Pro Channel modules from it and then go to each install for the various PC modules I bought. I may install all the VSTs that come with Sonar Platinum. However most of them are part of the Cakewalk install. Its time consuming but it does not have to be done in one go. You can install add-ons at any time. All my downloads I want to keep are on a download HD independent from the C:\ drive.
  6. I've been using multiple drives for years. On a DAW it can be very useful. An example is programs go to the C:\ drive. Samples go to a HD for samples. Downloads are on another drive. Also projects are on still another drive. Right now I have 8 drives 6 are internal. None are SSDs. That may change sometime soon.
  7. That is interesting. I have to admit because I use dual monitors that was never a problem for me. By the way the Inspector can be minimized. It also is useful for the Pro Channel. If you do MIDI it is vital. The idea of the Skylight GUI was to make single monitor systems such as laptops better to use and get around in. It threw me because Cubase does have 3 mixers. To my knowledge no other DAW does.
  8. Are you asking what you should keep and what you can delete or not install?
  9. Interesting information.
  10. In the past if you had Sound Forge it would automatically install in the tools menu. However, I think one had to have SF installed first to have that happen.
  11. If one is going to post in a thread one should keep things as much on topic as is possible. If one has other things to fix or add to the program a new thread is the proper way to propose them.
  12. I don't know about that. I picturing nodes all over my projects. 😁
  13. Its actually simple. Use your Scarlet when using Cakewalk. Plug in the headphones to the phone jack of the Scarlet. And there you have it.
  14. I would advise the opposite. Windows sound can and will change the settings set on the Scarlet. For Cakewalk or any DAW use only the Scarlet. Let Windows have your internal sound for its use and leave the Scarlet alone. This means two separate sound systems. Ideally they should not know the other exists.
  15. You are using Sonar? You are not using Cakewalk? Is that what you are saying?
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