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  1. I don't think its a bug. It is possibly an incorrect instrument definition file. I would go through it line by line and be sure it is correct. I use MIDI and hardware synths too.
  2. I think I will. It has become tedious. Nor is there any point in arguing about it. Follow the rules and all will be well.
  3. A 5 year old is ok here. These forums were never intended to be adults only. Parents and Grandparents shouldn't have to worry about if a child in their care will be subjected to inappropriate posts. I for the life of me can't understand your objection to simply being a member that is welcoming to all. The more people that participate here the more Cakewalk becomes a household word. That benefits you. Plus peace will breakout here. LOL
  4. We had an 8 year old on the former forum. Some of you may remember. He was an outstanding young man. You should know that a child can not make a contract. Therefore any agreement they may make is unenforceable. That is why that provision is the there. But you are an adult thus you would know that, right? Non the less the point is we have a diverse group that could be of any age.
  5. If ever anyone goes to court and back talks the judge on any grounds it will get you contempt of court and either a fine or jail or both. There just like here one must follow the rules.
  6. Clearly you missed the point. There's no age limit here. A five year old is as welcome as anyone. This forum is not a free for all. Its aimed at things music related or that was the idea. Is it so hard to think about whats best for the forum and follow the rules? The TOS is not hard to understand and if one wishes not to follow it there are other forums where one can say what ever they want.
  7. I don't know, a few for sure.
  8. All you have to do is follow the TOS and think would I really want my daughter reading this. Personal attacks are really off limits. The idea is no one should feel uncomfortable on any of these forums. All are welcome here. We only ask that we are courteous to each other. If one can't do that perhaps it would be better if that person found some other forum. Keep in mind we can ban members. No one wants to, but we can and will if its the only way to have peace. If you have questions about this, ask. Anyone can report a post that is in violation of the TOS. We will take care of it. None of us want to do anything that seems to spoil the fun. But we don't own the forum and though I support free speech the forum is owned by Bandlab and they go to a great deal of expense and effort to bring these forums to us. Its to me like visiting someones house. No one should come here with the idea of trashing the place or anyone in it. Nor is it hard to be civil and courteous.
  9. This was a revelation. I happen to have that along with quite a few others. Some expensive some not. None have been able to play a particular piece as well as the melda one. I never used it before but your post motivated me to try it. It sounds very good but more important there is no machine sound to it or very little. It is a great piano! Thank you for posting this.
  10. It was one of the best when it was Sonar when it was paid for. With it being free now under the name Cakewalk it has to be the best free DAW around. I don't anything comes close. Heck, it is a top DAW whether free or not.
  11. BTW if you were to use soft synths i.e. VSTis you wouldn't have this problem. I use Kontakt as well as a whole bunch of other VSTis to create sound. Once you have your sounds where you want them all you do is freeze the VSTis and the audio is now ready for mixing. In the distant past I used hardware synths which I still have. A Sound Canvas SC 8850 and a Roland XV 5080. Plus a drum machine. It was tedious to record each MIDI channel. Although the sound was OK they can not compete with a good sampled library.
  12. If you use all 16 channels and you want each on a separate audio track you will need to solo one MIDI track at a time and record the audio from the Sy77. Each to a new track. Than you can mix it down to suit you. Or you could record once with all 16 MIDI channels into one stereo audio track. Once you do you wont be able to mix anything though.
  13. Your problem can be easily fixed by don't use a SC (Surface Control) rather use a CS (Control Surface). 🤪 Also in Cakewalk there is an indication called "where am I" that indicates what faders are being controlled by a CS. You can color this line any color you want so it sticks out for you. Also on a Mackie Control it also indicates what fader is controlling what channel via the display above the channel strip. It is one of the main features of a MC.
  14. Starship Krupa I see where you are coming from. Its all good.
  15. Starship Krupa wrote "Why are the menu commands for inserting new tracks up on the global menu instead of down in the Track Pane? Who knows. At least it has the buttons up above the Track Headers." You do know that there is a right click menu on the track header area for doing that?
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