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  1. John


    Its on sale for $14.99. I recommend it very nice sounding synth. Get it at Plugin Boutique. Here
  2. I have two laptops . One is Macbook Pro the other is a think pad with a multi touch screen. On the Mac I use its mouse pad on the Thinkpad I use a wireless mouse even though it has a mouse pad and the IBM type red gizmo in the middle of the keyboard. It is a Tecknet mouse . Works great!
  3. John

    I deeply apologise for Sweden.

    As much as I feel for the OP in this thread I must lock it for being too political.
  4. John

    Sonar and that vertical bar

    I didn't want to mention the Mackie Control because I do so often but Chuck is right it works with Cakewalk and just about any other DAW and video editors like Vagus Pro. I have had mine since it first came out. It has never failed me.
  5. John

    Sonar and that vertical bar

    I have found a control surface with a jog wheel very useful for moving the now time where I want it.
  6. This is a nice video.
  7. John

    start/stop/rewind button disappeared

    Bob, be glad you can remember!😄
  8. OK I have never run into this sort of thing. I am out of ideas. Sorry. I have Soundforge too.
  9. Are all your plugins activated, in other words no plugins in demo mode?
  10. Are these like those internal speaker beeps on boot up?
  11. It is always a good idea to post as much information as one can. Too little and all it does is cause us to ask questions . There really never is too much information unless it has nothing to do with the problem. So you did nothing wrong in posting the dump file. No need to think anything other then we are here to help as much as we can. There is no guarantee that we will solve a problem. I can say that the members of this forum will try hard to find an answer.
  12. Some of it my fault. I will try to do a better job of moving OT threads to an appropriate forum.
  13. The clip could be locked. Unlocking it should let you move it where ever you want.