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  1. There are also various pan laws one can apply in Cakewalk that change how pan works.
  2. Ozone 5 and all Ozone versions are very CPU intensive. In many years past I used it on a mixed down stereo track in a mastering template due to my computer would have trouble otherwise. I still, more or less, do that even though I have a system that is very capable. One trick to try is up your latency enough so you no longer have problems. You can put it back for recording. Edit to add. A rundown of your system would be useful.
  3. You shouldn't feel silly at all. Heck, I forget somethings and need to look it up even though I do know it. It is part of being human.
  4. Its called the Inspector and can be seen by pressing I.
  5. A limiter is also a compressor. It is most often found on the master bus.
  6. I totally agree with James.
  7. I think all Cakewalk users here want everyone to have a great time using it. I believe it to be a huge bargain that keeps on getting better with each new version. This also means that it is more complicated thus needing a group effort to get users working with it efficiently. These forums are known for being very helpful.
  8. I know we are all thinking about this and it is an important subject but I don't think these forums are a place to post about it. If you wish to do so try to be as politically neutral as possible. Keep in mind that information on Covid 19 is readily available all over the net. Lets keep these forums virus free. 😀 Please stay safe and well.
  9. Also it is very important to note that Cakewalk or Sonar before it can not control the volume of the input while recording. This has to be done at the source. Leave the faders in Cakewalk at unity as well as the gain.
  10. Somewhere in the signal chain you should be able to control the volume. This has to be done before it gets to the audio interface. You my be using an output from the amp that has no volume control. This is often the case for a preamp head. It will use the volume from the pickups for its level. At any rate it is vital to have the level under control before you send it to the audio inputs of you audio interface.
  11. I've been wanting the Arranger Track for years! Now its here. I didn't think it was ever going to happen. See how wrong one can be. BTW This is big!!!!! Thank you.
  12. Every member knows no forum here allows politics. Even the Coffee House. Please don't interject politics into these discussions. I wish you all will be safe and that we will all come out of this healthy.
  13. I don't know how it may have happened to adjust the view on your machine, but I have used those controls for as long as Sonar and CbB has been around.
  14. Down to the right bottom of the screen are the controls for adjusting zoom. One is a minus sign - this will zoom out making the tracks show in their entirety. The other is a plus sign + that will zoom in allowing you to see them expanding beyond the screen. Hitting those will allow you to adjust the length of the tracks.
  15. John

    Banned from KVR

    I'm a moderator. There are a few of us here. We try to do the right thing . We do not let our emotions interfere with our job. I have to say the KVR mods didn't use common sense in simply asking you your status. Our reason for being is to make the Cakewalk forum a pleasant place to be. To have an environment to ask questions and help anyone that wants it. We try hard to not step on members toes or restrict speech too much. We do provide a place where people are not attached or threatened or making a place where members do not feel welcome. We stop trolls and people that want to do damage to the membership. I think that all the mods here have done a fantastic job.
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