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  1. John Vere wrote; "But, keep in mind, the forum will only be useful if those folks participate and help each other out. That's how forums work. There's a lot of helpful people here on the Cakewalk forum, many of us go way back in time too. But most of us have no interest or experience with the Bandlab app. It would have to grow a new community." Excellent point. I was thinking much the same thing. I know nothing about the Bandlab app . One reason I believe no one at first understood the OP's post.
  2. To Matt M Luthanen there is no web version of Cakewalk. Nor will it run on Chrome.
  3. You see the gray line at the bottom just below where the speaker icon is? That may be the separation between the bus pane and the track pane. See if you can raise it up to expose your master out.
  4. I really love the VST menu that you have implemented. So much easier to find a plugin.
  5. You also have boost 11 inserted. I would avoid that plugin if at all possible. 0 dB is at the point where digital audio will clip. 0 dB does not mean zero volume. It means the volume is at full scale and can not go any higher. Try recording at -12 dB or -18 dB if you are recording at 24 bits.
  6. The red square shows the button that needs to be on to activate the module.
  7. Keep in mind that the MC has a bus section. That is why you have a Master Fader dialog in the software. On a real Mackie Control a button can switch between the track section and the bus section. This allows all the buses to be used from the MC. You may want to set your master fader to the output bus. It can be linked left and right. This should control the Master output section on your system. My Mackie Control is setup with it's 9th fader set to the master output section of Cakewalk. This is the one that in CbB controls my hardware out.
  8. John your points are excellent. I use Vegas Video Pro. I have been using Vegas for a long time. However I do know how foreign it is to DAW users even though it is based on a DAW. That sort of caught me off guard. But after reading the manual (back then most programs had a printed manual) things began to make since. Because I started with Pro Audio 9 which was the precursor to Sonar I had no trouble with Sonar or Sonar X1 when it came out. I am a believer in reading the manual. I enjoy doing so. I know many don't and want to jump into the deep end before they have learned how to swim. By reading the manual one is not just learning how to use the program but finding out some things they may never have thought about. This is one reason I advise people to learn the language used by the developers in describing what they have created. This give an insight into all DAWs. Back in the day when Emagic owned Logic I decided to try it. In those days there was no internet to download or find out about products. I went to a music store to buy it and all I got was the dongle and a few CDs. No manual. This was Logic 4. No hle file was included and it took a month before the manual arrived . Logic was not your Farther DAW. Nothing I had used before worked like it. I did figure out some very basic things but I wasn't until I got the manual did I any idea how to do simple things in it. Also it was one of the poorer manuals due to it being translated from the German one, badly. I really liked Logic once I understood it. I never left Sonar though because I new it so well. When Apple bought Emagic and stopped all PC development I was very angry. I went to Cubase. Eventually I came back to Sonar because it just did what I want to do with it with ease. Certain things in Sonar now Cakewalk are just easier to do than in any other DAW. The power is there but for the most part it does not interfere with making music.
  9. If you have a duel display you can. You put the Console View on one and the Track View on the other.
  10. One thing I do before I start to mix is set all tracks to infinity. Then I adjust each track to fit with each other making adjustments as needed. I also use the bus pane to organize instrument types together and will adjust those as well. My master bus has as its last plugin a limiter. I do all this with a control surface. It really goes quickly.
  11. Agree Krupa. We haven't lost a thing in the transition from Sonar to Cakewalk in the forum or the program. We still have the very best members.
  12. Please get well soon!
  13. John is absolutely right. Zooming will change how fast the curser moves.
  14. John

    AAF support

    All I know is that AAF is far more reliable and easy to use than OMF. So far I have never had a AAF file fail where OMF does often.
  15. Will Kaydo I agree with your request. I have often hoped for something a little better in listing plugins. However, there is no reason to get upset with other posters no matter how anti progress they may sound. Frustration due to people putting up arguments opposed to the idea is no reason to attack anyone. Consider this a warning. The TOS forbids calling a member a name that is an insult.
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