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  1. I hope this helps Under ACT you can access the properties page for the Mackie Control. Here you can setup how you want the MC to work with Cakewalk.
  2. Dave I am unclear how you have connected the MC pro to the computer. In my set I use a MIDI interface that gives me 6 MIDI ports and is connected by USB . With that I connect a MIDI sound module a MIDI keyboard an Mackie Control (MIDI only) and a second MIDI sound module. There is no crosstalk or interference. I suspect you have somehow installed your MIDI inputs and outputs where nothing is separate. You say you connected it to CBB but how, and do you have a MIDI port that is unused?
  3. I have had a Mackie Control that goes back to the very first ones after the Logic control was discontinued. I have never had trouble using any of the DAWs with it. If I were to list all the DAWs I have tried and used it it be more or less all of them. I have never had Pro Tools work with my computers or the MC. I can not comment on Pro Tools with the MC. It also works with videos editors and other programs. If you think about it is the Mackie Control protocol that has created the compatibility we have today in so many brands. I ask why not go with the one that has been around the longest and is still being produced?
  4. I think at present the staff have done the right thing on this. The modes can see the spam but the forum in general can't. We are alerted of the new posts and can deal with them. I think it works pretty well. New users need to be able to post and get answers. There is no perfect way to distinguish between spam and a real new post without human intervention. When a post is made by a new user it is hidden until a mode can look at it. Here we can ban the new user and delete the posts or unhide it and let the forum answer it. What is so disconcerting is how many spam post are made. I sure would like to know what the point is to spam that way.
  5. No on is required to agree with me. I think by talking about it the staff can get an idea of how to proceed.
  6. It could, and we already have something like it. But this is a user forum for help and dealing with problems that may need to be addressed quickly. Through the years we have had many calls for help when a user is doing something that is time critical. How would you like to try to get help here if it takes days to be approved when first logging on? It may come to that though. Further the people doing the spamming are hacking not just posting. They are determined to continue doing it no matter what we do.
  7. Graig I know that on some other forums your suggestion is used. I don't know if it would be a useful action here. It may come to that. The staff have done a great many things to stop the spamming. They are still working on solutions. I would like to see these spammers spend some time jail and fined a lot of money! I don't understand why they do this. It can only make anything they say an annoyance. No one wants anything they are selling.
  8. It should be stated that the other mods do a huge job of getting rid of spammers. I have only done it a couple of times when I'm here and they haven't been already removed. Please acknowledge that the mods do this day in and day out.
  9. I found that the only way is to disable it in the BIOS as Nettelus and Will points out above.
  10. I will lock this thread if members continue to attack one another.
  11. Folders were in Sonar for each project. It was called "per project folders". A user could use a single folder or per project folders to store projects. It was up to the user. Also Sjoens point is the correct way except create a folder for the new project first. Name it what you want and save as in it.
  12. John

    AAF support

    I agree AJ. With Cakewalk supporting OMF plus AAF that would give Cakewalk a comprehensive file interchange ability. This would make it easy for people to migrate from their old DAW to Cakewalk. That can't hurt acceptance. Not supporting AAF does. MTC
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