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  1. Every member knows no forum here allows politics. Even the Coffee House. Please don't interject politics into these discussions. I wish you all will be safe and that we will all come out of this healthy.
  2. I don't know how it may have happened to adjust the view on your machine, but I have used those controls for as long as Sonar and CbB has been around.
  3. Down to the right bottom of the screen are the controls for adjusting zoom. One is a minus sign - this will zoom out making the tracks show in their entirety. The other is a plus sign + that will zoom in allowing you to see them expanding beyond the screen. Hitting those will allow you to adjust the length of the tracks.
  4. John

    Banned from KVR

    I'm a moderator. There are a few of us here. We try to do the right thing . We do not let our emotions interfere with our job. I have to say the KVR mods didn't use common sense in simply asking you your status. Our reason for being is to make the Cakewalk forum a pleasant place to be. To have an environment to ask questions and help anyone that wants it. We try hard to not step on members toes or restrict speech too much. We do provide a place where people are not attached or threatened or making a place where members do not feel welcome. We stop trolls and people that want to do damage to the membership. I think that all the mods here have done a fantastic job.
  5. John

    Banned from KVR

    All this means to me is you will have more time here to keep us informed. I have no idea why they sought to ban you but their loss is our gain. Its time to tell you thank you for all the work you have done to help us make the best deals. You have been at it a very long time and we appreciate it.
  6. IZotope Ozone 9.1 is out. Read about it here https://www.izotope.com/en/learn/product-update-ozone-9-1.html
  7. Well that is an "interesting" statement. Can you point to one time MS ever attacked Apple? I can point to many ads from Apple that attacked MS. Starting with the infamous 1984 ad.
  8. This video may prove useful to some.
  9. I have Windows 10 Pro on a couple of machines. They both have the latest build. I have not done much to either other than stop installed programs from putting a bunch of startup helper programs from auto-loading. I use autoruns (part of the system internals from MS) for this. Windows itself has not been tweaked as XP was for example. I do video and photographic editing along with audio. I have not run into a problem do to not tweaking Windows. The reason I gave the answer that I did was it is true. Yet, it is a bit more complicated than just not tweaking Windows. I have noticed just about every program I have phones home to alert if there is an update. Also, Windows itself has its own messaging system that for example this forum uses to let me know if a thread I am on is posted to. Yet this does not interfere with programs that require exclusive use of the system.
  10. Greg, you should not have to do any tweaking.
  11. Depending on how old one is it is highly unlikely one past 20 or so has hearing that does come close to 20 to 20 KHz. Our hearing over time degrades. This is normal. The older you are the less chance you can hear very high frequencies. Most humans cut off around 15K when older. This becomes more pronounced the older we get. If one hasn't been very careful with protecting ones ears from very loud sound that in and of itself can damage hearing greatly. Saying that it becomes hard for me to believe anyone over middle age has hearing acute enough to make any definitive statement regarding the merits of high sample rates through listening. I am 70 and though I hear well for my age I also know people that are younger than me that can't hear music that I have no trouble hearing. Still I would never put my ears up against a 20 year old or younger when it comes to acuity. Also it is true we have learned to hear what we remember even though actually we are no longer able to hear what we think we hear. A simple test is using flat frequency headphones and use a sine wave generator and sweep it up to where no sound is heard. Check what that cutoff is. I'll bet most can't get beyond 15K. BTW it is a very complicated subject and I have only touched on the most basic points here. There are a slew of variables that impact all sorts of points regarding human hearing.
  12. No, though it could if one is willing to write the dll to do it. Mackie had a C4 version that did that.
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