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  1. I can't think how that could be unless it's clipping and really useless. BTW MIDI gives you total control over all aspects of music creation including levels, weather working with soft synths or hardware.
  2. I'm not sure that is an issue. In Ozone you can place a VST of your choice at the end of the module chain or anywhere else. That is not all that different to what Cakewalk does. I don't think you can "put anything after" Cakewalk either. Though, it is true that Cakewalk offers far more options as to how you insert a plugin and where.
  3. The standalone version of Ozone 9 can use third party VST plugins.
  4. MIDI is digital. Musical Instrument Digital Interface. There is no such thing as an analog MIDI. LOL I know you know this but the new users may not.
  5. I don't see a problem. I have used Ozone from Ozone 3 when it was only DX. I do have Ozone 9 Advanced. My admonition to all Ozone users is a little Ozone goes a long way.
  6. Check your levels, i.e. volume. It could be clipping.
  7. Nor do I agree with the notion that volume can be ignored. Gain and volume are both important. Together they set the total volume for the track. Bypassing the meter seems risky at best and dangerous at worst.
  8. Those of us that are here to be of help know that it may require some questions from us to fully help a new user. It takes patience and some times a little hand holding to answer. By being on here one is either looking for answers or is willing to give answers. It isn't helpful to belittle anyone. If you don't feel like answering don't make it a problem for an OP and simply don't post. We forget how complicated Cakewalk is. We've been using it or its older brother for a very long time. For a new user it will be a very long learning curve. We can be of help in making that long curve a little shorter and more pleasant or we can make it harder and longer.
  9. I think this is the best critique I have read about Cakewalk by Bandlab. I also have to agree. I doubt it could be said better.
  10. When you record do you adjust the level with the fader?
  11. You didn't write not unseasonable you wrote non-unreasonable. If you read all the post I made on the first page you will note I really didn't intend to address what Shift 7 does except to say it had nothing to do with displaying the meters. It is a matter of real-estate only. Regarding drag and drop, you may have changed the default keyboard shortcuts on your system. Or used one for a different DAW.
  12. Glenn hold on, User 905133 removed his last post and edited his other post above it. So you are responding with none of the actual post present.
  13. Nothing you are saying makes any sense. "Non-unreasonable" means reasonable. In English there is no such phrase as non unreasonable . We have stated how to hide the meters and how to display them. Creating a whole new topic about drag and drop has nothing to do with it. Also when dealing with a program (Cakewalk) there are only facts there are no such thing as "alternative" facts. Those of us that know this program understand this. Please refrain from posting nonsense.
  14. Not if your goal is simply to display the meters. The meters are there whether displayed or not. The shortcut is a quick way to display the meter options. Not the meters.
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