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  1. I am very glad to be of help.
  2. In your picture where the title of the instrument is you see a camera icon and to its right and ( i ) icon click that, the i that is. It will switch from your view to inputs and outputs as in my screen capture. P.S. If can get the full version of Kontakt. It is a great sampler.
  3. Kontakt uses MIDI channels to assign MIDI inputs to a specific instruments. Kontakt is a multi instrument sampler that can have many instruments loaded. Each will have it's own MIDI channel and audio output. It is not unlike a Sound canvas hardware sound module in this regard except for audio output. In Cakewalk there are provisions for MIDI output and MIDI channel. Looking at the screen shot under the instrument name the output is for audio output the MIDI ch is for MIDI input. I like to have these two independent things the same only because it make for neater "housekeeping". They do not have to be the same. Kantakt can have many MIDI inputs in many banks. It can also have multiple audio outputs.
  4. John

    OTS Rubber Bridge

    It sounds incredible. I just ordered it. Orange Tree makes great sample libraries.
  5. John

    Time Space is AWOL

    Thanks Larry and all who pointed this out.
  6. John

    Time Space is AWOL

    I deleted that post.
  7. Thank you for that compliment. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  8. John

    I'm back

    You will find it has improved a lot!
  9. That was actually fun to revisit that thread.
  10. I use freeze in Cakewalk it works better than the freeze in Cubase. What you are talking about in Cubase is Render in Place. Cakewalk's is more elegant. For example try render in place multiple MIDI outs of say Kontakt? Cakewalk will freeze each instrument in Kontakt on its own track if that is how you have Kontakt setup. Nuendo, which I have, will make a mess of it. In Cubase if you use freeze the audio tracks are hidden. In Cakewalk use freeze in the Synth Rack.
  11. Cakewalk is a far better DAW than Sonar was.
  12. John


    If you If you have a send for example it will also sound. You would need to lower the return fader too.
  13. John


    I wonder what you are really asking? The volume of that buss will be lower.
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