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  1. Hi Guys, I'm working 100% in the box but suspect some timing drift.... Am using MIDI tab to trigger Superior Drummer 2.0 synth and an RME Fireface for recording analog guitar/bass tracks. DAW is using the RME clock, The verses & choruses have been cut-n-pasted so the analog tracks aren't one long take. And things are visually aligned to measures correctly. Yet, as the song progresses it seems like there is an increasing amount of very tiny drift so the analog tracks no longer exactly sound aligned with the drums. The average Joe wouldn't hear anything but I can tell something isn't quite "on" late in the song. However, if I stop and move to a point late in the song and resume playing it seems to sound correct. Maybe I'm imagining things, as I said, it's subtle. Any guesses what might be going on, or any settings to review ?? I'm 100% certain I had "Snap to Measures" enabled when I cut-n-pasted sections but is it possible something still didn't paste aligned correctly and is instead off by a few ticks? Zooming in things appear aligned properly best I can tell... Much thanks, Sonic
  2. Hi, Was hoping I could gather some techniques for selectively silencing FX trails, specifically within a track. For example, maybe there is a vocal or guitar solo track having reverb or delay FX, and there's a spot in the song where the music comes to a dead stop for a few beats. If the goal was to ensure the gap was silent with no FX trails spilling over, what are the available methods for achieving this? Thanks, Sonic
  3. Hi, As a workflow matter, sometimes after comping I still like to keep a spare take or two in case unexpectedly needed during mix. So, for any given track, rather than add extra tracks to store additional takes, I simply store them as clips in the main track and mute all but the one currently targeted for mix. However, a question just occurred to me: During playback are these muted clips still being processed, read off disk, rather than ignored like Archived tracks? Thanks, Sonic
  4. Hi, I was trying to EQ match a specific 80's production guitar track (Marshall style) and the resulting EQ image reflects something must have been added post channel strip when the original track was recorded. The resulting EQ pattern has sharp spikes at expanding intervals such as 1.5K, 3K and 6K, with some similar cut patterns as well. Anybody have any idea what plugin might replicate this behavior that I could apply to the signal before the EQ match to get a closer end result? Not sure what was used originally....maybe some kind of exciter/expander, tube compressor or other dynamic outboard gear. Anyone have recommendations of plug-ins, or techniques, that might produce the kind of EQ wave pattern I'm seeing.....??? Thanks, Sonic
  5. Thanks for replies so far guys. Seems I'm not hearing things then, the kicks in the Avatar kit are indeed lacking what I need. I have a bit of a limitation I'm sure to get beat up over......I'm still on XP. I like it there and no reason for me to change besides this one kick issue (which I can live with if I absolutely must). I'm not sure if any Superior 2 expansions will work on XP since they "install" rather than a manual copy process onto the hard drive as with Superior Drummer 1.0. I'm not sure how I'd locate or ascertain which expansion kit would work for me, both in sound and XP compatibility...? I should also mention I have Superior 1.0 kit installed as well which I can access from within 2.0. But again, the kicks are about the same dilemma as in 2.0. Round and punchy but not that solid thud with a good beater thwack. I tried layering different kicks using XDrum feature and still can't get where I want to be. Sonic
  6. Hi, Superior Drummer 2 was a popular drum synth with Sonar/Cakewalk users so I wanted to see if I might get some insight from the forum as to whether users felt the stock kick drums cut it for hard rock or classic metal. I cannot find a way so far to get any of the kicks to have a good solid thud to them. They are fine for lighter styles or even Metal (where the beater can be made to reach into more of a clicky smack attack). But for that late 70's and 80's big, solid thud/whack type of tone I simply cannot get there after trying a number of methods, parallel processing, compression, tape sims, EQ, you name it. Has anybody else struggled with this in the past with Superior 2 stock kicks? I have an old BlueJay soundfont that actually has a few good 16-bit kick fonts that blow away the ones in Superior 2, which is rather frustrating frankly since that is super old technology. The rest of Superior 2 stock tones are pretty good, however the kicks....uh not cutting it for me..... Help....??? Sonic
  7. I'm actually still in 32 bit land with Win XP , so CAL may be the ticket. lol
  8. That's what I was wondering actually: If command sequences are not supported, then can something like a CAL script be created to do what I'm looking for. My first possible solution to my dilemma that crossed my mind was "MIDI pedal and CAL script". But while I'm familiar with both, I'm not very experienced, so that's why I wanted to pose a question and see what the experts on the forum might have to suggest.... Sonic
  9. Thanks msmcleod. Ok, so what I think I'm hearing is that I can use a MIDI footswitch to do this if I have a MIDI input available on my DAW interface? I have both so this is a potential solution. If I have that understanding correct, then can someone please clarify if it is possible to perform a SEQUENCE of operations with one press of a footswitch and not just a single function? (For example as, as initially mentioned, Undo/Rewind/Record ?) Thanks, Sonic
  10. Hi, I'm using older Sonar versions (not that it probably matters) and was wondering if somebody might have some ideas as to if/how I might achieve a command sequence with some kind of footswitch so I can focus on recording and not have to keep reaching for the mouse in between takes. Specifically I want to be able to make the following sequence occur with one press of a footswitch: - Undo Recording - Rewind back to start marker - Begin recording Thanks for any assistance, Sonic
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