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  1. I'm actually still in 32 bit land with Win XP , so CAL may be the ticket. lol
  2. That's what I was wondering actually: If command sequences are not supported, then can something like a CAL script be created to do what I'm looking for. My first possible solution to my dilemma that crossed my mind was "MIDI pedal and CAL script". But while I'm familiar with both, I'm not very experienced, so that's why I wanted to pose a question and see what the experts on the forum might have to suggest.... Sonic
  3. Thanks msmcleod. Ok, so what I think I'm hearing is that I can use a MIDI footswitch to do this if I have a MIDI input available on my DAW interface? I have both so this is a potential solution. If I have that understanding correct, then can someone please clarify if it is possible to perform a SEQUENCE of operations with one press of a footswitch and not just a single function? (For example as, as initially mentioned, Undo/Rewind/Record ?) Thanks, Sonic
  4. Hi, I'm using older Sonar versions (not that it probably matters) and was wondering if somebody might have some ideas as to if/how I might achieve a command sequence with some kind of footswitch so I can focus on recording and not have to keep reaching for the mouse in between takes. Specifically I want to be able to make the following sequence occur with one press of a footswitch: - Undo Recording - Rewind back to start marker - Begin recording Thanks for any assistance, Sonic
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