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  1. SCOOK, this worked perfectly! I'd never have found it on my own. Thank you!
  2. I'm working on a voiceover project for an online course and need to deliver each section as a separate file. There are several dozen sections involved. I'm not seeing how to export each section between markers separately but could swear this was possible. Is it?
  3. I'm using a Komplete keyboard with the Analog Dreams instrument in Komplete Kontrol, loaded up as an instrument in a CW track. I want to automate the Cutoff setting, which I believe is Controller 74. The knob on the keyboard is linked to the knob on the GUI, moving correctly when I twirl the knob. I can't get the automation working however. I enabled Automation Write but it doesn't record the automation and I also tried drawing in an envelope but the plugin isn't reacting to this either. Any ideas what I might be missing? I'm not sure what else to describe so hope this makes sense. I'm not even really trying to automate as much as set it to one setting and have it stay there. When I start playback if jumps all the way to the right no matter how I try adjusting it. I want it to stay at about 50%. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info. TBH, this sounds like a PITA when the whole point of the KK keyboard is to have all this functionality already done by NI. I don't suppose Bandlab is going to pay attention to it though.
  5. Is it possible to have a Komplete Kontrol keyboard show the different colors in CW on the keys like it does using just the Komplete Kontrol player? It's frustrating to have the easy referenced switches on the keyboard in KK but not get them in Cakewalk. Still usable but those colors sure make it easy when you're on the fly recording a track. Assume if not that it's a feature request?
  6. Hi JL, yeah I was interested in the Edge Duo for the reason of being the dual membrane, which is supposed to make a difference in how it can model the sound. I assume then the Slate software works fine with Cakewalk?

    Modelling mic users

    Anyone have personal experience using Slate VMS or Antelope Edge Duo? Good experience, happy with them? Any considerations before buying either of them or reasons why you chose one over the other? Would I have any issues with either of these using my Octa-Capture? I was also looking at the Townsend Sphere but it seems I'd need to upgrade to a UAD interface and not sure I'm ready to go that far. Thanks
  8. Are you sure that's the code? I get a message that the code isn't available right now. It's May 18 so well ahead of the deadline...
  9. I'm recently digging back into my music hobby and having an issue with Reaktor in Cakewalk. Reaktor 5 is showing up twice in the plugins panel in the synth folder. But Reaktor 6 is not. I'm using Komplete 11 Ultimate, so I do have version 6 installed and can use it as standalone. Why is it not showing up in my plugins in Cakewalk? It is installed in the same Native Instruments folder as Reaktor 5 and all the other Komplete files, so I don't understand why Cakewalk isn't seeing it. Thanks
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