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  1. Great advice fellas, thank each and every one of you. In the end, though it's rough to admit, I think John Vere and Lapasoa are right. I did use a different interface for a time, *however*, it was the Roland Octa-Capture. Same problems from tech made around the same time. Might be time for me to let go of my favorite old stuff. It looks like I'll just have to start investing in other options. In the meantime, Millzy is also onto something: unplugging and replugging in the interface seems to provide a short term solution, reloading the ASIO drivers. I know this has been a frustrating problem for several people, and this thread won't necessarily provide an ideal solution to anyone. As one last aside for those frustrated few- sometimes I'm also able to get the ASIO back by swapping out the ASIO playback for MME or WASAPI Exclusive and then reverting back to ASIO after restarting the PC.
  2. Anytime Cakewalk crashes while I'm working on a project, and I restart the program, this message invariably appears: "The following tracks and buses are currently assigned to a silent hardware output. The items listed below will be silent in your project until their outputs are reassigned to an appropriate hardware output." Master is the only output listed when this occurs. Even more aggravating, none of the listed outputs will work. I can't even make a new master bus to replace the one malfunctioning. To make matters worse with a note of finality, I can't so much as copy and paste the contents of one project to another, because if a project is open where the master bus is unassigned, the problem spreads to all other opened projects. I've been dealing with this since Sonar X2 producer. I don't suppose anyone's stumbled onto a solution during that 5 year interim? Before you say it: yes, all the inputs are properly assigned in preferences. Cheers, Dim
  3. YESSSSSSS! Thank you! You're a peach!
  4. Using cakewalk has been a dream, but for the past two days the DAW has been experiencing program-breaking experiences in two forms: 1. When I load a song I've been working on, the moment the song opens Cakewalk sends a crash report and explains that the computer program will no longer respond. 2. On the rare occasion I can now actually get into the program itself and load up a song, the ASIO which formerly recognized my capture device will inexplicably see nothing. I was able to work around this before by switching from MME and then back to ASIO but now when I do that the engine crashes every single time. The icing on the cake is that now, sometimes when the program boots me out it remains as a fixed process which I can't end from the task manager screen. Meaning I have to restart the entire computer to gain access. And often when that happens I come back in to find the DAW itself can no longer see the audio interface it could see before restarting the computer. The image attached above shows the message I get. *falls prostrate to the floor* O Cakewalk gods, here my plea and have mercy upon my lowly soul, what way is there to undo the dark arts that now possess this innocent program? with humblest oblations, Dim
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