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  1. Thanks David. I'm absolutely no keyboard player - I can just about manage to play guitar chords and I have no theory whatsover. Using Autotonic, I can select any ANY scale quickly and just play pure improv on the white keys. No wrong notes. After the initial blowout, I'm now making really lovely, interesting (imho) chords, chops and runs which then get cut, repeated and edited. Yes, cheating like hell, but what isn't when sequencing. I'd say this is the most fun I've ever had playing keys. BR
  2. If anyone's interested in this (not the skateboard damage details..) I found this: Autotonic. Presentation vid by Computer Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPq41SFyh7g Bought the digi version of the issue (links on the video) and got the full version of Atotonic! Amazing! 5 bucks!
  3. Paul. What do you want to do? What are your expectations in terms of recording? I doubt, by the sound of it, that your lappy's gonna cut it for recording audio 😞 Have you got an AD-DA interface..? Bandlab does require a fairly decent set up..
  4. Paul. Great question. I have just upgraded to a quad-core i5 machine that I got off a kid for 50 bucks! He sold it cos he couldn'ät play games fast enouigh. I've put 16gb DDR3 RAM in it - 70 europs and a 250gb Samsung SSD - 70e. I use the 500gb hdd it had for audio. Man. It flies. I mean, it's truly a DAW stonker. I run Windows 7 on it - no network, updates, etc. purely a machine for doing music. As for graphics card, Anything on a PCIE slot is fine. Really anything. I truly believe that 10-yr-old top tech is finally achievable for less than 200 space bucks and easily enough to keep you happy. Edit: Then a FREE version of, imho, the best sequencer..
  5. Oh yes! Thanks. That looks like what I'm after. Was hoping CW might have had it. I don't do much in MIDI at all. Btw.. You're not by any chance Mike McCleod from Heaton Mersey are you? In which case, Mike, I'm sorry for for scratching up your brand new skateboard 40 (+) years ago buddy. 🤔
  6. Is there any way to make a midi keyboard play only notes in a certain scale in real time? I can only find an example of what I'm thinking of in this Ableton tutorial. "Scale" effect in Ableton Thanks and kind regards
  7. It's actually an old Norwegian word! Skor It means to mark. I read it was used by farmers who would count twenty of their sheep and make a mark in a stick, rather than a mark for each sheep. Hence. score also means twenty. Famously: The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. Psalms 90
  8. GDI.. Fresh install, a huge amount of messing about with trying to login, an eternity installing.. Guess what.. Man.. Think I'm going back to good old X2. Or maybe CWPA 6 for THE SCREAM and the online tips "Beer goes great with pizza!" Anyone remember that?! Boy, they got panned by the POWER USERS! Well, that's a shame, but this online shenanigans is too much bother.
  9. Nope, didn't work, sadly Cakewalk started going crazy too. Started scanning for vst's - on exit! Then the Banlab assistant log-in window was just a white box This all happened after I deleted dozens of drum maps. Why did I do that? I only use MT Drums and only need one map. MT even recommend moving all the ones you don't need. So now I've unistalled BLCW from my DAW and am trying to reload it from their website. It's not getting far with this either "Downloading....(0/2)" after 10 mins. Much swearing going on here just now. All my apps and OS are legit, btw.
  10. Thanks Wookiee. Will give that a shot later. Latest version of BL in default locations. Just a week old after returning to W7sp1 Pro stripped-down DAW Was running beautifully.
  11. Hi I cleared my list of drum maps in app data / cakewalk (etc) to just two, now I get the following nag screen on startup and close of Sonar: "Failed to load URL http://www.cakealk.com/Start/Sonar with error (-106) The internet connection has been lost." I have always had my network card disabled. Never any problem until now. I re-enabled it to see what would happen and now the bandlab assistant opens, prompting me to down load Sonar for free.. as if it's not already nicely installed and setup. Can I get rid of this nag screen? The program works just fine - seemingly! BR
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