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  1. What I do is. I save the workspace first, then I do the templates custom names etc. I then go to lenses folder, or I search for it /and/ copy it's file to my external.
  2. No you dont have to tweak anything just replace it by saving it - DONE! It was suggested on a page number here by @msmcleodand it works. I had a problems with the subfolders the category layout - certain folders with the arrow didn't want to open/flyout/popup Automatically. I just followed his advice to another user in response to workspaces and Templates I believe. Opened a blank project replaced the existing one with the 04 build and voila! Problem solved. This might/could help for you too. Give feedback on it.
  3. Like @User 905133 said. My confusion might be what I interpret as "SUB FOLDERS." To make this clear: To me - the main folder is the "plugin layout" such as "category and manufacture." So what ever folders are in them - they become "Sub folder" to me. Like in the "Category Layout" sub folder to me are the EQ, DYNAMIC, DELAY, REVERB, MODULATION, folders with the little arrow next to it - that expands the "flatbed list/flyout,popup/multicolumn" window. 😊 Probably my mistake. Sorry.
  4. It is identical. The "PC" in "PC2A" literally stands for "ProChannel." Thats it. I believe Softube had this version of it? So it's only a Prochannel version of it, like with some Boz plugins and Softube FET and EQ ProChannel versions back in Sonar. ☺
  5. Ahhhh! Interesting. This might solve my problem. 😐
  6. What I mean is: When you hover over the category folders - it opens the now flatlist window automatically as what it did before. On certain effect folders it does not do this . . . could be my side, not sure. I'm not home at moment to make a video to attach. Will do it when I get back. Yeah. I'm loving them. ☺
  7. 😂😂😂😂😂 You know what I just noticed . . . THE FLATBED EFFECTS LIST Thanks @Noel Borthwick @msmcleod @Jesse Jost and everyone that worked on this. 💃 Great layouts! Awesome menus UI! WHAT?! Works with MOUSEWHEEL too? Graphics improvement too? Plugins load faster too! BEST UPDATE EVER!!!!!!!! 💃 Guys I'm literally excited. All these caps: That's me literally screaming stumblingon new features Appreciate everything. I really mean this. Thanks guys. UPDATE: Certain catergory folders i have to manually click on them to expand the window (flatlist). I've already done a reboot of my system with the same issue. Does anyone else experiencing this through the fx bin perhaps?
  8. Thank you for these two. Especially this next one . . . ThankYou.
  9. You dont have any output devices selected as it say's there. Choose your device and all should be good. Read here Read here 2 That's why.
  10. Thanks @Teegarden Yes, I try to bring my part. Like I've said: It's because I'm one of those handful that started their careers with Cakewalk. Handful meaning: Cakewalk being the 1st DAW I have touched. but, I'm one guy out of 18 guys I know and work with / AND / they all have their own guys they work and collaborate with on their own production. So if you put this under that "Pyramid umbrella chain thing" I can easily be part of a 1000+ producers underneath this chain. So it's difficult to get everyone to report here. Those I am close to, them I can't force if they don't want to. Try telling someone whom has been longer than you in the business and only starting out with cakewalk since it became free, to support the brand by reporting the bugs. You'll hear the answers you get. Now here the the thing: You that's forcing to look into Cakewalk to just try it out - that's promoting the product. Now come up here to report or give feedback and get answers like this - it gona start raising some questions like - why should I care about cakewalk anymore when I'm just here to help, but het answers like this in return? In return you also just dont care anymore. Coming on the forum with the mindset: If I report this they gona blame my system or windows or my workflow. That's exhausting.
  11. Dont shoot yourself in the foot by assuming things matey. Read to understand. Answers given outside of comprehension are the reason why argument start here.
  12. And this is the problem. The best response here would've been. We'll consider it - right there. No one was speculating anything. There's truth in what I've said - Cakewalk is the only DAW the crashes left and right for no reason. And for you that is in management to assume that speculating say's a lot to why we can't grow here. I was merely just suggesting things. "Trying to help," to look this from a different point of view, but it seems that it strucked a nerve which wasn't intended nor directed towards that. What you need to know is - we/us, thats here on the ground using this DAW collaborating with other 10+ producers using Cakewalk, we see these issues everyday, where you guys dont - and through responses like that, which you given, that right there is why we don't bother to report. It's sad really. I hear you though.
  13. Yep! True! However I've witness that certain mono plugins of fabfilter do crash in Cakewalk. At a studio I was at in London had this problem only in Cakewalk, and not in the other 4 they make use of. This is highly due to users that don't bother to report on it / OR / turn to a different DAW, because of their frustration and mainly because of the Word "FREE" attached to it - Especially one that was a paid product and brand before. No brand under this umbrella will have a good name. With us that started their careers with Cakewalk. The handful of users it has - we can tolerate that. I say "We" cause Cakewalk was the first daw I had ever touched before moving to industry demands within the studio I had worked for at the time. We get, undestand and totally am greatful for the now small team running cakewalk, but maybe it's time to rebuild the DAW from scratch. Bring in people from presonus, cubase and reaper to look at it structure and engines to get it running on modern 64bit coding. This is asking - what could be impossible in resources at the moment, I know. Ask the question: Why don't DAWs have these many complaints, rants on the same issues after every update. Good example would be "Dropouts" and "Crashes" on the same Windows version builds and systems.
  14. I knew that will come back to bite me. 😅 It had a bigger chorus once, 😓 but it felt as if it was too much for this one - so I cleaned it up a bit. Thanks for the positive response mate. 👍
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