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  1. Yes because it's a topic for a Q&A. Cakewalk already give's us infinite tracks to route outputs to with Patchpoints and Sends. This is not the platform to discuss this. Inbox if you want to talk about anything. This thread is for feedback on 2021.01.
  2. I'm not requesting that. Read carefully! It's another user speaking Russian!!! I only translated what he said quoting him in that too!!!!!!!!!!! Scroll back and go check!
  3. I'm not requesting that. Read carefully.
  4. Request for a future feature to mute sends and busses when solo'ing a Track with command keys. Like linkPFsendMute Can we get a Command (as mentioned) to mute sends and busses when solo'ing a track too? Alt+Shift+clicking the solo button to solo every other track and sends link to them to solo that specific track. I know there are producers/mixing engineers that prefer this to be on, but like them - there are some of us that prefer the sends and busses to mute when solo'ing a track. Let's cater for both workflows.
  5. Thanks. It was installed, but that wasn't the problem.
  6. Cakewalk is already moving away from Windows 7 due to demands that Windows 10 brings with running applications on it's platform and updates to Win7 not being available anymore (Discontinued.) This means software developers have to move in the direction Microsoft takes them. Most newer installations don't support Windows 7 anymore. Read here 1 Read here 2 There's a lot of topics here on the site about this.
  7. Translator gave this: Hi everybody! I have been using the program since 2009. I constantly miss one important option. You need to make two outputs from each channel. Can this be moved to the Q&A forum for futher discussion?
  8. EA = Early Access Pre-release of the official version that will be included in all other releases (Versions of windows.) Download here: Netframe 5.0.2
  9. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/announcing-net-5-0/ EA = Early Access.
  10. Netframe v5.0 will be included in the next updates and build version later this year. For now: Just like CbB - its only an EA for Windows 10.
  11. Windows insider here: Download Netframe 5.0 and upgrade with ease to 20h2 ☺ It is really important to always update the current version of Window10 before upgrading to a different build of windows.
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