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  1. This is wrong. It is not for Audio Production, but merely to bring an HD system performance to the standard onboard sound card of the PC, for better enhanced quality and connection with HIFI systems (Surround Sounds with Dolby.) It was build for gaming sound and streaming. I'm a gamer too and I have this. These are two different worlds. If you download better Standard Asio Drivers like "Asio4All" you might get a better performance. It comes with higher latency settings from 0 to 2048 ms.
  2. So the dynamic waveform visual is not working either? No it works. Forgot it doesn't work with plugins or the volume. Blond moment.
  3. The old man used to listen to Bela every single day and he was a string player too. I would watch him hammering with two fingers on his own compositions for hours on end. Guess that's why apart from Guitar and piano and little bit of drums - Cello kinda grew on me too. I'll never be as good as him with that double bass snaps and emotions on it though. The glissando, gelato, fermata oh-man! It brings back sweet memories of him.
  4. Alright here's the deal with this plugin cutout that's driving me nuts. It happens when I move the plugin on the chain (FX bin) while it's open. I've manage to pinpoint that out - however as soon as I stop playback and and start play again - it works again. Also, If I close the plugin it cuts back in. So please I'm asking the staff to look into this to see if they can reproduce this. It doesn't happen every time and I'm lost for words. I literally spend the entire day installing everything again. I thought it was a windows update issue of some kind and did my studio system over - just to run into this right now again! Finally prove! Issue.mp4
  5. Yeah. I too do regularly every week. You didn't perhaps find yourself logged out of a few accounts to that computer right after the update? I'm trying to find out whats causing my issue. Here's a hand of members that complaint about plugins that don't work. I ran twice into that problem and can't seem to point out how or whats causing it. So maybe it's a Windows update? Are you on 10 or 11?
  6. Isn't this because the Splat modules overwritten the module's of CbB? They're the same, but different dll's.
  7. I guess you're right. I just don't see the point in choosing "All" and delete the once i don't want. The point of that feature was to insert the amount of tracks the user want, but it never gotten the attention it deserved. I'll go old school. Not a big deal.
  8. I think we can completely remove Split instrument track. It's even more broken now. 😅 The inserts are correct, but now the user can't choose how many they want as it gives the Maximum split tracks on "All Mono" and "All Stereo" For me the best inserts are still the Manual way. Insert the instrument track and add 2 or 3 Audio tracks myself if I only want to add a Kick, Snare and Hihat from the drum plugin or any plugins supporting track outputs. This update is still a great improvement.
  9. You can't force me to use the browser if it doesn't work for me and my workflow. End of story.
  10. No. Believe it or not, this is all Sonitus delay (for stereo width) and the Channel Tool plugin with the free Boz width plugin using the TTS-1 to create drum stems.
  11. Dinosaurs died out eons ago. This is the future. Stop holding this DAW back in the past!
  12. Here's definitely something wrong with either the new Windows Updates or Cakewalk. Plugins seems to cutout now. As soon as you delete and re-instert. It works again. Same goes for when you keep it on Save the project and reopen it. Also with this VST 2 32bit issue I had. I'm trying to replicate this, cause I ran into this like 5mins ago. Should I send a dump file?
  13. I have search for this, but cant find a thread for it. Option to have a "Plugin Search|Search Audio FX option" right on the FX Bin area by double clicking anywhere on an empty space in it | OR | by CTRL+Right Click (for quick access) and as an option available by right clicking and have it first in that MENU too. Reason: Not every user make use of the browser to add effects or instruments/synths. My workfow is that of in place inserts - where i am in the project and not having to move away from that. It's a quick workflow (Extremely important.)
  14. Was looking for the evidence through all my requests, but dang! There's too many to read. 😟 Real-talk! I was told this in my early days of requests on the forum.😅 I too +1 this.
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