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  1. @msmcleod Regarding to this issue. Take a quick look if you disable the "blue pre loop indicators" if it solve this problem. When "Copying" tracks by drag and drop - you have to set that pre loop indicator's to you desired selection, in order to copy only what you want it to copy. I think this came with when the arranger was introduced. Now - I might be wrong with this, but I had a work around/something similar before regarding this. Have to go sit later to with this again. I might have used the Ctrl+D shortcut. Wish I was home right now.
  2. Where do I start . . ? Hi team. First of all -- If there's a way to do this within Cakewalk, please let me know. So, I received a project from a client and normally, I would render every stem to be used in Cakewalk. I'd started working on this project yesterday, but in the FLP file it came with. Sitting in studio as I'm taking a break, a thought pop up. Wouldn't it be cool for EDM producers, if Cakewalk had the ability to do automation by tempo sync - much like how "FL Studio" do with "Link controller and Peak controller" combined for sidechain or for any other creative effect with any plugin. Again, if this can be done in Cakewalk - let me know. Imagine how creative those in EDM, Dance, House, Electro, Pop, HipHop can be with this in Cakewalk. Right now plugins will do, but imagine how much CPU load it will spare. Anyway. I hope this spark some good discussions and fill some holes I wasn't clear enough on. 🀘 W.
  3. Awesome plugin and its free! 😱Whaaaaaaat?
  4. Yeah. I'm on v1.0.3 too now. It's my everyday goto "tape stop" plugin when doing live broadcast DJ'ing.
  5. So over the weekend I had uninstalled Cakewalk and reinstalled it. It was sitting on its default settings since saturday. Today, I then decided - seeing that my DAW sits on default settings, let me do a clean install of my OS. So now I'm currently busy installing everything back on it. I know this might be to late for this release, but maybe in the next update or later in the year -- can we get the track "Insert Audio FX Layout tab" to work with the mouse wheel to sroll up and down, when it has reach the screen display limit? Both in Track view and Browser view, when moving plugins from the "uncategorized folder" to a category folder (Browser only.) Right now to scroll up or down you have to do by left click.
  6. Hey jonathan. I've manage to get to work. What I did was, I went and uninstal Cakewalk and all registery, including my Wavesfactor Cassette Transport Plugin with Advance System Care - Yesterday. Did a fresh install of Cakewalk 2020.04 - ran EA build 1, and the second one. Went on Wavefactory website and requested another copy - it's a free plugin after all. It's working perfectly again. πŸ‘ Just have to deal with the process of installing everything again. Unrelated but, 😭 Bet you im gona run into some ilok licensing issues soon. 😞 Anyway -- Just thought I should give feedback my side. 🀘
  7. Can we just take some time out of our busy schedule with family - whether you're still in lockdown in your country or not. Let's take this opportunity and just thank the team at Bandlab, the creators and moderators behind this forum. While every country went into their own time period of Lockdown -- yet, everyday we were greeted with feedback on complaints put in by our community. We sometime forget to say "Thank You" and ignored the question - How are we getting feedback and updates, while everyone around the world is under "Lockdown," spending time with family throughout this pandemic. So, fellow community members let's just take 5 minutes to say "Thank You" right now, to everyone involved. Thank you! Team CbB. We appreciate "everything you do. We hope and we pray, to grow bigger, bad**s together." YOU ROCK!!! πŸŽΈπŸ€˜πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ W.
  8. Yes, I'm an insider so I get to test it out before it get's released. So far all good. At first i had dreadful slow online. It reminded me of win xp if not "98." I did the release and renew with netsh. Increased my virtual memory/ "paging" (physical ram size Γ— 1.5) nothing changed. Disconnected from the wifi and found out the my laptop is running as suppose to. Uninstalled some software , connect back online - same thing. Checked for more unnecessary programs just to find out that, if I have more than one browser with Edge installed -- I get this problem. Doesn't matter which browser I use alone, it runs smooth. So there's a clash issue amongst dominance for default space occurring some where. I did report this to Microsoft. No feedback yet, but there's a lot of users complaining yet again about slow internet as 4 years back with the 1609 build. With that being said . . . give it a shot. You might not have any issues. Different machines = different firmware, hardware, drivers and of course -- personal use of software. Ps: Make those backups. 🀘
  9. It disabled mine that came with the Bandlab installation. Luckily I always make a restore point before doing any updates. Unfortunately, I have never owned a copy of melodyne before until the integrated version with cakewalk. So I dont know how this works. Maybe I should look into buying a copy - studio maybe? I'm just comfortable with Wavetunes and Antares. I've used melodyne primarily on lip edits. Never done drums, keyboard, guitars, strings etc. on it. I should be ashamed of myself not knowing melodyne that good. 😞
  10. Thanks Jonathan. Like I said, I'm using this every weekend, and with the 2020.04 build I never had the problem. So I don't know. I went as far as uninstall cakewalk and re-install it - four times I think. Anyway, really appreciate the feedback to look into this.
  11. Yeah. Dont know where my dumb butt were at when I created that thread. It seems as if my mind was MIA. 😞
  12. O'man! Only see now where I'd drop this thread. Please read the thread in the link. I have posted this in the wrong Category of discussion. Here's the link though. Be responsible. Don't drink and discuss issues kids.✌ W.
  13. Hi Team. I'm experiencing some bugs with the new update - well this is with the EA update to v2020.05 This happens with three plugins which the pervious 2020.04 did not cause. It's with the Wavesfactory Cassette transport, Antares EFX, and LexDualDelay (only when removing it from the project.) This is on both empty, or working project and as I said - this is new to me. Tested them in FL Studio and Reaper - Works perfectly fine there. I do live broadcast Dj performances with my laptop weekends on two local radio station in my city, and really need this to work in the new update. For now i will do a rollback to 2020.04. Any advice on this? 🀘 .
  14. Yes. Do a cut on the region you want to fix, hold down on Ctrl and drag up and down. The all new Dynamic Waveform will be out on the next release next week, nit sure about the date. If you want to testbit out head over to the 2020.05 Early Access Thread and download the update.
  15. @msmcleodπŸ˜‚ Had to edited this: As I was making a Gif. I realised, Cakewalk can do this already. 😞 Just a forgotten feature. I have gotten so used to doing it with the automation side of it. Where you go to Clip Automation followed by Gain, highlight a region, move to the top of the waveform and move it down. The "Static" clip gain I was talking about - is already there. Do a cut on both side of the problem region, hold down Ctrl and drag. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜ž How could I forget that? aka clip gain/event gain. I deeply apologize. It's a forgotten feature by me. I owe you.
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