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  1. Third day working 5 hours straight, each one - works fine so far. No annoying audio dropouts - that's the first thing I always check for. Every other update -- awesome stuff. Great job. 👌
  2. Great to have these visible again. 👌 Awesome seeing the Channel Tool again. Would love to see an update on the UI's of these though. It's extremely hard to use them from a far on a bigger screen/monitor. Maybe a resize option for now on all UI's? Great job on the updates team.👍
  3. Strange. It works fine by me. Disable your firewall, reinstall it and see how that works. Try these steps too.
  4. I on the other hand find the +6db boost to be just fine for me. I never go above +4db boost, well that I can think of ever done - probably has to do with my mic placements. Why don't you try and cut the desired section, normalize it or gain by +6 than boost it with Automation. It's never good to boost higher than +6db, but than again - I don't know your setup and of course preferences. What I can advice is, try to keep it within the "humanize" spectrum, like a +3 or even +6db less than what you prefer to have set. Let the compressor with Automation on it balance things out for you with a human feel by not boosting that high? ✌️
  5. I still think this needs a slider or knob popping up on the area selected, instead of the dragging down method.
  6. With 1909 there were a lot of issues with Windows 10 updates running Cakewalk. Most older vsts constantly required you to a dotNET update manually. throughout the entire build of 1909 - which still remains a flaw in the build itself. The 2004 for me personally? I find it to be heavily hungry on CPU and RAM, which also requires a 32 GB hard drive space alone for installation. So, you need to run an i3 5th gen' or higher to eliminate some of that sluggishness it will bring if you have a less powerful machine. I've been a program insider for Microsoft since 2016. Visually wise, the 2004 is great with fewer issues than 1909. Which brings me to say, Cakewalk ran it's best on the 1809 build of windows. I didn't have any problems with it - also probably because I didn't find any problems with that version build of windows. I also have to add - I was doing all BETA testing on an H81M Msi motherboard, i7 3rd gen CPU, with 8GB ram before I did all necessary updates or upgrades on my studio machine to CbB and Windows. Since I bought this machine 3 years ago, I had to get an extra 8 GB just for the 2004 to run slightly smoother on the "BETA TESTING" machine. Thoughts: 1909 build: Irritably flawed! I've reverted back to 1809 on my studio machine running Cakewalk before the new 2004 build was launched. 2004 build: Highly recommended! I find the 2004 build to have eliminated the use of "Jbridge" on certain plugins being used in Cakewalk. With all this being said. Certain outdated hardware attached also leads either two to run problems. Therefore always update your equipment drivers too, before doing updates. I'm running Windows 10 2004 build on my studio machine with Cakewalk 26.05 update without any problems so far.
  7. Well, there's a difference between a "Major upgrade" and a recommended cumulative update of your current windows build - not so? 😑 Update and Upgrade (aka "Major") see the difference? We upgrade to a newer version and "update" a current build version you're running - meaning, if you're current version is 1903 you'll constantly be doing updates. If you want the new 2004 version of W10, that's an upgrade.
  8. The M-Audio interface, is your "sound card." Just plug it into a USB port on the computer you're owning now. No need to reach for your pockets to buy an extra unnecessary Pc/Mac at all! Just download Cakewalk - it's literally all you need. Ps: Windows 10 should pick up your drivers by itself. If not - update your windows drivers and cumulative updates. I'm stressing on "dotNet3.5." This version of Net frames seem to be a highly important to most hardware and plugins. Think of it as a "Jbridge."
  9. I hear you. This is where I find the Arranger to be more advanced. I've been close to 4weeks at it hours at a time and found that the "Arranger" for me works best. I can easily draw in crossfaders/envelopes, automation, effects and so much more "LIVE" with the arranger than the Matrix and this is what's confusing to me. 😢 For me they're same. I don't know, maybe I need to watch more video's on the Matrix to understand it deeper. Hope to get a more light on this here too.
  10. Hey family, how is everybody doing? "Question time" and this is making me feel stupid, but first . . . Recently I have taking some time of mixing to spend more time with the family. Well, my hand was forced anyhow - by taking full advantage of the pandemic, unless it's a really important client. This led me to start plying around in the MATRIX window, which I don't normally do - and the newly ARRANGER window. QUESTION: Aren't they the same thing, with one just being more flexible and advanced ("Arranger") replacing the other one?
  11. Once you have all recommended updates of your windows build installed, it should runs smooth. It was never a CbB issue - but a windows update issue, especially not having the dotnet3.5 installed. To help you with some other issues - go here. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/16404-solving-known-issues-please-try-this/
  12. Guy's let's not turn this thread into a political debate about plugins - please. Keep the peace. Begging.
  13. Lol! Why would you insist and assume that we have the same taste in food, when I've already said we have different taste in "cars, food and clothing."🤣 That will always be the reality. I love the Sonitus delay, you dont - AKA "different taste." Every mixing engineer has it's own taste in plugins. I'm not agreeing, nor am I disagreeing on the free plugins. Reason for that is . . . There is better plugins, but than there's not too. Again, it's about taste.
  14. @Starship Krupa Try out the TL - 64 -Tube leveler on vocals and tell us what you think about it. Try all 3 hidden plugins. Lazy to type now so I will drop a link on how to get them, if you haven't got them open yet. I think it's the first 3mins of the video.
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