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  1. Hi Bakers. Mouse wheel on "vocalsync" does not work. Mouse wheel on a stretch out "Insert Audio Fx" tab, does not work in Track View or Console View - when you right click to add an effect.
  2. Good Day Bakers. We all know the comfort of working with keyboard shortcuts and how it saves time, right? Another add-on option to an existing keyboard shortcut would be amazing to have at our disposal too. Can the option of choosing a "Mono and Stereo" Audio or Midi track output be added in the box below when pressing the "Insert key" on your keyboard in both pictures? The option is already there for instrument tracks - can we just add it to Audio tracks too? This option on the computer keyboard is an instant insert for audio tracks. So whenever you hit "insert" on your keyboard the option should follow all the properties chosen for this feature and should the need be to choose a stereo audio track - it should be with Alt+Insert. Having it available in the second picture will benefit other users too. It would be extremely awesome to have it available in all aspect of track inserts, as all of our workflow and creativity differs from one another. For instance, I'm a shortcut and floating window nerd - so I hardly do the mouse click inserts. I pray that this reach someone's attention. ~Will~
  3. It's probably my fourth time requesting this for 2020. When hiding the "Pro channel" under the module tab in the console. Can we get it to on hide the visual eq square and not the "Post; Clip indicator and on/off button." I like to work with as minimum visual as possible. However, the pro channel on and off switch/button comes in handy a lot. I rarely use the pro channel EQ that's why I hide it's visual box, (called ""PRO CHANNEL" under the Module tab in console view.) but I do use the Console Emulators on every track and one or two FX dials. Having the global Pro Channel on and off button visible is essential - I don't see why it should get hidden with the clip indicator LED and post button too. If requested this a few times. Please bakers. 😭
  4. Doesn't a stereo effect turn a mono channel to stereo? and a mono effect a stereo channel mono?
  5. 1: Go to preferences. 2: Under Audio Tab select "Driver Settings." • Click Stereo Panning Law • Set to 0dB center, balance control. 3: Apply and do a test. Record in mono, set the interleave to Mono and do a pan test - this should work for you.
  6. @marled Your request has been picked up and noted. Send the project.
  7. Request to add the ability to scroll with the mouse wheel through your effects via "insert audio fx tab" when it becomes stretched out. I don't normallywork this way. I always use my floating browser to an effect, but this feature sometimes comes handy whether in console view or not. Clicking through all the effects feels so ancient.
  8. What @Blogospherianman said. That's why most other DAW's on the market do this by default and gives you the option to either add a Mono or Stereo track for recording vocals or instruments - with the interleaves in straight mono-on-mono tracks and stereo in stereo tracks.
  9. Are those weird noises pops and clicks? If so, use your cross faders where it was cut - front and back.
  10. True. I also never said it wasn't license to sonar. What I said was it's a hassle to have to install sonar first to be able to get it open in Cakewalk. If you open SD3 or True Piano in Sonar their tap will say Cakewalk and not Sonar. The DAW was owned sonar, but Cakewalk still owned the instruments and Effects if the label tap showed "Cakewalk" instead of Sonar. I'm sure if sonar owned the effects and instruments it would've also said Sonar. I know I might be wrong on this, but that's how I would've negotiated the deal if I had to buy Cakewalk. 😂
  11. Yeah, it sucks to install sonar every time to get your old vsts to work in CbB. SD3 rocked. True piano was another amazing addition.
  12. Lol. One often forget the little things that makes life so much better when you mix. I've dropped a copy of this in the 2020.09 feedback thread too. I really hope it get's picked up and be edit in a near update. Comfortability is key in any workspace.
  13. I hope someone can shine some light on this -- regarding the mouse wheel feature on the insert audio tab. I'm not sure if it worked before. I've made use of the drag and drop feature from the browser for some time now and hardly use the insert menu. Recently, I had installed new free vst bundles and it stretch out my "Insert Audio Fx TAB" in the console view, but i see the mouse wheel does not work on it. Was it always this way? Cause clicking down the list to get to a certain effect plugin, instead of rolling the mouse wheel - feels kind of "ancient."
  14. Did the "Instert Audio Tab" worked with the mouse wheel before? My list is a bit longer now, but can't scroll with the mouse wheel. Clicking to the bottom of the list feels ancient. 😭
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