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  1. I also think it is because every commercial studios out there own Mac systems leaving Cakewalk that are on the same level and standards as The top 7 Absolute. FL Studio Logic Pro Pro Tools Ableton Cubase Reaper Studio One All of these DAWS have a fully function version for Macintosh and Windows systems except for one of course. It's for this reason I had changed to Mac too. My Cakewalk system is now my personal computer in the main house in the study room. I often sit infront of it when I do beats for myself. So, I think it's for this reason that Cakewalk went dead - Macs are the standard system in Studios and Cakewalk doesn't have one. Sonar tried, but it was a fail. I guess they didn't have enough resources to keep working and perfecting it - dont know. Then of course, there's the youth. What teenager these days own a windows system? I'm going to my mid 30's and was forced the past two years throughout the pandemic to invest in a MACINTOSH business wise, because of the demands from clients sending and requesting Mac files and I can say with confidence, I'm not disappointed. Cakewalk will pickup overnight when there's a Mac version available to promote at NAMM should they decide to create a Mac version the next 12 months. This of course will not happen. I'm willing to create one quality short Video for their IG page weekly.
  2. Yes. Sorry on that typo. That being said: Here's a lot of feedback about this release on crashes and other issues, that' i'm not experiencing. Do you have all your Netframes installed? dotNet3.5 up until the new Netframe5.0.1 and 5.1 and also the proper Redistribution c++ updates? Disable that annoying Win10 Defender too. It could be reading your clip as a potential virus file.
  3. The newest one. 2021.12.103. I'm always up to date with my DAW from the EA versions until the official release.
  4. Works fine here. @Promidi Have you tried nudging it down? Numpad 2?
  5. Vote here for control points. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/25561-automation-control-points/ WK.
  6. Like the title reads. The only thing that's missing are the Meter display change. The same function and Feature can be used to change the meter for each K-System to display K-12, K-14, K-20. Been testing this, and it is accurate as accurate can be! Change the meter to PRE FADER, and then choose RMS + PEAK = K-System. Only thing missing on it are the meter displays. Load in SPAN or any other K-System vst to check this. Feel free to correct me.
  7. This is what I meant. Archive.mp4
  8. What I mean is . . . Try to reinstall Cakewalk in your Home Language new. Try that.
  9. @GreenLight What you're not doing is hidding the tracks. Test it again, by hidding your Archive tracks and try teh Alt+S on solo and unsolo. It works my side.
  10. Try renaming the last 3 folders. There could be a language file missing. And try to install Cakewalk under your preferred home language again to reinstall the missing language certificate (should there be one.)
  11. My mistake. I was rambling on and on that it slipped my mind. Yes, it renders the unsoloing in part broken. It only solo'd the tracks. When all the active highlighted tracks were selected though, it worked as normal with the ALT+S. It solo'd and unsolo'd the tracks. When the Archive tracks were hidden everything worked as it should.
  12. Isn't it suppose to work that way? I use it from time-to-time, when I bounce a clip to track. I assume you're using it to free up Memory and CPU usage? So instead of removing the track cakewalk disable it by taking it out of memory. I have never had any other use for it other than for this purpose and then hiding the tracks. So to have the Solo button working means, that Cakewalk would have to make the tracks active again, placing it back in memory for it to work with solo, rendering its purpose flawed? I don't know. 🙆🏻‍♂️ But: to answer you, yes, it makes the track inactive to free up Memory my side too. Curious to know what's your use for it?
  13. If you go into Preference and Keyboard Shortcut, with the Area box to global binding and search for "Solo' you get a few functions (including the SOLO ALL SELECTED TRACKS which will also "Unsolo them) to bind according to your preferred keys.
  14. Dont stress too much. Some here think just because you have +0 Community reputation points that the member is New to Cakewalk or have no knowledge of the daw. It's just a misconception on reality in the realm of the internet. Millions use Cakewalk for years, but only discover its forum today. Might be new to the forum, yes. Definitely not the DAW. I'm not trying to disrespect anyone. So, my apologies if this leans towards that area.
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