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  1. 1 hour ago, David Baay said:

    Yes , I understand; no need to shout.

    Leave these millennial morse codes alone. 🤣

    😂 Who ever said caps lock are a way of shouting  was drunk and probably high on drugs too. 🤣 I apologise if you feel I was. 

    The use of an exclamation (!) mark would have told you I was shouting, but I did not use any. I'm not shouting. I was merely emphasizing the topic in discussion and even stressed it out in bold caps as a way of expression.


  2. 2 minutes ago, David Baay said:

    The thread I referenced was from September 2017. The last release of SONAR was 17.10, and I just confirmed it worked per the documentation - controls in all unselected tracks of the same type can be quick grouped by holding Ctrl when no tracks are selected.  So it changed sometime after Bandlab picked it up.

    This was not a bug. It was intended behavior to make whole-project changes easy without having to select everything - like assigning all MIDI track outputs to the same mutlitimbral synth instance. But any time you have a function that can make a lot of changes with one simple gesture, you run the risk of users unintentionally messing up their projects, and this was one that they dcided to back out for that reason.

    I think you're misunderstanding the whole thread discussion. 




  3. On 8/17/2022 at 1:49 PM, Harks said:

    I run Cakewalk on a Windows 11 desktop PC using a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 audio interface.  Up until 2 days ago everything was fine.  As of yesterday, when I playback recordings in Cakewalk, I get a BSOD with "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" relating to "FocusriteUSBSwRoot.sys".   I can record ok and the problem only occurs when I play back.

    The strange thing about this is that I can play my son's recordings in Cakewalk ok under my Windows login.  If I run Cakewalk from his Windows login, the same thing happens, ie I can play his recordings ok but mine result in BSOD.

    Therefore, the problem only seems to affect Cakewalk recordings made under my Windows login.  I've checked sample rates and they are the same across the board.  Nothing has been installed in the past couple of days and I haven't had any Windows updates either.

    Can anybody tell me what's going on??!!

    Check to see that your antivirus software does not see your focurite drivers  as a potential virus thread. 

  4. 10 minutes ago, GreenLight said:

     😁 (Note though that I'm not using workspaces nor screensets.)

    I too said so, but apparently, the default window is a "Workspace" I've been told. 

    10 minutes ago, GreenLight said:

    Will (pun not intended) check it out. 😁 

    😂 I'm trying to remember. 😂

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  5. 3 hours ago, David Baay said:

    This sounded like a bug. Quick Group should work only for the selected tracks that are highlighted and in FOCUS. Thats the whole point of it. None of my other two DAWs works as described in the old forum OR the way CbB handles it now. 

    Dont know how they can tell other tracks are not in focus OR when L&R pan knobs are moved down to counter rotate the percentage in the stereo fields. So i believe this part of CbB has been left untouched and broken including the gain knobs. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, GreenLight said:

    I have tried to find some pattern in the disappearing shortcuts, but have so far not succeeded. 

    I have had this issue in the past and spend hours with the bakers trying to fix this in the PM section. 

    I've manage to fix it myself, but i'm trying to remember now how - to you help here. 😑 It's literally just a setting. 😐 

    Check if your "Apply workspace to project" is ticked, right at the bottom of teh workspace dropdown menu. 

    I'm trying to think now. 😣

    In Preferences > keyboard shortcut TAB -- make sure "Save Changes For Next Project/Session" is ticked. 


  7. On 8/17/2022 at 3:56 PM, Dave Winters said:

    Cannot uninstall Cakewalk by bandlab, message says uninstaller is missing help?


    Try disabling what ever antivirus software you're using. It could be mistakenly holding it as a "Potential Unwanted Thread" in its quarantine bin. 

  8. 21 minutes ago, sjoens said:

    In Control Groups you don't select any tracks, but put individual track controls like Volume into a group by right-clicking the knob and picking a group (A-X). 

    So you select them, right? 😂 You SELECT the tracks you want to "GROUP" (the keyword) not so? 

  9. 1 hour ago, sjoens said:

    Control Groups behave much the same but use Ctrl key to isolate one from the rest of the group.

    Yes, the keyword here reads "Groups." So, that means the tracks that you have "Grouped" | or | have highlighted for "Quick Group" by holding down the Ctrl button - to isolate them from the rest of the tracks in the project. 

  10. 1 hour ago, sjoens said:

    In my CbB this doesn't happen no matter what I do. If I drag any knob the others will stop when the lowest set knob reaches the bottom. 

    Yes! I'm talking about that. 

    1 hour ago, sjoens said:

     it's definitely out of whack.


    To further show how broken quick group are on certain features - pan one track 50L and the other 50R now highlight the two tracks and try to move them to 60% you drag down, but something else happens.  

    1 hour ago, sjoens said:

    .FWIW, I find discrepancies with the Documentation.

    😂 Definitely with this feature. 

    Anyway . . . 

    I hope this gets fixed. I have been reporting this for years. 

  11. 34 minutes ago, sjoens said:

    They all behave the same for me. Double clicking a knob only resets that knob.

    Double clicking (resetting) one of the grouped knobs brings it to -0- but the others to a relative position based on their original relative position.

    In each case only the knob that's being moved with the mouse has full range and will return to -0- when double clicked.

    The other knobs being moved in unison will stop when the one at the highest/lowest range reaches it's limit.

    IOW, If one of the knobs is already at it's farthest limit, only the knob being moved with the mouse will move in that direction. The others are locked together.

    You're not on the same page.  Do this with the faders . . . 

    1: Set them at different volumes.

    2: Highlight them all.

    3: Hold download Ctrl and drag down. 

    All of them should be at the floor. 

    The gain knobs right on top of the strips does not follow these commands.

  12. 6 hours ago, David Baay said:

    Unless I'm misunderstanding something, it's working here on both Gain knobs in the Inspector and Console and sliders in the track and with or without holding Ctrl to quick-group.

    Apologies for that dreadful typos - i fixed it. 

    No, currently it has always just worked for the faders. To test this: Create three tracks or more - set each gain to a different dB level. Highlight the tracks>hold down Ctrl and drag the gain knobs all the way down. You will see when you reach -18dB the others does not follow all the way to -18dB and when you do a reset they add the difference in +dB. 


    If you do this with the Sliders/Faders - you will see that it works great. 

  13. Why doesn't the gain knobs move all the way down when set to different dB levels when you hold down Ctrl+Drag down - like how the volume sliders do when you want to reset the faders to zero with quick grouping? You often want to reset a few gain knobs with a quick CTRL+Dragging down and double click to reset them back to zero, but they never do with quick group. Instead they add the difference in +dB when you hold down Ctrl and do a double click. This shortcut works great with the volume sliders, but its as if it is broken with the gain knobs.

    Don't involve mix recall please. Leave her alone! 🤣

  14. When bypassing an effect within the plugin, is there a way for CbB to display this? I know when you bypass any effect in the FX BIN - it turns grey.

     An idea would be as to what it does when you insert a MONO or STEREO plugin - it display one stripe for Mono and two for Stereo. So, the idea is to have a color scheme in the bin to let us know the plugin is bypassed from the plugin itself. This would be extremely useful when bypassing a plugin with automation when working in the console view. The idea came with a region that i had on looped, where the plugin was bypassed with automation, which I have done really early in the project and literally forgot about it. I'm pretty sure you can guess how confused I was for sometime - lol. 

  15. 7 minutes ago, Kevin Perry said:

    Will did say it was a clean install though (like me, he probably hasn't done a clean install for ages!).

    I actually do one every 4 months. Both windows and CbB. I completely format my OS drive. Its an old habbit.😂

  16. 2 minutes ago, Jonathan Sasor said:

    That's what I'm referring to, on a clean install (not new to the latest update by any stretch) it will default to that option as off in the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog, but will always open the UI track if using the Add Track button instead.

    This is actually an install from scratch. 🙂

  17. 6 minutes ago, Jonathan Sasor said:

    It will open the synth property page automatically by default

    I always add my synths through the insert button +. I've never used the browser to add effects or synths. 

  18. 3 hours ago, OutrageProductions said:

    That's what Markers are for. Keyboard shortcut <M>.


    2 hours ago, Kevin Perry said:

    Or drag in the ruler then shift-space.

    Know this one two. I've had problems with this one in the past. It doesn't always play all the tracks when pressing Shift+Space. I believe you have to repeat the steps every time you do a playback too? Not quite sure now. 

    This is giving me an idea Can you choose mouse drag as a shortcut? 🤔

  19. 1 hour ago, msmcleod said:

    You can also do this with arranger sections.  

    Just tested this and it has some limitations to my workflow. It work to some degree, but not fully as requested. 

    1 hour ago, msmcleod said:

    1.  Select the section, then SHIFT+L to set the loop points to the section.

    This i'm well aware of. Now the request is based on this, but to let the highlight do the work for you instead of  highlight and Shift+L.

    Another way would be to Hold down Ctrl+drag on the Timeline. 

    Can mouse drag be assigned and be linked to another key as a shortcut? 🤔

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