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  1. This is a problem. Cutting is not accurate as it should be. This cause timing issue later in the project. This wasn't the case in the previous version 2020.11.90 Stumbled on this while messing around with some beatboxing.
  2. Have you tried changing your sample rates to 16bit? Also change the buffer size of the 18i8 higher. 512 or 1024 should do the job in X3.
  3. Another update I would like to see, is for the projects to be restricted to the last file in the project. The extra real estate after the last clip is annoying when scrolling - especially when using keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Download Asio4All (Click Here) for your computers Onboard Realtek Device. Best drivers for laptops if you dont have any outboard equipment connected to it.
  5. Will.

    Looping one shot

    There's two way you can work this. The first one would be the one you asking on. To do this: Highlight the clip, right click on it and select "Groove Clip" in the menu at the top. Alternatively: One I always make use of - that's basically printed in muscle memory - Again: Highlight the clip, hold down CTRL and hit "D" Enjoy.
  6. Make sure the sample rate in windows 10 are the same as that of the settings in your DAW and Audio Interface - Visa-Versa. That's always the issue with dropouts with Cakewalk. All three mentioned, need to work together. How to change "sound control panel" settings in Windows 10 Right-click the Speaker icon in your system tray and click Playback devices. Select your speaker, then click Properties. Click the Advanced tab. Click the drop-down and it will show you the sample rate and bit depths options. Make sure your interface it's plugged in to the correct compatible ports - either 2.0 or 3.0. Uninstall "Asio4All" if you have that installed. Try these steps too (Click on this.)
  7. Sweet, Thanks for the info - had to make sure.
  8. Then there's something wrong with your PC settings that's not picking up on these commands. What I gave you are the only way to select or deselect "Selected notes."
  9. I'm too on that version. There was a typo in my previous reply sorry. It should be Ctrl+Right Mouse Click and Drag.
  10. You have to Hold down Ctrl+Right Mouse drag on select led notes to select them individually.
  11. HipHop producer here. So you want the classic hiphop sound? First of all let me start by saying - You can't really teach someone how to make a hiphop track, or any other genre for that matter (Creativity can't be taught.) It's all about your feel, taste and style. So you will never get the sounds of another mixing engineer - a lot of elements such as your "environment, mixing room, equipment, plugins, monitors etc. plays a crucial part in this too. I'm only saying this to prepare you for the ×1000's of mixing ways there is out here. A video will show you how to approach it, and also safe to say - only how "they" know how to do it, (probably also from a video they've seen.) So, keep this in mind. With that out of the way . . . Questions to always ask yourself: Was that an Acoustic Bass guitar that was used, OR, an Electric bass guitar? Was it Mic'd, OR, was it plugged in and had the "efx" added on later (the puns are out here.) 😂 These two approaches makes a huge difference with "headroom and real estate."It's not only for the prevention of clipping, but also to help the Bass guitar sit comfortable in the background, with the other elements around it. This old method eliminates the steps of "TOO MUCH EQ CUTS" in the low end area, but might need a "Boost" too add a little "OOMPH" in the low end area (Hence why yours sound too guitarish as you've said.) To help this sit even more comfortable in the mix, would be to add a little reverb (Barely Audible.) Depending on the elements in your track, there will be times where only a "Saturation Effect" will do the job for you, - with compression before and after, where"SIDECHAIN" is not even required. If you're completely doing things "In the Box" Meaning: using a Bass Vst Instrument - you will have to create your own "headroom and background space" with a reverb. This is the best advice I can give you. All you need to do is - apply your own creativity to it.
  12. First of all do you get sound from any other files on it? Like a movie or Commercial MP3? If so . . . Click yes, another dialog box will open and select your recommended Audio Device in the Output Section on the right side of that Dialog box. Also send pics of the steps.
  13. Feature request for a more smoother and controlled scroll, to all "scrolling functions" in Cakewalk. It's impossible to scroll to the next chords or bar in Cakewalk. It's currently doing this extremely aggressively with a step scroll and taking the window to unnecessary empty space in the timeline.
  14. Requests are not to be placed in here. please create an individual thread in the feedback loop section Here
  15. Well, then you have to save your files accordingly. Cakewalk provides us with enough required Tags/Information on every clip, but only if it's "saved as." On recorded tracks it will give you the Name "Record 1/Record 2" etc. as many as it can handle. Your job as the mixing engineer or producer is to rename those takes/clips on every change you makes to it and save that mix as Mix2/3/4/5 or what ever you name it too. It never hurts to use the "Notes" section in the inspector pane.
  16. You can do this in the Browser. Just right click on the file and select properties - all from within the Browser. Ps: Note that it is click sensitive. It's extremely easy to rename a sample in the browser without touching it. (ONE THING I HATE ABOUT THE BROWSER SOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!) Wish they can fix it.
  17. There was never said it was panned. I too agree - it's definitely wide. The width of the kick needs to be narrowed a bit.
  18. While you at it - get the new Netframe 5.0 installed as well. It improves a few performance issues in Windows.
  19. Your focusriteusb.sys failed. Download the latest focusrite drivers from their website. HERE: Latest Drivers Also check out this: Solve known PC issue with CbB Will ✌
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