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  1. 58 minutes ago, In A Week said:

    Oh, i have noticed this b4 too, i usually do the same thing actually, just zoom in and adjust it correctly right on bar, would be good if it snapped right onto the bar without zooming in entirely to set it right.

    Didn't occur to me that it might be a bug 🥴

    There's one with Loop Points too. Its does not follow 128 snap and tick snaps. 

  2. 19 minutes ago, sjoens said:

    Thanks Will. For some reason Now Time wasn't checked.

    No problem. That still doesn't fix the issue though. It either falls short or overlaps. You have to zoom in to get an accurate fade to grid snap. 

  3. 1 hour ago, sjoens said:

    When dragging out a clip fade, the edge of the fade does not adhere to beat/measure lines when using Snap.

    There is a gap between the Aim Assist line & edge of fade.

    Workaround is to disable Snap and eyeball position.

    This changed after Sonar X1 when Snap Module was improved.


    No need to turn snap off. Just Zoom in more and snap it to the grid. To further help - go into Preferences>snap settings and tick your grids. 

    It is very annoying. Having your fades sound musically with the clip and tempo - is important. 

  4. 2 hours ago, DallasSteve said:

     it happened while I was trying to wipe my a** with will's comment.  

    No wonder it was smelling here inside. Glad my comment could freshen up the place. 

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  5. 15 minutes ago, DallasSteve said:

    Thanks for letting me know that you've asked "everyone else" who uses Cakewalk and they all run a smooth update.  That's what I wanted to know.  Now, I've got to get back to wiping my a**.

    Good for you. 👏🏼

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  6. 8 minutes ago, DallasSteve said:

    It's not a 2 minute process.  Maybe 5 minutes if everything works smoothly.  I've spent more than 2 hours trying to get an update of Cakewalk to install without errors on my computer.  I'm able to install other software without these errors so I don't buy the explanations that the error is on my side or in my Windows Registry, but thanks for letting me know that it works for you.


    Well, if you don't need help - don't b**ch about it. Everyone else runs a smooth UPDATE. 

    Maybe that's why support dont reply to you. You ask for help, you get help, but then you wipe your a** with it. 

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  7. Cakewalk requires you to activate your DAW every 6 months. You were not forced if this is an actual requirement. You can't sign insurance papers without reading the agreement. So the error here comes from yourside. 

    Secondly: The web installer works smooth. Again: It is a requirement made by every software developer to UPDATE your software for a hassle free workspace. This is a really quick and easy step to do every month. I don't know about the others, but I refresh my activation with every UPDATE - this keeps my system running smooth with no issues. 

    If you go to the Help Tab inside the DAW - everything you need to keep thing up and running are there. Rather invest in 2 minutes to sign in and keep things up to date every month. All this takes 2 mins every month. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, John Vere said:

    All I had at the time was a 120GB SSD. After I had installed W10 home and CbB and all my free plug in’s it was sitting at about 50%. Mostly some of the sample libraries. 
    It now has over 300 CWP files on it and sitting at about 75 %. 

    And here you're saying exactly what I had been explaining.  

    1 hour ago, John Vere said:

    It’s definitely slower than my main DAW 

    Ta-da! I think its name is Bingo . . . Which often causes issues in project like seen in the OP's video. This is because it doesn't refresh quick enough. 

  9. 1 hour ago, John Vere said:

     First unless you’re scoring a movie sound track, normal projects on a computer with lots of RAM should not be using HD space. 

    You do realize that when memory cant handle the strain anymore it seeks memory from somewhere else, right? 

  10. 1 hour ago, Kevin Perry said:

    So a 128GB drive with 128GB free works fine; a 1 TB drive with the same free doesn't?  

    🤣 Kevin 🤣 Wow! 🙆🏻‍♂️ I'm just gona scroll to another topic . . . Wow! Just wow! 🙆🏻‍♂️

  11. 20 minutes ago, Kevin Perry said:

    % free is unhelpful.  15% on a 1TB drive is a lot of space; 

    15% on a 1TB = 150GB. Creating a project on it will introduce performance issues. You are likely to run into dropouts. Plugins such as iZotope, Kontakt libraries, Waves effects (even if they are stored on an external drive) consumes a lot system resources.  

    20 minutes ago, Kevin Perry said:

    I don't buy this anyway: if you have enough spare space, you have enough spare spare, 

    Although this might be true when visually, when you have a project open not so much. When your CPU and Ram are under constraints - they looking for memory else where - like the hard drive. So good luck experiencing a performance free system. 

  12. 43 minutes ago, winkpain said:

    My problem is having over %15 free? What do you mean? 

    Well, normally when someone say more than 15% - they are staggering close to having 15% free space available, they are close to that percentage. I'm just saying.  

    FWIW: Windows 10 requires at least 50GB to run somewhat okay'ish and Cakewalk about 20GB. Thats 70GB between the two. So to run smooth you at least need 150GB (250GB recommended) free at a limited capacity. Without seeing any lagging and performance issue. There's users with 240GB SSD that are complaining about performance issues. 


  13. 5 minutes ago, winkpain said:

     Hard drive has got over %15 free. 

    And there's your problem. Everytime you add a effect it consumes memory and the more effects you use the larger the project becomes. Pro Tools don't even allow you to record if you have less than 200GB available on your hardrive. Although every other DAW allow this, you're likely to run into issues such as performance issues. 

    Then there's background app as well. What's the specs of the Laptop? 


  14. 45 minutes ago, winkpain said:

    I've been having occasional weird display issues lately. I am on the latest update, but not sure if it's from the update. First this:



    Also, whenever in the main PRV the moving playback cursor leaves trails of randomly placed vertical lines behind it as it goes. These lines disappear if I simply move my mouse or change the screen view briefly, but they continue to generate again if playback is still going.  This one I have tried to do a screen capture while it's happening, but when I view the captured GIF, the superfluous lines do not appear despite having been generated while recording.


    Any ideas about this very odd behavior?






    That definitely your PC. Hardrive full or busy acting up. Could be CPU as well. I clean out my system fans every 4 months and replace CPU thermal paste when needed. 

  15. 1 hour ago, In A Week said:

    Ah, so it's basically just a UI glitch.

    Interesting....didnt know Cakewalk could have those tbh.

    Something like that, yes. Bugs get fixed with every update on a monthly basis. Thousands have been fixed already since Bandlab took over. Right now the team focus on more serious bugs. This one is the size of a grain of sand. It will eventually get fixed. I think it just popped in to introduce itself to you - so you wont see it anytime soon again. Like I said: I get it from time to time, and get rid of it really easy by opening and close any window quick with its shortcut, like the piano roll (Alt+3)  or the console view (Alt+2.) Most of the time I just hit Shift+D twice to open an existing window, but it is hardly anything of concern to me, that's why I've never bothered to report it. Some have though. 

    If it pops in again activate it with "X" Do a quick sweep across the screen to pick it up and press "X" again to disable it. If that does work - a quick close of the DAW (as you discovered) is always the cure. 

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  16. 51 minutes ago, lapasoa said:

    Let me know why I have to open a google translate to read C akewalk topic. We are not so multilingual speaking as you are.

    For stupid questions like this. 

  17. 2 hours ago, sjoens said:

    30 minutes & 4 pages on the Main Forum...

    This is the third time in two days. Right now, my speculations are running towards "clickbait" for spyware . . . 

    UPDATE: This guy is bombing every category now. This is alarming. 

    Cyber war perhaps? 

  18. Yes. When you're using teh full zoom "Z+Highlight" Just use Alt+Z to return back to its original size. 

    Whem you Hold "Z" in plus left click to Zoom in steps you'll have to hold down Alt+Z or keep tapping on it to reverse your steps. I'd suggest you change these key shortcuts to your preferred Shortcut Keys. It is link to other keys. 

    By default ALT brings up the cut Shortcut key and I believe Z turns off snap and Smart Tool. Systems are switched off and I've locked up already. 

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  19. 14 minutes ago, tecknot said:

    Sure you were, when you stated you were done with Cakewalk.

    🤣 No. 🤣 That was a joke based on the other threads we've seen this month from users saying that. Also, I was done with some projects at the time, which has left me in exhausted. Now I'm two weeks off from making music and spinning discs (Dj) really needed this time to myself. 

    Glad I could help with the request. 

  20. 4 hours ago, tecknot said:

    I would like the ability to zoom in both horizontally and vertically at the same time (like zooming in the Staff View).  If there is a trick to it and I am missing it, please enlighten me.  If you would like this feature in CbB, then please leave a comment or react to this post.

    Kind regards,



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