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  1. Download Asio4All to run Cakewalk by Bandlab smoothly without an interface for now - until you get one. Click Here to download.
  2. Will.

    Size of cakewalk setup

    All you need is 1GB for the core installation. Save up a few cents and get you that 1GB of data. Dont be discourage by it bro. If you really want this - hustle bra. You can do this.
  3. @Mark Steffl @Bradley Has any of you tried the signed up button?
  4. Will.

    Hello again :)

    It should work 100% with the advice given on default. Have you tried to re-install and refresh activation for your Sign In? If you're not signed in properly, certain settings don't work in CbB. Maybe try that and let us know.
  5. Stupid question about PanLawCompactMode. What was the deal in Cakewalk 8.5 with panlaw? How did it act in that version. I did read up in the Documentation about it, but still have this question harassing me and want to understand the "Backwards Compatibility thing." I'm reading up on different Pan Law and Pan Rules of different DAWs to write an Article for a school that approached me to do a seminar on it. I have 2 weeks to go before this seminar thing.
  6. Will.

    Hello again :)

    Saving this in a project wont save as default in your template. What you need to do, is open an empty project switch it ON or OFF, Click APPLY then OK. Go to FILE and save a SAVE as Template (By replacing it.) Close CbB and Open again to confirm this. Open the project you worked with go to the setting check if its OFF. If not: Switch it ON/OFF and save the project as SAVE AS and replace it. Should work then.
  7. Update: @Glenn Stanton @Bruno de Souza Lino Yeah - cakewalk got you covered. The green track is the "Entire mix bounced" of those two tracks as read by the tracks name. 1) To do this: Select the tracks you want to bounce as one clip. 2) Move to the Track tab and select "Bounce to Track." 3) Select what you want to include in the bounce by selecting the small boxes. Dry or Wet. 4) Go to Source (As seen in the dropdown menu shown in the picture) and select how you want to bounce it between Tracks; Buses, Hardware outputs or Entire mix.
  8. I think this can be done already in CbB (Not sure though - I might be thinking of another DAW I've done this in.) Nowhere near my laptop or studio to check quick.
  9. Not Cakewalk doing this, but your computer. It optimizes for best performances itself. You have to turn the option off manually in settings.
  10. I used LE back in 2013 (Still have my disc.) Moved to platinum, now Cakewalk by Bandlab. It will be the best musical move you'll make.
  11. Dude, can you stop? It's my request. Just disagree with it and leave it at that. I know of few DAWs I've worked in visiting other studio's that have this feature. You and Solarlux can talk about his request.
  12. It's the same thing! Scroll to be restricted to the last clip in the project. On "SCROLLING" alone. added space will be added for copy and paste or drag and drop/paste.
  13. This isn't Acid, this is Cakewalk. He said he wants a Sampler. Don't choose for him when he said he wanted a Sampler Editor.
  14. Maybe if you try to live your life more positively, instead of negatively - you would've realized that this is only for "scrolling" the project. Space will be added as soon as you select and drag a clip.
  15. I get what you're saying. You want a Sampler Editor. It's been requested many times. Hopefully: Dont know if it has been picked up by the team. Maybe in the near future. For now there's alternative free plugins, Sitala (Decomposer) TX16W Grace Sampler sforzando DrBeat Google each one.
  16. I was actually thinking about this the other day working on a project for a client. The cherry on this would be if it's done in a dynamic waveform. Meaning: if you tweak the velocity, pitch or volume - the waveform in the backgroud will follow this, to even out those spikes while in the PRV.
  17. Yeah - I've been giving this advice a lot. Seems like new users and those who feels they have more experience don't believe this. I haven't had any dropouts of such, since I have discovered this in my Windows 7 days and still used the LE version of Sonar using only Asio4All back in 2013. The only time I would and still get some sort of dropout, will be with a plugin that does not support the sample rate I use with Windows 10 and the DAW. It's also extremely important to know to check if your "Favorite" plugins support these sample rates and if they have the setting to be set accordingly. Another important step to know: Is to never use generic drivers other than that of the devices manufacturer - including your motherboards drivers from their website. With different machines - windows intend not to have a great generic version for it. I think this needs to be added in the documentation too.
  18. How would this be awful when every other DAW works this way? When zoomed in - scrolling in your DAW is suppose to work this way! When you have a project of 90bars, why do you want to view bar 92, when there are no more clips after Bar 90 of your project?
  19. Often times the onboard soundcard drivers clash with that of the interface. Much like Asio4All clash with most Interface drivers. It is recommended to disable the onboard soundcard to only use the drivers of your interface. Most machines don't require this, but just to keep in mind for a next time remember this. I run Scarlett and everything else is disabled on my Studio Machine, to give my Focusrite Scarlett solely permission to use as the main and only soundcard - with the sample rate of windows synced with my interface. Results: No Dropouts!
  20. Yes because it's a topic for a Q&A. Cakewalk already give's us infinite tracks to route outputs to with Patchpoints and Sends. This is not the platform to discuss this. Inbox if you want to talk about anything. This thread is for feedback on 2021.01.
  21. I'm not requesting that. Read carefully! It's another user speaking Russian!!! I only translated what he said quoting him in that too!!!!!!!!!!! Scroll back and go check!
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