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  1. The plug'n'mix bundle was my "starter set". Pretty good for covering all the bases at a decent price and then slowly expand with other plugins. For $49.99 it's a really good deal for getting started on Gear Affection (maybe less interesting for people who already have a large collection)
  2. Personally I think that unzipping the folders into a flash or portable USB drive and preserving them is a better option. That way when you need to reinstall (upgrades/failures...) you will not need to go through all the downloading/unzipping again. The time saved is probably more valuable than the cost of a USB drive. As a side note,, when I got Komplete on a usb drive, I noticed that more than half of the disk was blank (unpartitioned). TSMax2 almost all fits in that half
  3. Total Studio Max Crossgrade $149.99 + IK Multimedia iRig Pads $99.00 (eligible for the Fill Your 'Tank Promotion, which adds NFR SampleTank 4) Final price after discount code $209.15 This is my second iRig Pads. Now I "just" need practice to do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY1RxV3NwJM
  4. TSM has already seen 2 editions so next could well be a product with a name like "Complete studio plus" and no upgrade path from TSM2. Larry, do you have some info we don't know about on this "Max" designation being worth something, not just bait? 😈 Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating. I'm looking at my box of Total Studio 3 and they allowed that to get to 3 before resetting
  5. Any opinions on Pulsar Echorec vs Audiority Echoes T7E MkII? (both on sale at very similar price points)
  6. Thank you very much! @Matthew Sorrels I definitely would not have ventured into getting this if it hadn't been for your post For me just the 2 AAS packs of my choice for 2 EUR is an awesome deal, the rest is extra bonus. One of these days I need to play around figuring out how to put those GB's of wav's to good use in Falcon and/or HALion
  7. <ignore/delete, I just read their FB announcement>
  8. maybe that's why the bx_console 4000E and 4000G got discounted to $49
  9. Does it make you uncomfortable how people are "using this calamity" to expect freebies? Jokes aside, altruism should be an individual choice. To me, demanding altruism from someone else doesn't sound right. Just take the freebies that you like and thank the giver for it (and cclarry et al. for spreading the word), then tune out those you don't care for. Even if it doesn't have value for you, don't underestimate the value of an extended demo for others. For some people unable to go to their workplace, having easier options to set up temporary replacement systems at home can bring plenty of value. (and if anybody is curious - no, I don't work for a music software company, this post is not a defense of my employer)
  10. oh, it must be afd in your timezone
  11. Avidlink continues to be a prime example of "Java, write once, run who-knows-where..." (=> not in my machine, and of course paid support is clueless as to why)
  12. INTRODUCING SIGMA Modern Metal Tone you guys get to try first! Spread The Sigma! FREE AMP SIM For Windows/Mac/Linux https://audio-assault.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=103973dfc53e49bb06f89a912&id=d6ba371b0e&e=7f3ee7580e
  13. If they're not sold out I'd get them at $15 from the link at the footer of cclarry's posts
  14. Getting the plugins (or a doc with URL and coupon code) from filesilo has always been sort of an "honor" system. The video may be a little bit of a blunder but in general, finding a "free" download of the magazine is pretty easy and they wouldn't be able to tell if you paid or not for it. Alternatively, it could be easy finding a magazine stand that carries the mag (e.g., at Micro Center in the US), discreetly browsing the mag to find the missing word and then registering at filesilo from your cell phone. Sure, it's easy but I wouldn't advocate any these methods. Personally I subscribe via magzter.com. A magzter gold subscription is $50/year when on sale and includes Computer Music, Future Music and others, including several years of back issues. It's more convenient and I don't feel bad about getting the goodies from unpaid sources.
  15. The cart code that handles coupon checks has a bug - if you add extra items to your cart to meet the min requirements, apply the coupon and then remove the extra items, the coupon will still be applied. Klevgrand daw cassette (cassette tape emulation) $19.99 with coupon (I occasionally have nostalgic feelings for the coloration of my old Sony and Basf CrO2 & FeCr cassettes...)
  16. It looks like they replaced the 3+ product requirement with a min order total of $65 (before discount)
  17. Depending on what you have/use and how often you move to different hardware, the convenience of not de-authorizing/re-authorizing plugins and apps when moving to new machines may be worth that money ilok cloud may help there All that said, no authorization/licensing (e.g., Hornet plugins) is certainly friendlier, and I do pay for Hornet plugins and not try to "find free copies". At least from me they're gaining goodwill by being friendly and not "losing" anything.
  18. btw - for people not interested in the complete bundle it's also possible to select only miniBit (or miniVerb) for €10
  19. Together with the license, Audified sent a 10% coupon code to share with friends - AXVL-JFLQ-AL50
  20. Enter the discount code TONESPOTCM281 in the discount code box on the checkout page
  21. You need to get it from filesilo.co.uk. You first want to make an account and then register the issue. It will ask you for something like After the verification you'll get access to the month's plugin, tutorial files, videos, and the effects and instrument collections (a selection of past plugins of the month)
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