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  1. In this month's issue, the "CM 10 years back" column may evoke some nostalgic feelings for people here...
  2. You can subscribe at www.plugins-samples.com For new issues it's more cost effective buying single issues and occasionally skipping those you're not interested in, but subscriptions get you access to 90+ back issues and freebies
  3. Actually, I have the impression that Waves & Plugin Alliance are conditioning us to think $29 is a reasonable price,and a good sale should be below that...
  4. Given the current producerplanet.com sales, even for those of us who got the bundle back in August, the $1 tier for a $19.99 and a $9.99 voucher is a pretty good deal
  5. 35% OFF NEW PRICE | PROMO CODE: SAVE35 I'm not sure if it applies everywhere but it should work for this one https://www.beladmedia.com/deuce-edition-bundles/ Expired ☹️ Thank you cclarry
  6. I have virtual instruments for: the ppg 360 wavecomputer http://www.earcandy.dk/specials/ppg360wavecomputer/index.html and ppg wave 2.x https://www.waldorfmusic.com/en/archive/ppg-wave-2v and now the ppg wave 3 https://audioplugin.deals/ppg-wave-3-v-by-waldorf/ What next? A PPG instrument from plugin alliance? Oh, wait... https://www.gearnews.com/wolfgang-palm-retires-hands-ppg-to-brainworx-and-plugin-alliance/
  7. It looks like it just includes a couple of bonus amps and stomps on top of the free (CS) AT https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irig2/index.php?p=apps
  8. And Beatmaker Void is $19 too, this time at audiodeluxe https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/studio-tools/ujam-void This completes all the "new" beatmakers (those that weren't available in v1)
  9. Beatmaker Vice is also $19, at pluginboutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/64-Virtual-Instrument/6321-VICE
  10. My list is long so I have categorized it 1) The "I prepared this wants list before BF" XLN XO (audiodeluxe had the best deal after considering bucks) Spectralayers upg to 7 (from Steinberg) Soundforge 13 (I was waiting to see what Magix would offer, in the end their deals weren't interesting enough so I got the "cclarry special") Audiority Echoes T7E (from pluginboutique) 2) The "I would have bought them anyway sooner or later" AAS Chromaphone 3 (from dontcrack) Virtual Bassist upgrade to v2 (from JRRShop, I thought it was a 3-to-3 upgrade and I got the very pleasant surprise that it was 3-to-4) Orb Producer Suite DDMF LP10 (from JRRShop, nice to see them there, DDMF has some really useful plugins) Harrison AVA bundle 3) The "maybe I should stop subscribing to deals emails and reading this forum" Samples From Mars complete bundle Virharmonic Choral bundle OpZilla Sampletekk pianos, organs & flutes (various purchases, from APD & Sampletekk directly) Gain Match Ina GRM Creative bundle 4) The "Freebies, which I would have missed if not for this forum and the deals emails" CLA Echosphere Surrealistic MG-1 Quadravox Animate NOS Audio Roomer Slate Fresh Air Shortnoise 1 RA Granulat Audiothing SR-88 Sonixinema Medicine man One Man Tribe HandPan Entertaining mp3 song from ZincT 5) The "they were on my list but I already spent too much, I'll leave them for some other time" Magix upgrades (Acid, Vegas, Samplitude) Arturia V Collection upg and FX Collection crossgrade Cherry Year One collection Reason upgrade Presonus Upgrade Realivox
  11. Is it possible to get these freebies without losing the GROUP discounts? it looks like these codes are not "stackable" Never mind, there are quite a few good deals where GROUP/FORUM coupons cannot be used but are eligible for freebies: DDMF Deals, INA GRM Deals, Slate Deals, UJAM Deals BTW, the minimum purchases for the upper tier freebies coupons have changed. Here is the latest: Sample Set $50 Roomer $100 Coupon codes haven't changed
  12. The independence content looks like a decent deal (esp. if you have a producerplanet voucher), e.g. https://www.producerplanet.com/us/article/independence-pro-plus-suite-3120/ (if you already have samplitude, it includes Independence but the sounds are host-locked. Purchasing the version at producerplanet will unlock the purchased set of sounds for use in any vst host)
  13. A very handy tool if you jump on this deal... https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/downthemall/
  14. This one isn't working https://audioplugin.deals/realivox-blue-realitone☹️ (maybe out of stock? It isn't in the shop's menu, I got to the page from an old email)
  15. 1st deal - Samplelogic Drum Fury $59.99 (70%off) https://audioplugin.deals/drum-fury-by-sample-logic/
  16. D16 Sigmund is fun (if you didn't already get it when it was the Beat Magazine freebie)
  17. BTW - in addition to being "multiband byome", triad can be a "mid/side byome"
  18. infinistrip is $105.91, slightly below launch price
  19. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/12551-orb-producer-suite/
  20. Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer Looks like a version of the Realistic MG-1 that for now is only available in this bundle
  21. Unlike the "early BF deals" this one includes newer product lines like XO ($76.49 for the non-lite) and RC https://www.audiodeluxe.com/category/brands/xln-audio
  22. I've been resisting this deal because I've been telling myself that I don't need yet another piano library. Then, I just took a last look before it expired, and this time I clicked on the walkthrough instead of the soundcloud demos. Oh boy... the urge to buy after listening to @Simeon Amburgey playing these instruments was simply overwhelming!
  23. Something new this time in the Acid Pro Suite is the Brainworx Plug-in Package including: bx_oberhausen bx_townhouse bx_rooMS bx_delay 2500, bx_clean sweep pro Personally, from that list I already have what I want, but it's a pretty solid set of plugins easily worth $75~$150+ (calculating sale prices between $30 and the rock-bottom $15 sale prices that you can get sometimes by combining a $40 sale voucher and a $25 monthly voucher, or similar combinations)
  24. Plug-in collective membership plus a mini keyboard for $50 sounds pretty good
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