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  1. Now that we got to 23 I've finally joined the "IK Mission Complete" Club. No new licenses left to choose. I have TS2Max, and for this GB I double-dipped, with a $99 entry for which I have used up all 23 choices and a $199 entry with 11 Choices used up and 12 choices available. Yes, I could have finished earlier but that would have required using $199 entries for <$99 choices, and having some patience seemed better In Custom Shop, the only items with a "shopping cart" are the Resonator and a few collections that when I click on them to see what's included all the items have a green check mark For now, the GAS bug πŸ› is happy with a full stomach. Time to cocoon and then fly! πŸ¦‹
  2. I agree that the $25 is typically more useful. They do have occasional sales for $79.99, for more or less recently released plugins, and the $50 can be used for those. E.g., I just got Neold Big Al for $29.99 after stacking BIGAL7999 with the monthly $50. So far Big Al has been excluded from the lower prices in the mega sales (although $29.99 is not the cheapest, $99.99 minus the $75 monthly voucher is the lowest I have seen)
  3. This weekend - Pop Rock: Pain Killer $8.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $4.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/pain-killer-4356/ This Soundpool is already included in 'RockPop Vol. 6' of 'Soundpool DVD Collection 14'. Bonus tip: On eBay, Amazon marketplace, etc. it is still possible sometimes finding some of these Soundpool DVD Collections for reasonable prices (either the dvd by itself, or bundles that include the DVD like the "Sony Audio Master Suite bundle" that includes older versions of Soundforge Pro and Spectralayers together with a soundpool dvd. Collections up to 16 allow commercial use, Collections 17 and newer include only a non-commercial license.
  4. I'm more or less in the same boat. First thing to note is that there are a few items in this Group Buy that aren't in TS3M because they were released after TS3M came out, like SampleTron 2. There is a version comparison at https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/ts3/index.php?p=versions#compare however, it isn't entirely clear regarding whether there are some instruments in Sampletank 4 MAX that are not available by getting Sampletank 4 + Alternate Keys + Clavitube + L.A. Confidential + Hitmaker: EDM + Hitmaker: Reggaeton + Hitmaker: Synthwave + Hitmaker: Trap + Spaceport '77.
  5. Interesting. I only have the "full" Philharmonik 2, thinking that CE was just a subset. Does it make sense getting Philharmonik 2 CE too?
  6. We'll definitely miss your helpful list. All the best for your project. And hopefully even if it takes away some of the BF time it will still let you have some Thanksgiving family time
  7. The September sale (33% off) for rapidcomposer just finished a few days ago It's more complex than the mentioned ones but you could say they are all in the category of "assisted composition"
  8. In case you missed it in the 100+pages of the main thread, and for reference for other people, here is the formula for a 44% discount and getting in at the $199 tier: (1) buy 200 gear credits from IK for $111.99 and 48 jampoints (2) use the gear credits in Amplitube custom shop (install if needed, free download) and get an Amplitube 5 crossgrade (assuming that your account is up to crossgrade level, but considering that your target tier is $199 it's probably a good assumption) (note: if not at crossgrade level yet, either get the SVX2 in the OP first, and get 2 entries in the GB, or check buy/sell forums and find an old but cheap higher-tier IK product. Resale prices of older IK products is currently pretty low, since people have been getting plenty of upgrades as a result of the group buy) From the gear credits and Amplitube 5 you'll get 18 gear credits back (net "expense" of gear credits is 30)
  9. 2285 How long until the revelation of the Mystery of the Final Tiers? Will we need to get to tier 20? (note that tier 20 does include a freebie, so it wasn't "get to 20 and instead of a freebie you get an extension") Is Peter "slightly cheating" and is it that 21,000 doesn't have a freebie, to increase his chances of winning the guess? I hope not!
  10. Personally I liked the mellotron samples (and of course, on this GB I did choose sampletron 2 as one of my freebies)
  11. It's been pretty common that as the month gets near the end they clarify exactly what they really meant by "valid until end of the month" and send advance notice of the actual date a few days before, and generally it's just before end-of-the-month sale if there is one. Last time there wasn't much notice and that's what caused the reaction I understand what happened last time but, if we're going "back to the usual" I'd rather people don't get "too whiny" in a way that could result in fewer or less interesting sales.
  12. I'd like to see on YouTube somebody doing a comparison between FabFilter pro-Q, SSL X-EQ, Hornet Total EQ and DDMF IIEq Pro.
  13. Silly question - Does anybody know if the Rx trial is version dependent? (if I trial RX 8 Adv. for a month, will I be able to trial RX 9 Adv for another month if need be? or will it fail to authorize because I've already tried the previous version of the product?) Edit: πŸ˜– I attempted to install the trial and it shows as "expired" in the product portal even though I have never installed Rx8Adv (but I already have Rx8Std and it has been installed for a while, maybe that is what it's finding?)
  14. Note that the email with the voucher code links to the lunaticaudio site but it will also work at APD if you copy-paste the code (and you can fatten your rewards wallet if you get it at APD)
  15. FYI - If you find it an annoyance having to be online to watch the videos - If using Firefox on Windows to view the course, you can do Ctrl-i (page info) Alt-m (media), sort by type (click twice so that "video" shows up at the top) then save as. (there may be similar tricks for other browsers/os but I just don't know the menus/keys)
  16. I'm getting: "This coupon code is not available anymore or not applicable for your order. Please provide another one." (but thanks anyway, if I had been eligible I would probably had missed it, please keep posting deals like this even if they have limitations)
  17. That's for pre-ST3 libraries. The format for ST libraries changed in ST3, there is an import process that generates wrappers for accessing the old libraries using the new format (in ST3 I think that it used to be a menu option, but I don't see it in ST4, maybe it's automatic when you select the path?) In my system I have both "ST3 Imported" and "ST4 Imported". I first imported my older libraries (sampletron, samplemoog, etc.) into ST3, so they show up under "ST3 Imported" (and ST4 Imported is empty)
  18. Yes, they're one of the options at the IK shop when you purchase ARC. Price is 69.99 (minus jampoints if you have some around, plus shipping) https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/index.php?R=INIT&FV=arc-system-family-related-products&CV=Other Filter&PSEL=arc
  19. This weekend - Chillout: Sunny Morning $8.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $4.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/sunny-morning-128/?license=commercial_unlimited This Soundpool is already included in 'Chillout Vol. 2' of 'Soundpool DVD Collection 14'.
  20. $3.20 with coupon MMS80 Most likely cheap in quality as well, but sometimes that's acceptable. https://www.1sale.com/products/moukey-microphone-boom-arm-adjustable-stable-mic-arm-set-with-u-shaped-pop-filter-3-8-to-5-8-screw-adapter-mic-stand-for-blue-yeti-snowball-and-most-mics-streaming-recording-black/ (note: I haven't heard about donnerdeal.com before, YMMV)
  21. I have no idea if it matters or not, but I'm planning on waiting until the mystery of the final tiers is revealed, just in case
  22. If a friend new to IK asked me about the best way to jump into this group buy, I would recommend buying an older $99.99 2nd hand IK product, to qualify for crossgrades, and then getting 200 Gear Credits and buying Amplitube. The current market for 2nd hand IK products has plenty of supply and good bargains. E.g., check Larry's signature. That AT Brian May for $40 may not last very long... ($40+$160 Gear Credits - 15% GROOVE3 coupon = $176 for 14 items) Of course, the double-dip route already suggested is a great option too, it costs more money but your friend would end up with more products.
  23. I suppose that the price bump is needed to account for all the discounts and vouchers. Right now, if you have a $50 monthly voucher the final price is $29.99, below the $44.99 from last year (and almost on par with Waves Tune when it's on sale)
  24. 80% OFF – 48H FLASH SALE THAT sound & more! Powerful & fine-grained vocal tuning with world-class key detection. JUST $79.99 TODAY!* Use this voucher code during checkout - CRISPY-7999 https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/bx_crispytuner.html πŸ€” I have Melodyne, Waves Tune and Autotune Fx. I'm not quite sure what this one does that's not already in the others...
  25. I've been paying with a credit card and using this option extensively in recent years (after I switched to a credit card that didn't charge for "foreign transaction fees", also a key point if you often buy goods from other countries) I hate that PayPal makes you choose the option every single time and it won't let you save the option as a default for future purchases.
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