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  1. I don't understand why this product is available for purchase on any day other than April 1st or Holy Innocents Day "Soundiron gathered together four of the finest kazoo virtuosos in the world" Their virtuosity is of such level that you better use melodyne before combining with other instruments
  2. Not exactly jam but back in 1979 by accident my "shiny off-the-press" LP of Regatta de Blanc ended up full of sugar I thought it was ruined but my father put it under the faucet and cleaned the sugar with running water then told me to let it dry. It felt a very unorthodox way for handling an LP and initially I was skeptical but he was right, it played without no issues afterwards.
  3. The interesting question is: if you sell and transfer something that you purchased individually in the past and is now an unselectable option, will the selection get unlocked or stay locked?
  4. That would be cool! Coming next - bx_pyramid, a saturation plugin that emulates the sweet sound of pyramid recording. An amazingly warm sound painstakingly recreated by brainworx engineers that went on location to the measure the unique qualities of this gear. The selector knob will let you choose between Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure response curves. Get that 2594 b.c. vibe in your music!
  5. And, as a reminder, dear VR Music (which is not on sale at DearVR) is on sale at PluginAlliance ($29.99 with code HLLWN2999) https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/dearvr_music.html
  6. Another one that seems to be recently out of the exception list is Neold Big Al
  7. Captain Plugins $39.50 at ADSR Sounds Sale ends November 5th https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/captain-plugins/ And get the ADSR extras (Hustle 2 is the freebie of the month, 8 loyalty points)
  8. If you don't yet have any IK products, you probably want to go to the KVR buy and sell forum and get there for cheap any product originally over $100 - that will qualify you for crossgrade prices From memory, I think Sampletron II is not in the list in Custom Shop, but if you get an Amplitube 5 crossgrade, that will qualify for getting Sampletron II
  9. I've been trying to find out how Monolyth compares to iZotope Neutron (+Ozone possibly, to add lufs targeting capability) in terms of "automating the mix process" . Looking at the controls, Monolyth seems to provide more tweakability although, for an approach of "let the automation handle 90% of the mixing process and then add other plugins to refine the remaining 10%" it may not matter that much. I haven't been able to find comparisons, and it doesn't look like Ayaic is providing demo licenses, so I cannot do a comparison myself. Is there someone here who has both Monolyth and Neutron/Ozone and has compared the results?
  10. For a little more than twice the price, $4.80 more will get you the full autogain pro https://www.hornetplugins.com/plugins/hornet-autogain-pro/
  11. This month, Final Mix is giving away their Synth Bus Lite plugin. A simple, easy to use, dynamic enhancement plugin (at first sight it looks to me like saturation/compression) specifically designed for keyboards. Go to https://www.finalmix.biz/, scroll down and add to cart, then use code OCTOBER2021 to get it free of charge. Additionally, use code OCTOBER25 and get a 25% discount on other Final Mix plugins.
  12. Various deals this week at producerplanet Sound Fx 40% off https://producerplanet.com/us/list/sound-fx-sale-40-off-2270 @Reid Rosefelt if you listen to the demo tracks and have comments about quality please share Wicked week for soundpools: 60% off, 24h each Monday - Ambient & Chillout Tuesday - Drum&Bass, Electro, Breakbeat Wednesday - Blues, Country,Folk, Jazz Thursday - Trap Friday - House https://producerplanet.com/us/list/wicked-week-2297/ (note: this link is valid for Monday, it may change on subsequent days)
  13. For reference: also available at magzter (issues back to Jan 2014), included in magzter gold. Free magzter gold subscription available through Microsoft Rewards (and, you get Computer Music Magazine as well, back to Feb 2014) https://www.magzter.com/microsoft-rewards
  14. Nice report I couldn't help laughing when I understood that "get for free - download trial and let it expire" meant that the expiration function for the trial version doesn't work (buggy code?)
  15. This weekend - Score: Horror Movie $4.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $2.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/horror-movie-score-17753/?license=commercial_unlimited It's that time of the year where everything horror-related goes on sale...
  16. 10% back in deluxe bucks at audiodeluxe
  17. This month's freebie in Computer Magazine: New version of the CM edition of u-he Zebra Get the latest issue, head over to filesilo, answer the challenge and patiently wait (filesilo speeds are slow as always) If you don't yet have a subscription to Computer Magazine, you can get magzter gold for free through bing rewards https://www.magzter.com/microsoft-rewards?utm_source=cj-cps&cjevent=a5326c3032bd11ec807100440a82b836
  18. Not cumulative in price. If you want something at the $150 level you have to purchase something else at the $150 level. They are "cumulative in quantity". If you buy something at $124 and something else at $50 you'll get 23 free selections at $124 or less plus 23 free selections at $50 or less (maybe 24 by the time you read this)
  19. This month's $25 voucher is not personalized and has already been posted elsewhere in gearspace (search for: who uses plugin alliance) I don't think I've seen any vouchers posted in this forum so I suspect it's not allowed, that's why I'm giving "a fishing rod instead of a fish"
  20. From their description: Interesting, I don't think I've seen other noise reduction operate in M/S
  21. That's just typical of software development QA. They probably have a suite of tests that they have run for the latest version and haven't run for the older ones because it takes resources and effort even if there are problems they won't fix older versions anyway But, in practical terms: quite likely older versions are ok
  22. Reminder about the process if you have activated something in the last year (or have wup) and would like to get the latest - 1-Login , go to my account >> get latest version, select everything that you want to upgrade and click the button 2-Use Waves Central to actually install the upgrade (the previous step upgrades the licenses only)
  23. Now that we got to 23 I've finally joined the "IK Mission Complete" Club. No new licenses left to choose. I have TS2Max, and for this GB I double-dipped, with a $99 entry for which I have used up all 23 choices and a $199 entry with 11 Choices used up and 12 choices available. Yes, I could have finished earlier but that would have required using $199 entries for <$99 choices, and having some patience seemed better In Custom Shop, the only items with a "shopping cart" are the Resonator and a few collections that when I click on them to see what's included all the items have a green check mark For now, the GAS bug 🐛 is happy with a full stomach. Time to cocoon and then fly! 🦋
  24. I agree that the $25 is typically more useful. They do have occasional sales for $79.99, for more or less recently released plugins, and the $50 can be used for those. E.g., I just got Neold Big Al for $29.99 after stacking BIGAL7999 with the monthly $50. So far Big Al has been excluded from the lower prices in the mega sales (although $29.99 is not the cheapest, $99.99 minus the $75 monthly voucher is the lowest I have seen)
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