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  1. Wow, I tried the "WP - PRE-Verb Return Cleaner 1" preset in the parallel reverb channel of one of my projects, just before the reverb. It did add a subtle brilliance that did sound pretty nice. I like it when plugin presets give me new ideas I hadn't thought of!

  2. Homegrown Sounds Kontakt Collection (LTD Edition) for $69.99


    All 16 Kontakt products released by Homegrown Sounds up to 2019, a collection of 110 Instruments.

    There are Synthesizers, Sequencing Systems and MIDI Generators included. Most of the Instruments are advanced, more akin to VST/AU plugins.

    Add a few more instruments focused on Wavetable synths & Euclidean Rhythms with the Serenity Collection for $19.99


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  3. Sound banks by Nori Ubukata (in the base AX73) and Dr Mix (free), plus a few additional free and paid sound banks from other designers. Interesting!

    (although I'll wait a day or two to see if it shows up at Audiodeluxe or Everyplugin with an even better price)

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  4. 10 hours ago, Yan Filiatrault said:

    Just got the bundle for 120$

    Note that even if you already have the bundle, Abbey Road Studio 3 is not in the bundle but it is currently on sale.

    For me, the Nx plugins (AR Studio 3 and the others) are quite a bit of fun, although it's harder to justify the "investment"

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  5. Yes, I have purchased more than a dozen plugins there, and sold Forever29 codes as well. All were positive experiences.

    I find it easier than the KVR B&S forum because you don't need all that dialog of "is it still available? What info do you need from me? Where do I send the money? Are the Paypal G&S fees included or do I need to find out how much they are and add them to the asking price?"

    Sure, some people use it for scalping (they find out where it is on sale and then sell it higher, but below retail) or for reselling freebies that they are not interested in, but that is not a bad thing. E.g, recently I got ImpOscar2 for $25 and I could see from the instructions that it was a freebie offered to customers of Adam Audio. I had no idea how to get that freebie or maybe it was free with the purchase of some hardware but it doesn't matter, in the end I am happy to get ImpOscar2 at a good price

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  6. 17 hours ago, Bruno de Souza Lino said:

    Wouldn't all of those fall into prior art?

    Prior art applies to patents (protected innovation). It does not matter for copyright (protected expression) or trademark (protected branding)

    But yes, I don't think anybody would try to patent their voice (unless they are the Bene Gesserit...)

  7. Creepy? sure.

    Copyrightable? very questionable. I would argue that no, it doesn't meet the requirements of a copyrightable "work" (of course, I wouldn't be shocked if politicians succumb to lobbying pressures and further erode the public domain beyond what the Constitution says)

    Trademarkable? Possibly, but the requirements for maintaining a trademark/registered trademark need to be met (e.g., making an investment in creating a brand out of it)

  8. One-time 35% discount using code PSPMC35OFF during checkout. Ends tonight.


    E.g., I got PSP BinAmp for $26.68

    I'm not sure why but the PSP store applied a "volume discount" in addition to other discounts, even though I purchased a single item. Maybe it got confused? I was adding and removing items while I was finding out that the 35% off does not apply to crossgrades. Anyway, a nice price for BinAmp after stacking the intro pricing plus the discount.

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  9. On 8/4/2023 at 5:18 AM, jngnz said:

    Are they any better than the factory presets? I found like maybe 7 usable ones out of 2000 or so.

    As should be expected, it depends on the designer and what you're looking for. If it's good vintage sounds for emulating synth wizards of years past, Nori Ubukata's Dawn of Electronic Music series does have plenty of nice sounds. I also like Rob Lee's expansions.

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  10. 77% off across most of the soundpool catalog (only newly released soundpools are excluded)


    What makes this a pretty nice deal is that if you launch Magix Music Maker, in the scrolling ads at the top of the "shop" page there is a link to a survey about your use of MMM, and at the end of the survey you will get 2 vouchers for up to $10

    Combined with the current sale it means that you can end up getting for free 2 "large" soundpools (or 2-part soundpool collections) with unrestricted commercial licensing. Note that you will need to change the license option when buying (don't leave it at the default non-commercial). Note that producerplanet vouchers can only be applied to the purchase of a single product, and any remaining value is lost. The vouchers are valid until 13/08/2023.

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  11. 8 minutes ago, Doug Rintoul said:

     Still not sure it is worth it, even at that price.

    The Wedge Force products are a peculiar beast. I did see a pretty good demo at an AES convention a few years ago and that's why I became interested. Their idea is to create an instrument that is played on the keyboard (or notes entered in a MIDI editor) and sounds exactly like the unprocessed signal you'd get from a guitar on an audio interface with direct input (DI signal).

    Any guitar player will tell you that the unprocessed DI signal doesn't sound great, that you will want pedals and processors (outboard or ITB vst/aax) and the same is true of the Wedge Force instruments. It is intended for a rather niche audience that wants to enjoy the tweaking of guitar pedals and processors as if they had a physical guitar. If you're just looking for an instrument to generate realistic guitar sounds using a keyboard - could you get the guitar sound that you want by using as a starting point a signal that is already processed and not DI? Most likely yes.

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  12. On 7/24/2023 at 3:32 PM, Technostica said:

    Yes. Buy from Melda and get 70% of the price you paid.
    Buy third party and get 35% of the full price.

    Right, for discounts over 50% it is preferable NOT buying from Melda. E.g., in this case

    Buy from Melda, pay $27, get $18.90 discount for the bundle ($27 x 70%)


    Buy from Audiodeluxe, pay $19, get $46 discount for the bundle ($132 x 35%)


    (a) the price has gone up at Melda since the OP, but not at Audiodeluxe

    (b) even if it hadn't it would still be a better deal buying from Audiodeluxe

  13. ANA 2 Ultimate Presets Bundle Volume 2 is at $47.24 (and, if interested, you probably want to check if you have points/vouchers in your account, for me the total was $39.50)

    Thanks Satya for the reminder!

  14. If buying at jrrshop, don't forget to add uvi Digital Synsations 1 to the order (it shows up as $25 but adds $0 to the total if purchased with something else, total $21 for Finisher Neo + UVI DS1)

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  15. On 6/22/2023 at 1:51 PM, JT music said:

    Ideal for beginners and personal game, to take into account that all the soundpool included are for "non-commercial" use old deceptive trick of Magix not to explain and inform that all the packages offered with offers and promotions are only for NON-COMMERCIAL use.

    Some Bundles do include the COMMERCIAL use licenses. Quoting from the page, that's the case for this one:

    "Partnering with this is 10 original Royalty-Free full music packs from Producer Planet, supplied with the standard commercial license."

  16. In some specific cases duplicate licenses can be useful (installing in multiple systems without having to move the licenses, or when you intend to sell you could be better off upgrading and selling instead of just selling). I really think that showing a warning but allowing the purchase is the right approach

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