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  1. This Weekend - Ambient: The Journey $8.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $4.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/the-journey-5/?license=commercial_unlimited This soundpool contains all loops from Ambient Vol. 4' of 'Soundpool DVD Collection 11'. This DVD is available at eBay for $14.99 and includes commercial licenses for: Ambient – The Journey BigBeat – Hard big beat Bonus Material Brazil66 – Brazil 66 Dance/Electro – Dance Tronic Disco/House – Ibiza House Film Music - Fantasia Hip Hop – Are you ready Rock/Pop – Monster of Rock Special Effects Techno/Trance – Industrial Tek
  2. In practical terms, Yes. However, people may inadvertently end up paying for it if they're not paying attention Example: 1) Add the free Soundgrid Studio to your account https://www.waves.com/mixers-racks/soundgrid-studio-emotion-st-8-ch 2) Let the 1-year wup expire 3) Get a quote for Wup'ping the Soundgrid Studio, and it's not free, it's $12 (or, if you are wup'ping other products and you forget to uncheck Soundgrid Studio, you will pay for something that you shouldn't need to) 4) Instead of Wup'ping it, "buy" another free copy instead, and you will get in your account both a license for the latest version, with 1-year free wup, and the old out-of-wup version. Activate your new copy and deactivate your old one and the end result is, in practical terms, the same as if you had Wup'ped the old one That's a quirk of the system but otherwise, I do think that getting a free year of wup and then longer wup as a choice, that's not particularly bad. PA, IK, etc charge for transfer fees. Steinberg, Presonus, iZotope, Native Instruments, Magix, etc. they all release yearly non-free upgrades. Wup is simply a (more confusing) variation on those models.
  3. Interesting, it produces a sample map (like the XLN XO map but not restricted to percussive samples). I think this is available in other sample managers but not in the free ones so, not bad for $9.99 $9.29 after FEB2022 coupon (https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/waves-cr8-creative-sampler) Update: I just realized that this functionality is from the included Cosmos, which is available separately for free!
  4. My guess is that it's something they want to add to the audio in Oculus headsets (Quest, etc).
  5. About to click the checkout button... Lo-Fi AF A/DA Delay A/DA Flanger $24.97 for all 3 after vouchers (I have a monthly for $75) Those 3 should make it easier getting nice retro sounds
  6. Soundpool: Chart Hits - Feel Good Free of charge, no additional purchase required https://producerplanet.com/us/article/feel-good-3206/ Note: It's free for the non-commercial licensed version. The commercial licensed version is $13.99 (30% off, part of the Valentine's Day sale) however, Producerplanet has very frequent sales through the year, many of them for 40%~50% off, so I would suggest getting the free soundpool for now and waiting for a better sale, if interested on royalty-free licensing.
  7. For additional reference, in case anyone missed it. The Re-Compose products were taken over by W.A. Production. Liquid notes was discontinued, and W.A. production sent an email with the details. Josh (W.A. Production) reposted the email for us in this forum
  8. They have extended the deal until Feb 14. The full version of Wavelab Pro is lower ($283.20) at https://recordingsoftware.com/product/steinberg-wavelab-pro-11/ (possibly even lower with newsletter signup https://recordingsoftware.com/rs-rewards/)
  9. The entire article is pretty good, "The 40 greatest synth sounds of all time [...] how to re-create every single one of them, right now, for free", in the May 2021 issue of Computer Music (available at magzter, pocketmags, zinio, etc.) Don't miss the other 39! (note: many of the sections of the article are available in the Music Radar archive as well https://www.musicradar.com/news/archive/2021/5 )
  10. This Weekend - House: Interstellar Beats $8.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $4.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/interstellar-beats-5757/?license=commercial_unlimited This soundpool contains all loops from 'DiscoHouse Vol. 7' of 'Soundpool DVD Collection 12'. This DVD is available at Amazon.com (marketplace) for $19.99 and includes commercial licenses for Ambient – Deep Horizon Chillout – Garden of Joy Dance/Electro – Dance Weapons Disco/House – Interstellar Beats Easy Listening – Deep Feel Hip Hop – Showdown Score – Fantastic Themes Reggaeton – Pure Reggaeton Rock/Pop – Rock City Techno/Trance – Beat Invasion World – African Sun
  11. Nice! I didn't know other people also produced underground yodeling!
  12. Some inexpensive ($5) options https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/hexcel/ https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/midi-grid/
  13. Spoiler: it's a one-knob multi-stage compressor. The 3 stages that get applied are: Smash (transparent compression) Valve (colored compression) and Multi-band (de-essing, etc.) https://shop.audified.com/products/vocalmint-compressor
  14. archive.org is a registered non-profit devoted to preserving digital content (I have personally sent them donations on several occasions, since I find their Wayback Machine service quite valuable ) They allow users to upload content and, since user provided content may inadvertently (or even intentionally) violate copyright terms, they have a copyright complaint procedure that will remove the offending content and, if appropriate, the offender's account will be terminated (this is the typical arrangement for services with user-provided content). Instead of taking the lawsuit route, you can just file a copyright claim as detailed at https://archive.org/about/terms.php
  15. @BeastsamplesAre they still in effect the terms for 50/50 split of any Advances, Producer Royalty and Publishing Royalties in the case of major releases? I still see them in section 18 at https://beastsamples.com/terms-conditions/ but no mention about them in the license agreement at https://beastsamples.com/faq/
  16. (sending by DM, posted by mistake)

  17. All this talk about the technical details while the video only has 5 likes... c'mon people! listen to the music too, enjoy the nice work in video editing and hit that thumbs up button! (to be clear, I do enjoy the technical conversation too. I'm just pointing out that it should go together with an appreciation for the arts...)
  18. Note that the Soundpool DVD collection 14 is no longer produced but it can currently be found on eBay for $14.99. It includes commercial licenses for: Ambient – Natural Chillout – Sunny Morning Dance/Electro – French Electro Disco/House – Ultimate Groove Hip Hop – Sub Urban Movie Score – Cinematic World Reggae – Reggae Nation Rock/Pop – Painkiller Swing – Swing Time Techno/Trance – Techno Virus At $1.5 per commercially licensed soundpool it can be a much better deal than the weekend wannabee
  19. This Weekend - Electro: French Electro $8.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $4.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/french-electro-160/?license=commercial_unlimited This soundpool contains all loops from 'DanceElectro Vol. 6' of 'Soundpool DVD Collection 14'.
  20. FWIW it did work for me (even though I already had T-RackS 5 Total Studio MAX 2). I went to my profile page in my user account and it didn't do anything. I then went to the my products page and I got the popup. I'm using Firefox on Windows. Checking the product page it says Also included in T-RackS 5 MAX Total Studio 3.5 MAX Maybe I got it because T-RackS 5 Total Studio MAX 2 doesn't exactly match those? Anyway, I'm not going to complain
  21. I think that the concern is not people buying multiple copies of the magazine, but rather that it's very easy to purchase only one copy and request hundreds of codes by using a variety of gmail addresses
  22. The AAS codes seem to be individualized (instead of a generic code for all readers), per the discussion in the other thread. Re-sending a registration request with the same email as before will result in a reminder of previous registration codes (which makes sense) but it may be possible to purchase multiple copies of the magazine and get multiple codes if using different email addresses for the registration. However, AAS may be able to determine where the codes came from and decide to limit for a given promotion how many codes will be accepted in the same account (which is something to also take into account if purchasing codes from a "Buy & Sell" forum, as they may be from a promotion you've already participated in)
  23. Yes and no... It is loop-oriented like Acid, and MMM can load acid loops, but MMM is oriented towards using soundpools, which are quite different from typical acid libraries and loop libraries in general. All the loops in the soundpool (with the exception of drums and some effects/adlibs/solos) are provided in 7 variations corresponding to scale degrees, nearly always CdeFGa plus a 7th (a# or b. I haven't seen any soundpools using the "correct" bdim). The loop variations sometimes have small divergences and aren't just pitch shifts MMM has a "pitch bar" that allows changing sections across multiple tracks to a different scale degree. What I like about MMM is this "vertical dimension" that better enables me to think about the song in terms of scale degrees, and it is also the building block for the Song Maker feature that uses a template for the vertical dimension (song structure) and "intelligently" randomizes which loops are used from the soundpools. Unfortunately MMM is not a good DAW in other respects (plugin management, etc) and it is a little unstable for long sessions. My workflow is to first use MMM for generating tracks that I then export, and process in another DAW
  24. I'm surprised by this. I seem to have plenty of these versions and never installed them. For me, the Song Maker feature in MMM, coupled with a good palette of soundpools has a very high entertainment value. Soundpools are expensive at full price but, through Humblebundle, Fanatical, soundpool DVDs from eBay, etc., they end up around $2 on average
  25. I need to classify my answer in several categories of "upsell" The top of my list is Magix Music Maker. It is free in its basic edition. I got a few "enhanced" editions for free bundled with other products, multiple times, and ignored it for years, then one day I started playing around with it and... now I have upgraded to the full premium edition, expanded with more than 200 soundpools Other entries in the "free to full" category are Native Instruments, from the various players to Komplete, and Plugin Alliance from a few freebies to... (I'd rather not look at the numbers) For the category "free with DAW" and "free with Hardware" I have: The Melodyne Assistant that came with Cakewalk ended up in a full Melodyne Studio, the XLN Addictive Drums that also came with Cakewalk started me on the path to a nearly complete AD2 setup, and the same happened with AAS, from a couple of "session" versions to full versions of all the instruments plus many expansion packs. The Air plugins that came with Pro Tools got me into AIEP3. The various iZotope plugins included with SoundForge ended up in Music Production Suite. The SONiVOX EightyEight that came with a midi controller ended up in the complete SONiVOX colection. Sibelius First (that I don't remember what hardware it came with) ended up a full Sibelius license The next category are the "free with magazine" (Computer Music): DDMF plugins, Xils Virtual Instruments, Audiothing MiniBit, Rob Papen RG, Hornet plugins, Synthmaster, u-he plugins and Virtual Instruments I have reserved for the end the "did-what-no-other-has-done" category: Cakewalk. The really early versions that I saw I don't remember if they were actually shareware or they were "friend-shared-wares". I then got several versions in the "free with hardware" category (with sound blaster cards), until I upgraded to full versions of Sonar. The unique twist came when it was "upgraded back to free"
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