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  1. I just got Knif Audio Soma for $30.99 TOMO Audiolabs LISA for $30.99 ADPTR AUDIO SCULPT for $30.99 Brainworx bx_masterdesk True Peak $19.99 NEOLD V76U73 for $24.99 $137.95 - $75 = $62.95 ($12.59 each) Dirk said that we'd continue to be happy with vouchers after the limit changes. Maybe it's because I'm on the $75 tier but so far he has been delivering I'm running out of "wants" though, so I'm eagerly waiting for Komplete "above-standard-level" stuff becoming eligible for PA vouchers.
  2. I've been waiting for this all month! Bets on whether it will be extended?
  3. This weekend - House: Deeper Shades of House $4.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $2.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/deeper-shades-of-house-2032/?license=commercial_unlimited
  4. DearVR Pro has been excluded from recent sales but I searched my inbox and found this (from Feb 2020). Anyway, 30.99 is the "inflation adjusted $29.99"
  5. DADDYDAY22 $25 Off, NO ORDER MINIMUM. Code Expires June 30th, 2022. Valid for all products EXCEPT Sale Page Items Also active: 50SUMSUM $50 Off, Minimum Cart of $60 before coupon code. Code Expires June 30th, 2022. Valid for all products EXCEPT Sale Page Items Purchased: Rich 4Ever ($10) + Introspection MIDI ($14) , paid $0
  6. 20% off for Music Day bundles with code MUSICDAY20
  7. From the comments I found from people that got Placentia Tele's in a previoud SDOTD those seem to be more or less equivalent to modern Squier Teles https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/g-l-placentia-series-bluesboy-sdotd-anybody-have-one.2352837/page-5 (guessing by analogy that these are probably similar to Squier Strats)
  8. This weekend - Minimal: Fresh Beats $4.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $2.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/fresh-beats-2008/?license=commercial_unlimited This soundpool contains loops from 'Minimal Electro Vol. 8' of 'Soundpool DVD Collection 16'.
  9. Yes, I've been using the product manager to install (and reinstall) the synths. I had a couple of problems when downloading the updates in the "resources" (note that they're easy to miss in the Product Manager, and I'm not even sure they're needed, but I decided to download and keep them, just in case, because I don't want to find out a year from now that I wanted them and didn't download them on time). I gave it a try from the website and came across all the broken links (which could be an issue specific to my account or it could be affecting others, so that's why I thought about mentioning it in this thread)
  10. When downloading from my user area there are quite a few bad links in the "Resources" Sections, where the updates are downloaded. In most cases the Windows and Mac downloads are reversed (if I want the Windows zip file I need to click on the Mac button, and if I click on the Windows button I get a dmg instead, e.g. SAM, Modulum, Bully, Pro-V, DCO-X and more)
  11. Reminder - this deal is coming to an end
  12. Looks nice, please wake me up when there's a 75% off sale😜
  13. FWIW, I'll say that I quite like IK's "CS" marketing technique - When an upgrade comes out I get a fully functional unlimited demo of the new version that also loads everything from the previous version, adding some of the new features but not all. Personally, I am happier because of earlier access to the new features, and I think it works both ways because it does encourage me more to get the upgrade, compared to other products that don't have these "teasers". On the one hand I wish more companies would imitate this practice, on the other hand that could be even more dangerous to my wallet... Would free upgrades be nicer? Sure, but that only happens in specific circumstances e.g., (a) the company has been able to charge more for the previous version and the price of the upgrade has already been built-in (b) supporting the previous version is costlier than the free upgrade, for whatever reason (c) the upgrade has "features" that have some important benefit for the company (e.g., a re-branding, or an app store where the company is expecting to recoup the cost of the free upgrade).
  14. 3 more to the next drop! Before jumping into the GB I already had 2 synths. so I'm only 103 away from getting all the synths. Of course, I'm rooting for 303+ more participants (thinking first of all the other people who didn't have any Syntronik 2 to begin with, especially the people I convinced they should join the GB, and thinking second about the "famous" multi's)
  15. and... with this sale my last $20 voucher is now gone! I'm hoping that a new deal pops up soon in Humblebundle or Fanatical, or that someone decides to sell at KVR their old stock of producerplanet vouchers
  16. Stranger Synths - Complete Bundle $29.99 (or $14.99 for non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/stranger-synths-complete-bundle-5904/?license=commercial_unlimited This bundle of cinematic soundpools includes real orchestral instruments plus vintage synthesizer sounds, inspired by the Oberheim OBX, the Sequential Prophet series and others, for layering and mixing Package contains 2173 Loops* in various BPM. ========== Limited-edition "Summer Bundle" $43.16 (or $20.04 for non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/summer-bundle-24607/?license=commercial_unlimited This Bundle contains 10 soundpools: Beach House, Summer Rain, Playa del Sol complete Bundle, Progressive House, Ibiza House, Sensual Healing, Brazilian Nights, Mojito Island and Latin Cafe. Package contains 4500 Loops* in various BPM ========= * Each variation (for example, loops with the same base name but available in A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G) is counted as different loop
  17. I haven't seen the stats for this GB but, from what I remember, typical budget reset dates (e.g. 1st or 15th of the month) have some correlation to purchases ramping up If that's the case, maybe a last-minute extension of 1 or 2 days (for those people with their May budgets maxed out), to be announced on the last day, would help for this GB to reach it's target. Hopefully this is already in @Peter - IK Multimedia's mind
  18. Even lower (as expected) if you already have some of these Nx's and do an upgrade For me, it ends up at $24.99 from everyplugin. It would pay off as soon as one plugin is added to the bundle, but I'm on the fence. I already have too many mix checking plugins and I'm thinking that having more will just slow me down significantly for a tiny potential improvement.
  19. This weekend - House: Bassdrum Echoes - Part 2 $4.99 for the commercially licensed option (or $2.99 for the non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/bassdrum-echoes-part-2-12438/?license=commercial_unlimited
  20. From the coupon text, it's probably $79.99 which will be a good price in a very narrow range of cases (this one plus the soundwide intro bundle minus a $75 voucher, get everything for $55?)
  21. At fanatical.com https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/the-soundtrack-loops-massive-bundle Tier 1: 5 Products for $1.00 Tier 2: 15 Products for $10.00 Tier 3: 25 Products for $15.00 Tier 4: 50 Products for $20.00 Up to 10,000+ files, supplied with a commercial usage license. The "Massive" in the name refers to size, not to the NI product. Proceed with caution. Any damage to your available disk space is your responsibility, don't blame me!
  22. or for $83.16 from JRR with code group https://www.jrrshop.com/cherry-audio-year-three-collection
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