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  1. Lethal + Core Library + 25 expansions $79

    Use code LETHAL79


    I came across this one today. Reading the description and reviews, the impression I get is that it's essentially a dance music ROMpler with a few manipulation options (like amplitude and filter envelopes, arpeggiator, trance gate and other effects, polyphonic glide, etc), and a relatively large library (5GB for the core library, more after adding the expansions)
    If you know more about it and/or have used it please comment!

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  2. No vouchers for me either. This year my plan is to wait for a "2024 releases bundle" in December or January. Until then, I have the "all releases up to 2024" bundle, which is plenty to play with.

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  3. I use it in some of my projects and I find it a good tool for creating music by "drawing its shape" and easily trying patterns from various palettes of options.

    Note that it's not a "magic AI" idea generator. For using it effectively you'll need to have a reasonably good idea of what you want to do (e.g., think in terms of "this bar is in C and I want to start at A, go up slightly past C and then end in C").

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  4. For reference, MMM 2024 became available in August 2023. If we assume a yearly release cadence, and that MMM stays afloat, as part of Magix or owned by someone else, buying or upgrading to 2024 now would probably get you 3 months until the upgrade notifications start popping up

    Magix tends to change every few weeks both the price and the bundled products. The current one is probably the best it's ever going to get in terms of price. Personally rather than price I prefer waiting until they bundle something I'm interested in. The current bundle is Native Instruments Hybrid Keys & iZotope Ozone 11 Elements, and MMM 2024 premium doesn't give me anything I'd want compared to MMM 2023 Premium+Free MMM 2024. I prefer waiting until they offer a bundle with a few producerplanet vouchers that let me get commercial licenses for soundpools of my choice.

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  5. You can get unbiased reviews from a professional reviewer if you pay the reviewer and make it a viable business for him/her. An example would be "Snake oil" White Sea Studios who gets funding from Patreon and YouTube memberships (I'm one of his Patreon supporters). He occasionally gets some "perks" from a manufacturer, like a review version not accessible to the public, but he discloses it when that's the case (and notes that he is not getting the videos "vetted" by the company)


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  6. Nothing but VWAG (vouchers we all get) for me since the end of last year, therefore I haven't bought anything from them this year (I was looking for an "All new plugins 2024" deal but they didn't do that either, I guess I'll wait for the end of the year).

    Anyway, I have every PA plugin up released until the end of 2023, and that should cover my needs. My goal for now anyway is to focus on snapping up long-term wants when good deals show up at knobcloud (I recently got a couple of Zynaptiq plugins and Omnisphere, still on the lookout for Serum)

  7. Is this a good path towards M-Tron Pro - Complete? https://www.gforcesoftware.com/products/m-tron-pro-complete/

    I couldn't find the Streetly tapes bundle being available anymore (the link that I found in older messages in this forum, it just takes you to the M-Tron Pro - Complete page), and buying this one and the expansions independently, could potentially be more expensive

    Maybe someone who has it already can comment if you get a personalized offer for the expansion bundle from time to time?

  8. 10 hours ago, audioschmaudio said:

    By default my soundpool settings were set to .ogg. I now changed it to .wav to get better quality files but it didn't download the .wav files. Does anyone know how to force it to redownload the soundpools after the settings were changed?

    1) Delete (or move to a different folder) the folder containing the soundpool with the ogg files

    2) Rescan the soundpools (there is a button in the same program settings dialog you used to switch from ogg to wav) and then exit MMM

    3) Start MMM, go to Downloads (View>>Window>>Downloads) and it should be available in the list of available downloads (with a button to actually download it)

    Of course, you can always do it manually (and it may be easier if it's only one soundpool)

    1) Log in to Producerplanet.com

    2) Find the soundpool in your library page

    3) download and unzip

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