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  1. Another issue I am having difficulty with, so any help gratefully received: 1. I record or import some externally recorded audio tracks. 2. I add a virtual bass track and then freeze the synth. 3. To tidy the project up I shift all tracks left in the timeline so they start as close to the start og the timeline as possible. 4. I later wish to correct some slight timing errors in the bass track so I unfreeze it. 5. The midi bass track now shows up in its original possition before 3 above...I am therefore unable to play the other audio tracks and correct the bass track as the audio (the musical reference I need) is no longer playing in synch with the bass track unless I refreeze the bass synth...but then I can't edit the midi notes. Can I change something somewhere (is there a setting?) to ensure this doesn't happen? EDT
  2. Ok...still getting nowhere with this. I am getting to the point where I don't really get why this is so difficult so bear with me. Track 1 - I have an audio track of a hardware drum machine and piano line played over it on the same track. Track 2 - I have a short 4 beat clip (bass snare bass snare) recorded from a different drum machine, which I want to marry up with the beat and tempo of track one. I have this saved in my brower. I have tried (I think) to create a Groove Clip and reimport it to Track 2 but I'm just not getting anywhere. Am I missing which settings I need to have on or off to achieve this? Is it because the project tempo defaults to 120bpm and neither of my Track 1 or Track 2 clips are 120bpm. I have also tried to use (I think) the quantize functions but it's just gobbledygook to me. I have opened up and shown audio transients in Track 1, using the drum machine jntro bar(no piano over it)but then when I go to open the Audiosnap palette it won't switch on Audiosnap and let me use it... I was assuming I could copy the groove from Track 1 and apply it to my Track 2 clip....or is that not how it works? Or do I first need to create Track 2 as a Groove Clip before that works? Also whilst I'm on this, with audio tracks recorded externally and then copied into a project how does the snap to grid function operate or is it best to only use that if I am recording solely using virtual instruments. Again sorry but I am finding getting things to line up in time extraordinarily difficult and I imagine it is not supposed to be thus. EDT
  3. That is a very very helpful explanation thank you!
  4. First video (Sonar loop contruction) was all way over my head. It told me that I can slice up audio and do things to the slices and create and move markers around but I've still no idea what the practical functions do or more accurately I'm not au fait enough with audio production to see what it does in layman's terms. For example I can kind of understand why it might slice up audio as one might want to isolate a bass drum or snare hit and then re-pitch it/do something else with it (is that what this is for?) but would I not just copy/paste the individual drum beat from the main project track anyway? Sorry for the stupid questions! My main aim is to create some audio loops which work in time with whatever tempo my main project ends up being but I'm stumped on working out how to do it. I believe from the 2nd video I need to create Groove Clips...is that the right idea?
  5. Dear all, I am having no end of trouble.This is only an experiement but I am trying to create short loops of audio to incorporate within tracks created within Cakewalk. I have absolutely no idea what the loop construction tool is aimed at doing or what "slices" are nor why I would want them. I have tried using this and it comes up with some loopy (pun intended) results by playing the audio at crazily slow or fast tempos or stuttering and replaying bits of it. Ideally I want to create 2 or 3 audio loops I can drop into a track, hopefully adjusting themselves to the tempo of the track in each case. I would welcome advice as to the workflow to achieve this. Thanks
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