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  1. Natalia

    Alesis V25 doesn't work

    Yeah, now it's easy to be clever 😀 Thanks again, I'm soo happy it's working.
  2. Natalia

    Alesis V25 doesn't work

    @scook I followed what you wrote but it didnt work. I finally checked box "V25" reccomednded for Mac insted of the other one, which was reccomended for Windows and it fianlly worked (dont know why because I have windows...). Ok, I'll have in mind info about images. I didnt know. Appreciate your help, thanks alot!
  3. Natalia

    Alesis V25 doesn't work

    Hey! I recently bought Alesis V25 controller and I can't make it work with Cakewalk. Though it works just fine with Ableton Live. I set up everything as in every instruction I found online. Still I don't get any sound. I'm new to Cakewak so maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Please help. 😭
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