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  1. Hi Cakewalk friends, I have been using Cakewalk for more than three decades but sometimes it appears to chalenge my patience! I know I am becoming old and may some silly operation seems very mind disturbing! I am trying to copy and paste multiples MIDI tracks, like I have done more than a thousand times but now it inserts two blanks measures after the copied parts! What I usually do is: 1- Select all tracks 2- Select by time ( 39 to 45 measures) 3 - Copy 4- Paste Special with SLIDE OVER OLDER TO MAKE ROOM field selected (Paste to measure 46 beginning on track 1) Than it copies everything ok BUT add two EMPTY measures after the copied measures! Can anyone help me please? Thank you very much!
  2. Wow! That was fast Scook! Thank you very much! Best regards!
  3. Hi Cakewalk friends, There used to be a tool for deleting silence audio segments when there was no sounds going on and it was used to save space, memory and CPU processor but I can`t remember the name of that function and can`t find it here on new Cakewalk by Bandlab. Any help? Thank you
  4. Yeah! It worked! Thank you very much! Something is different now in this Bandlab Cakewalk version! I have never used CTRL+SHIFT+A before and have worked with tons of Sonar projects before! Really thank you to everyone that tried to help me! All the best
  5. Hi Cakewalk friends, Something very weird just happened here with Cakewalk by Bandcamp! After selecting all tracks and pointed the cursor to Bar 26 and ask for insert a new Time- Measure, a new measure was inserted in the first bar and not on that bar that I wished! I have tried several times without succes! Is there anything I am missing! Thank you
  6. Hi Cakewalk friends, Everytime I close and save a project it is showing the Synth Rack but when when I open it back the Synth Rack is gone and I have to re insert it by pressing Alt 9 buttons! Why my project is not saving all the GUI as it was before closing it? Thank you
  7. Thank you Cakewalk friends, I will check and try out the procedures. Best regards
  8. Hi all Cakewalk friends, I have updated Cakewalk last year and had some issues and fixed them with a hotfix repair action. Now I am running Cakewalk and a message tells me that there is a new update. Then I launch the Cakewalk Assistant in oreder to download it but it says that download failled and I need to download it manually. Ok I try to download it manually but nothing happens! No downloads, No Updates! Is there a place at Bandlab site that we can directly download the updates without the needs for the Assistant please? Thank you very much!
  9. TTS is back working thanks to the new CBL update and Hotfix!
  10. I think I had to add some new vst folders to my old Sonar path because I had installed some Vsti in a different HD because of the folders bank size. I have to recheck it. Thx
  11. I didn't know that there is a hotfix and also I have more vsti plugins installed in Sonar. Thx
  12. I am glad that I still have SonPlt installed! After Cakewalk november 2019 update my BL Cakewalk DAW sound became completely noisy and I had to move back my work to old Sonar Plat. Cakewalk by BL now is buggy with a dirt sound. Hope they fix it with a hotfix or a new update.
  13. Hi Cakewalk friends, After updating to the latest Cakewalk version the sound of all projects and vsti are dirty and noisy! I am using Focusrite Scarlett 2 Audio interface and had no issues before updating! I am still using my old Sonar Platinum with no issues and had to return to it in order to work! How to revert to my old Cakewalk Bandcamp version before this terrible update? Thx
  14. Ok. Thank you very much. If somehow I find a solution I will post here. Thx Best regards
  15. So you are telling me that both DAW use the same TTS-1? An old 2017 Sonar Platinum and a new CBL ? Really! Yes I have just installed Windows 10 and reinstall everything but I used to run both DAW on Windows 7 and my TTS-1 was ok. I have also changed my Interface! It used o be M audio Fast Track pro and now Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Thank you very much but I will not reinstall both DAWs because of TTS-1 because I have many VSTis and it doesn`t deserve the work. I was just trying to play some General Midi staff. Do you know any General Midi Vsti I can use in place of the TTS-1? Thank you very much!
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