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  1. I have edited and saved some kits, based on Black Velvet. I do not know what I have done, but somewhow I have "turned off" the cymbals in the kit. AFAICS there are no controls for these instruments. Anyone know what I can try to get them back? Thanks for any help.
  2. Thanks everybody! I have made progress based on this info, but I obviously have some delving to do. I think AD2's methods are called "hiding your light under a bushel"?
  3. I am sure this question has been asked, but all the threads in all the worlds that I have seen have seemed terribly confusing and as if everybody used other software and knew what everybody was talking about, or talked of CC# and such. I understand much of this, but it sounds messy. I would even go so far, except that the demo just plays an open hat. If I play the demo beats (press the Play arrow when editing a kit, say), one of the included instruments is the Hi hat. Every now and then it, as you do, opens and sustains. EDIT: I ensured that AD2 was playing an open Hi Hat rather than another cymbal, I set the Hi Hat to extreme EQ levels, to make it unmistakable and it was definitely the same instrument. I have no idea how to do this in AD2! I even started to use one of the cymbals to fake it, but then I played a demo, and it made the hi hat open. Anyone...please?
  4. scook! Thanks. That was just what I was after!
  5. Further to my original post...AFAICS, there is no "live" indication of where I am on the timeline, either in the Track Pain, or in the PRV. Is there some way to see this? It seems like a basic and essential function. IIRC we had this in the past. That "G" idea seems mighty like a script that somebody wrote, because there is no other way. All due credit to them, but as I said a menu item or toolbar feature would be nice. I hate it when the app starts making you press some (possibly undocumented) letter to get function. See Blender, for instance. Thanks for any response (preferably at least polite)
  6. EDIT: been looking for weeks and as soon as I ask, I find one.....http://www.freesoundvault.com/sounds/strings/ for anyone in the same boat I am struggling to find "violent violins" fonts (Deep P's Knocking at Your Back Door and many other tense situations eg). Everything is syrup. Anyone know if there is one? Preferably NOT part of of a USD$50 collection! Thanks for any help.
  7. HAH! I just realised what "Notify me of replies" means...when you come to the site, you can see you have notifications.
  8. Thanks for the input, scook. Rant on. This has really played with my head Hmmmm. Unfortunately after I tried that, CW won't even start OOOOOKAYY. I tried 4-5 times, and just tried again up she comes! It's playing with me. I had an instrument in Dimentia Pro and it could not find its sample. (???) AAAAARGGH! I still had the same multisample missing message, but the file loaded. Talk about a rat in a maze. Maybe the opening safe mode did something. Anyway. Thanks for the support. Realy appreciate it from both of you.
  9. Thanks for chiming in ME? Lucky! HAH!....all of which is to say no there was no autosave file. There probably should be.
  10. Thanks guys. Why is there not a Go function that is ....there, not just a letter? I guess there is no answer to that: there just isn't. I will check out bookmarks.
  11. I saved a song this morning in order to close CW and my PC....actually it did not need saving, I closed down CW and it just closed. I had saved the sing before I left a session. Anyhoo... when I rebooted my PC and opened CW, I then selected the song. It repeatedly froze CW, until I asked to Exit, at which stage the "Cakewalk has stopped working...search for a solution or close the programme. CW would then generate a report. I tried another song, and the problem was gone. Is there any way to recover what seems to be a corrupted file? Thanks for any help.
  12. For instance I want to copy a clip, and move it to a new location, or I want to make Now at a specific time, so I can start a new clip etc. I have tried playing a piece of work and looking at all the indicators, but none seems to indicate a time and allow entry. Thanks for any help
  13. My sympathies. Know the feeling from my past. I guess you will have to sit with saving/closing then maybe noting stuff down as you learn There is always this forum!
  14. OK that's weird. I tried the Ctrl with the selection tool and it does not work, and neither does Shift. But yeah with the smart tool Ctrl does work ( I thought I had tried that ????). So thanks for that hint. Still a bit confused what happened, as Ctrl is the standard and I thought I would have had a go. Anyway, it now works and many thanks for your help.
  15. Just coming back into the fold after an absence... From (way) past experience and present AFAICS, CWbB wants to control whatever sound device you have given it. There may be a Win setting that stops this, as was suggested earlier, but....CWbB may over-ride that. AFAICS the reason is that CWbB bypasses the audio system of Win; IME this shows up if you try to alter the volume of your playback using the Win volume controller while working ...nothing happens to music played by CWbB. For instance, I have a separate sound card from the onboard. The onboard is pointed to the High Definition Audio of the MoBo , while Cakewalk is pointed to the other sound card. If I try to play YT stuff, it comes from the monitor's speakers if CWbB is running, and not from my headphones. So if you have only one sound output, CWbB will block it, it would appear. From the point of view of producing and engineering, this is essential; you can mix to what is best and hear the result. It turns Win into a DAW. You are not hearing anything affected by Win....a seriously non sound accurate system. No YT,,,,no games levels I have bought a little headphone preamp, because if I want to mix properly, it's as if I have the Win sound control set to Max, so I need the preamp adjustment , post digital, to stop from going deaf, while still monitoring, levels, distortion, clipping etc. on the meters.
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