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  1. Hahaha yeah, thanks. I found that about 30 mins ago and was going to post. Just had to organise dinner.
  2. No sorry. I am on Win 7. And I did have the thing working before! Just not now.
  3. OK. After a brief honeymoon between me and CWBB, it has dumped me again. I always try to repeat something I have achieved after a struggle. I thought I had, but it's not working. I have Strum Session 2 as a Soft synth. I have Blue arp as a soft synth. Blue arp has its MIDI Echo button On, MIDI Out enabled and it is set to transmit on MIDI Channel 1.. SS2's input is Blue arp1 Channel 1. If I switch the SS2 Input back to All Inputs MIDI Omni, I can riffle the piano roll keys and get sounds from SS2. Put it back to Blue arp1 Channel 1 and riffle the piano roll for SS 2 I get nothing, as expected. But then i try the piano roll for Blue arp and I still get nothing. Blue arp's arpeggio is visually triggered when I play note. But no sound. The console shows Blue arp MIDI activity when I "play" the piano roll for Blue arp, but no output activity. SS2 shows no activity. hnh hnh hnh. I had it working. Please help me here.
  4. Thank you thank you thank you. What is complicating things is that I somehow have three Layout files of the same name in my layout list, so I can save to the file name, but then have the wrong one selected in the list. Don't know how this has happened. No..I now have four of that same layout and I am missing some of the others that I have saved. NOW I remember why I found it messy before. I can only find one instance of the actual file and I can see the files that are missing.
  5. Thanks. just got it in place....and workiing!!!!!!!!!!! The laugh was on me...again. I used Strum Session 2 as the real synth, connected up as suggested Thank you Matthew!) Played some notes in the Piano roll...nothing....set it all up again....of course I had chosen note beyond the scale of SS2 🙄
  6. Ok. Lottsa replies The Arp that I tried was Randarp. It is 64 bit and the page says it's a VST. I am not exactly sure how it works: is it for MIDI or Audio? I finally got to show it up as a soft synth and I am pretty sure that's not right. If I make it a soft synth, it shows up, but sendig it MIDI results in its recognising the note being sent, but there is no sound. Where should I place the dll to make it a MIDI FX? I tried Shared MIDI Plugins. The second one I tried was hypercyclic. I chose the 64 bit version. In the plugin _Mangler_ it shows as a VSTi: again probably wrongly. Regardless of that, while it shows in the Mangler and I have added it to the RHS column and saved I have reset and rescanned until I am sick of it. I opened CWBB as Admin. All the things I have read so far seem to make this simple..."just do this and (I note _this bit so often) it *should* work"
  7. One said it was, the other one I chose the 64 version. And as I say I have this trouble all the time.
  8. Or is the management of plugins in CWBB (and before) a pedestrian, complex clunky mess? I just downloaded a vst Arpeggiator plugin (cakewalk's does not let you select how many octaves!!!). I stuck the dll into c:\program files\cakewalk\vstplugins ( a standard CWBB VST lookup folder) and closed and reopened CW. Not there. So I scanned the VST folders. Still not there. I thought maybe it was the dll, so I dl'd another vst arpeggiator, in case there was something wrong with the first one. Again I placed the dll into c:\program files\cakewalk\vstplugins (BTW I both placed them into c:\program files\cakewalk\vstplugins and also into their own sub-folder....who knows. Scanned the vst folders in the Mangler. Not there. Closed CWBB and opened and scanned again. There...in the Manager. HOWEVER....Try to insert FX into a MIDI channel. Not listed. Checked that the two were listed in the far right bit of the Manager (I would assume that this meant that it should be available)....not listed in FX. Maybe they are not MIDI ...try to find them in Audio FX. Nope. This fight just keeps on happening when I try to use new vst plugins. To me it feels as if the complexity is there to hide the failed functionality.
  9. Fair request. No. I did not realise I could: that is probably how I disappeared it in the first place. I Used View Menu/Control Bar (I had forgotten it _is_ the "Control Bar") I might get rid of a few of these hot keys. i would prefer the more pedestrian ways, I think. I don't use the hide/show very much and hitting one key is too easy to miss (for my grey old brain).
  10. Had the Control Bar hidden. I thought I had tried them all CW BB 2019.07 Build 70 64 Bit. Win 7 64 bit. Two screens. One 1080, one 1280/800 The 1080 screen is for the main window (pictured). The smaller screen is for the Multidock, inspector, video preview. My Transport has disappeared, in any project, new or old. It was there before. In fact the entire top strip under the Menu bar has disappeared. I know the transport disappeared before and I used one of those little vertical strips to _partially_ recall it (it had the transport, but not the home/end parts.) Now, of course I can't do that. I do not know what did it and I can't get it back. If I can give any more info let me know. I am at a loss and do not even know what to say to describe it any further. Any help desperately needed.
  11. I have added a few vst synths recently and they just appeared as asked. However I have just dl'd and extracted OB-xd64bit.dll to both c:\program files\cakewalk\vst plugins and c:\program files\cakewalk\vst plugins\discodsp folders. OB-xd does not appear in my synth lists if I ask to insert new synth. So with some trepidation (I have been there before) I opened the Plug-in Manager. I found some online instruction by Bandlab that seemed to have little with what I was seeing, but anyway.... EDIT: It appeared after I closed and reopened CW I(for about the fourth time) - I checked my scan paths and found that c:\program files\cakewalk\vst plugins was indeed included. -I ran the scan and could then see OB-xd in the centre column when I selected VST Instruments (VSTi) in the Left column. -I opened "uncategorised" in the Right column and asked to add OB-xd. OB-xd appeared in that segment of the Right hand column. -I asked to Close and was asked to save the new layout. I saved it as "nl", with the display name "nl". - I then tried to insert OB-xd. It does not show. I went back into the Mangler and "nl" was ticked as the current layout. One of us is doing something wrong....help? Any help appreciated
  12. Regarding the not getting SF2 files to work, I was just muttering about my other thread on that subject and not talking of Rupture. So I understand your confusion. Yeah the Synths that did not work in Reaper did not include Rupture, as I had not even tried it. I did quite recently try it, and all was fine.
  13. You know, I am getting an impression here that SF files are just flung about all over the place, including those in Dimentia's folders that are SF2, although unreadable to the parent DimPro. SForzando does produce a log if there is a failure...for the one I just tried, it said....nope...I have taken away focus from that window and it has disappeared. Whatever it said file not available or not found for everything....this is from and SF2 that Sforzando has converted. I refuse to just sit here and write mucus using vanilla....if you get my drift. While I can do the basic melodies, riffs, chords and measures, in the end I want control over the sound as well. I now feel I had it more with the primitive stuff than I can get now. It feels as if each system is jealous of its sounds and does not want it touched.
  14. Thanks for the input. Yes, I have tried SForzando. It did at least start to tell me something about some of the fonts, but only that wavs were invalid. Then suddenly it would import one and convert, but still no sound. The fact that I can load, say Dimentia and get a result, both in the signal path and audibly, means that (AFAICS) something is failing at the Font level. I am flummoxed! Even though the SoundBalster was cheesy until you searched for fonts, it was reasonably reliable....you only had SFZ (GM compatible or not was about the worst thing you came up against)and we all knew where we stood. Surely, either I am doing something wrong, or others are having this trouble.
  15. OK OK I crumble and will try Kontakt Yeah I like Dimentia and Rupture, but they are certainly OOD, mainly because (IME and AFAIK) they can only handle SFZ format and not SF2, when it comes to using soundfonts and not just wav fiels.
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