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  1. Greetings! Thanks ahead of time for reading this and any help! I don't post much here but this forum seems pretty chill. My question is about the PDC button. Should that be lit up, or off? I want the Plugin Delay Compensation to be working automatically. I record multiple inputs from my MPC and I'm running into phasing issues during parallel compression. Any other tips in this regard would be highly appreciated. The pop-up help is confusing. I would think that lit up would be ON, but the pop-up says "Override automatic plugin delay compensation on live inputs," so I'm confused. That sounds like OFF to me. Thanks a mil, -lowkey
  2. I got it sorted shortly after posting. I was running Akai MPC Software as a plugin, and if that plugin was set to use any more than 1 core, Load Balancing was terrible. I set it to use 1 core, then Load balancing worked as intended. Hopefully this can help someone.
  3. Hello! I have a 4ghz AMD quad core, 8gb ram & Windows 10 64 bit. CPU core 1 seems to be carrying the majority of the load. In fact, I can easily push it so high it causes crackles & dropouts. The other 3 are barely used at all. I tried enabling Plugin Load Balancing, but CW goes crazy with crackles & dropouts. I tried every audio driver mode with the same results. I also get the same results regardless of what audio interface I use. I have several & tried them all in every mode to no avail, and Load Balancing makes CW unusable. I'd be happy if I could get Plugin Load Balancing to work, or any other method to take some load off core 1.
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