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  1. Visual Clip gain seems so arbitrary, why not Select all and normalize to -3 dBFS? Realistically, if you say had a tracking accident and one of the clips doesn't match an earlier clip within the track, the normalization applied to the track would ensure they are reasonably consistent ...and if that works then you could just select all clips in the track and "Bounce to clip(s)" boom you have a complete stem. I don't see what the issue is, if you want to see more of the waveform, just make the channel taller. Also, if you've noticed, cakewalk renders the waveform preview by scanning the entire clip(s) so I don't think that waveform information is just stored arbitrarily in memory and therefore the preview is immutable.
  2. Since cakewalk doesn't have the notion of "VCA" tracks, the next best thing is to just use a quick group, or add the tracks to a group to preserve their relationships when making adjustments - works just like a VCA track ...except when you use a control surface. There's no way to "CTRL-click" with the control surface. Cakewalk could probably use something like a VCA track, except it doesn't even need to be a special kind of track. A user could add an aux track and add it to a group The group manager could have an option where "track x is master" Individual track fader movements are allowed while grouped, the track assigned as the "master" controls the group itself. Boom. VCA masters without having to engineer an entirely new (and unnecessary) feature with a simple modification of the existing behavior.
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