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  1. Hey, sorry, Yes, I did install SONAR 8 Producer after but it was fine. Something just went awry when installing the iZotope. I reinstalled Cakewalk by Bandlab and all is well. So this is solved, thanks!
  2. ***SOLVED*** - Reinstalled Cakewalk by Bandlab Got this iZotope bundle to check it out. Installed today. Installed the first plugin DDLY from the iZotope Product Portal - then realized there was an "Install All" button. Did the "Install All" but it re-installed DDLY. Thought that was weird because it had just done it. Once all done, went into CbB to check it out and first noticed that the little blue box scanning for plugins was gone (see "2.PNG" - the blue blox that looks like that Opening Project box) and the old scan box in the center of the screen was back. But it never stops and says how many are installed, etc. I went to the Plugin Manager and all the VST3 files are missing (see "1.PNG"). The are still in my layout on the right, but they're greyed out. I went to the folder in Windows 10 where they're located - they're all still there hanging out. I uninstalled everything from iZotope (note: the iZotope Product Portal only had the option to Install DDLY - something definitely went wrong with that install but that's a different problem), cleaned the registry, went back to CbB and it's the same issue. I also have SONAR 8 Producer and they're unavailable in there as well. Anyone have any ideas on why they're not being recognized? And why my little blue box is gone when starting CbB? Please help. Windows 10 Pro, Intel Core i7-4601M CPU @ 3.00 GHz, 64-bit, 16 GB RAM, 1TB SSD
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