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  1. it's an opportunity to leverage/increase your beat-box skills into your phone voicemail before ever approaching a computer... 🙂 who knows? the lo-tech might make it even better as a sample loop 😉
  2. i added a couple of extras things to help. 🙂 AD2 for drums, Combo F (it's the real deal 🙂 ) + SpinBag (VST leslie). GS-2 Strum (acoustic) + Saturation (plugin). SI-Bass, Lounge Lizard EP (vocal). AAS Ultra Analog Session (synth vox @ outro). I'm A Believer-MASTER.mp3
  3. yes, and we'll still end up using one of "those" 10 mics because a) they work, b) we have them in our mic cabinet 🙂
  4. agreed. just doing my part to keep this busy 😉
  5. i found foobar had too many things going on on my systems, surprising given all the accolades. so i uninstalled everything single thing i could find related to foobar, and the system is happier for it... ymmv
  6. right-click on a PC set of modules you like and then "Save Modules as Default for Tracks" 🙂 as a note: save the modules as a preset as well - i find version updates sometimes wipe out basic default settings and i quickly go in and reset them.. like console strip width reset to wide, etc 🙂
  7. maybe as a workaround there are things like Waves Tune / Pitch, VVocal (ahem...), etc which might have automate-able controls for pitch?
  8. wait until you try the blue light jewel. not only sounds better, but your playing improves as well 🙂
  9. similar issue with syntronik. after an hour or so i gave up and disabled it in CbB and removed the icons. the synths show up in sampletank 4 and that's enough for me.
  10. if it's a single recording - import into the first audio track. then split it so you have a second or two before and after each performance. drag the song parts to new tracks (keep it aligned with original performance may be desired). then copy all the in-between stuff - appluase, talking to the crowd etc into another track to you can adjust it later (for example you might like to tweak the applause and speaking bits with reverb, levels, eq, etc so it seems like the entire original set). now bounce each track to clip. this trims them and also create separate audio files. close the project. now you can use your favorite audio editor to reduce noise, clicks, pops, etc etc. depending on the tool, you could adjust from individual levels (master rebalance - Izotope). i recently used RX7 and Ozone 9 on my "work" band gig (6 piece band) at stationary bike event which had a lot of reverberation and noise going on in the room and it cleaned it up pretty well. ymmv. once done - re-open the project and do what you like to each track. i would create some busses like "acoustic" "electric" "audience" etc to feed overall levels and shaping depending on the content. finally you can export the individual tracks as desired or "create an album" track - trimming audience bits etc to get a good flow if there isn't one already.
  11. mine shows up as "Cakewalk Core" - i think this is the path to the caller app
  12. [thoughtfully crunching on the popcorn] carry on 😉
  13. i had the same sndfile issue - it was locked by the Waves Local Server process - once i killed that process, it installed fine. as a note, i ran the NX headphone virtualized room plugin and that seems to kick off the local server.
  14. a bit of sunshine. or not. Don't Worry About Tomorrow © Glenn Stanton in seven days in seven doors i'll tell you now they hide down below they lock the rotten ed up to your head in about an hour baby you'd be better off dead they be bad to me they be bad to you disavowed baby i don't what to do same old lyin' lied tweedle dee no hide can i get a handle randy some friend of mine are there a pair of devil hearts hangin' on the end of my line? oh, don't have to worry about tomorrow, no 'cause tomorrow might not ever come get down baby get down low get a handle baby we got ways to go get down on the right down on the left oh, right up the middle baby head 'til you're dead because hatred pays no mind are there a pair of devil hearts hangin' on the end of my line? oh, don't have to worry about tomorrow, no 'cause tomorrow might not ever come
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