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  1. Hi, guys! I modified empty project template and overwrite it. After that, the icon of empty project template was changed from its own on start screen's new project tab. How can I fix it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks! More convenient than before by using customized drum map. But, I think it is not a fundamental solution. I still have to modify some parameters like beats and steps for new patterns. If your solutions is only way, It is true that Cakewalk's Step Sequencer is incovenient than other DAW's. I hope Bandlab to improve this. Anyway, thanks , again.
  3. To sequence with NI Bettery 4, I modified rows of Step Sequencer on Cakewalk 2019.05 ver. At the first clip on NI Battery 4 track, there was no issue. However, when I try to create a seccond clip (another pattern) on the same track, I have to modify rows, again. The Step Sequencer settings return to the default. This is very uncomfortable. Is it possible to keep Step Sequencer's settings on the same track?
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