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  1. No problem here, because there is no need to update what hasn't been updated
  2. Me neither,I can't believe how deep this EQ goes in different parameters. It was either this or Soothe 2. but Soothe just seems like something I don't need unless I get some really crummy tracks.
  3. So far just FabFilter Pro-Q 3 -$120 (at JRR) Thanks Larry Not a BF deal but I did get Slate VSX on the rent to own program. Love it, hearing stuff in songs I've never heard before. Lol I even got the Pro -Q3 with Paypal 4 payment option for my own rent to own program. So just $39 Vsx and $30 for Pro Q 3
  4. It looks interesting enough , but anytime I see "Lifetime" I give pause
  5. Oddly, all the ones i want are on the excluded list
  6. Hey, does anyone know what the difference is at everyPlugin for the upgrade to assistant? One is Upgrade from Melodyne essential (all versions) is $70.30 and another is Update from Melodyne assistant (earlyer versions) is $43.40.
  7. Great advice ,from great minds. I also try to remember every time I think about buying a new plugin , it's usually going to take time to learn it.
  8. I come here for the deals and comedy genius
  9. Yup Soothe 2, Studio One 5.1 and maybe one of the binaural (VSX, Realphones or dearVr)
  10. Why is Presonus selling spices lol?
  11. I've been waiting for this one too, I had a Pro engineer tell me I was cheap for not buying it at $219 but at $139(Not a smoking deal) I might pick it up since he said it was indispensable.
  12. This says it works with any headphones, but does it mean it has EQ curves for different models of cans. Without that, the variables of what you get out of it seem Virtually vast😄.
  13. I wonder how this compares with others like Studio 3, Slate VSX and Realphones. Looks like the space race is on with this technology, Maybe the first one that can do dolby atmos will win.
  14. Oops looks like they corrected it after my purchase
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