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  1. david40

    Can't Resize Window

    For some reason I cannot resize the application's window. I can either Maximize or Minimize, but when I press the Restore Down button it stays Maximized and the edges of the window are not grab-able to create a customized size window. Is there a fix for this?? Thanks
  2. Don't see anything like that. Maybe some kind of hidden track, is such a thing possible??
  3. This is really weird. I have a song that has only 4 tracks, but if I mute all 4 tracks I can still hear a version of the song playing. I can't figure out where this music is coming from. Any suggestions??
  4. Problem solved. Want to thank everyone for the suggestions which put us on the right track to solve it. Somehow he closed the Tools Module, and apparently if you close that module, the Move tool will not appear. Once I found the correct menu and enabled the Tools Module the Move functions returned. 🙌
  5. Thanks, We will try all of that the next time I talk to him. He is in the process of updating all his drivers etc because we want to make sure it's not some hardware/driver issue.
  6. That sound like a good idea, where is this Filter located?
  7. After my buddy finally got Cakewalk activated, everything seems to be going OK but then he needed to move the audio in a track over a couple of measures for a count-in and discovered he can't move it. I thought he was just messing up so I did a TeamViewer remote support session and got to try it myself. Sure enough, after selecting the audio in the track, when hovering the mouse pointer over the track header it doesn't turn into that four arrow pointer that indicates you may now drag the waveform. That's one hell of a serious glitch. Seems like Windows 10 has brought a whole host of strange issues. Glad I stuck with Windows 7.
  8. I am trying to collaborate with a friend who has the latest version of Cakewalk on a laptop running Windows 10. I've done a remote session with him and we can't drag the audio in a track. It's like the audio clip is locked but it's not locked or frozen. I am running the latest version on Windows 7 on a junk laptop and the drag n drop works fine. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening to my friend?
  9. I'll give that a shot and see what happens, Thanks
  10. Computer crashed and I had to reinstall it, then the 30 day trial quit. I don't think it would have been that much trouble for them to continue to make it available for anyone that might need it. How hard could it be for all the computer geniuses they have working for them.
  11. Yeah, but what about those of us still using Windows XP who can't afford a new computer running Windows 10, and are stuck using an older version of SONAR. Gibson threw us under the bus. I need the Mp3 encoder Activator for my SONAR 5 and the Cakewalk Store no longer exists which is where that was available. This stinks!
  12. Yes, Bandlab. I'll need to see if I can find another card, and also another 4GB of RAM What is really funny is I occasionally use SONAR 5 on an old machine running Windows XP 32 bit and the transport bar is smooth as silk. Newer isn't always better.
  13. I had a hard time finding it too so I had to contact MSI to find the product and support for it. https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/support/R5-230-2GD3H-LP I am using the lasted version of Cakewalk, with very basic multi-tracking of instruments and vocals.
  14. I have learned I am using all the latest drivers. Sys: Win 7 Pro 64 bit Intel i5 3330 3.0 GHz 4 GB RAM Video: MSI R5 322GD3H LP
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