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  1. That is an interesting problem to solve since ASIO drivers do not play well together. With my PC I must only plug in the interface I want to use at boot up because if multiple interfaces are plugged in at the same time Windows will only recognize and allow one ASIO driver to work and I never know which one will get priority. I guess we will still be stuck with plugging in only the interface we want to work with and maybe the solution for Cakewalk is to be able to choose the hardware setup as Cakewalk starts?
  2. I just wanted to know which version of Cakewalk or SONAR was the first version to work with ASIO audio drivers? I have an old version 5 of Sonar and it will not recognize the ASIO audio device driver for the Roland TD-50. Thanks
  3. Thanks, that is an idea I could work with. I also tried installing an old version 5 of SONAR, and that installed just fine next to the latest version of Cakewalk, but apparently version 5 does not support ASIO drivers. I wanted to try version 8.5 but I lost my serial number and there does not appear to be any way to retrieve that.
  4. I use many different audio interfaces and it would be great if you implemented an Audio Settings Snapshot feature so I could just select a snapshot of each audio devices configuration setup without needing to change all those settings manually. Thanks
  5. I use several audio interfaces (Apollo Solo, Roland TD-50X, Line 6 Helix, etc.) and it is a royal pain having to manually reconfigure the Audio Devices Setup every time I switch interfaces. I'd like to know if there is a way to run separate instances of Cakewalk so I can open an instance of Cakewalk that is configured for each particular audio interface? I am not talking about running them at the same time. I just want to load an instance of each configuration as needed without the need to reconfigure the settings every time. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Wish they would figure out why that is so unstable and fix it. I am using Windows 11 how about you?
  7. The only difference is that I am doing it inside an audio track not MIDI and I am Pasting to the the same audio track I copied the clip from. I just tried it again and I was able to paste the selection three time before it disappeared from the copy buffer. The fourth try the Paste button was grayed out. Maybe it has something to do with Windows 11 or they have a time limit as to how long something can remain in the buffer?
  8. Thank you for your reply. I am aware of this feature but as far as I know it will only repeat the selection in a series. I want to be able to repeat the individual Paste in multiple locations. (For example, a drum track of a kick drum has measures where the drummer messed up a dozen measures here and there. Rather than have him record a whole new track I can select a measure of audio that's good and then paste that over all the bad spots.) It would be a lot easier if what I copied was available to paste again and again with going back to re-copy it over and over. The universal way Copy/Cut/Paste works in every Windows application I have ever used is that whatever gets Cut or Copied, is retained on the Clipboard until until you Copy or Cut a new selection, or close the application. Several applications I use, upon Shutdown, actually ask you if I want to save the selection on the clipboard to use in another application. I can't understand why Cakewalk does not follow this universal convention? Is there a work around for this?
  9. When I copy and paste an audio clip it gets deleted from the "clipboard". That is very inconvenient and annoying when you want to paste the same selection over and over again in different places. Please fix that. Thank You
  10. If I have a couple of beats of a drum audio I want to Copy and Paste over and over I select the section of the audio and do a Copy. Then I Paste the selection to where I want it. But if I go you paste it again the Paste menu item is grayed out as though once you Paste an item it gets erased from the "clipboard" and I must copy the original selection again. This is very inconvenient, Is there a way to retain what I copy to the clipboard so I can paste the selection over and over without the need to copy it over and over?? Thanks
  11. Thank you much. That tip gave me the clue I needed. I think I figured out what happened. I was taking a several hour break so I put my PC to sleep and turned off my UA Solo audio interface. When I woke up the machine and turned the Solo back on Cakewalk detected the interface as being disconnected and loaded a different ASIO driver which I am guessing defaults to a different sample rate, and when I switched back to the Solo ASIO driver I/it failed to reset the sample rate, but this morning I rebooted the computer where I normally turn on the Solo first, and everything is back to normal. Although I must say, I kind of liked the song at the faster tempo and higher pitch, cause now the original sounds like it's dragging, in comparison.😁
  12. I just had the strangest thing happen. While editing my song all of a sudden I noticed my song was playing back at a faster tempo and a higher pitch. I am not aware of making any changes like that and I wouldn't know how even if I wanted to. Even stranger, if I Export the audio, the audio file plays at the original tempo and pitch. I have no idea why my playback inside Cakewalk is doing this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  13. Sorry, I assumed that since this is the Cakewalk forum that I was making reference to the limitations of the Cakewalk DAW, I'll edit that
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