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  1. Iron Keys

    Sought: good free referencing tools

    Ahh thanks, I remember this from back in the day. Definitely one I was trying to remember!
  2. Looking for tasty analysis/reference tools like spectrum analysers etc. Ideally they'll look pretty, be very clear, and accurate. And obviously, free 😅
  3. Iron Keys

    Sought: good free piano instrument

    Hahaha As soon as you mentioned translate I knew exactly what page that would be. I remember reading it like "assault? Rot¿!? Main... oh Ha Ha" Brilliant. Been tempted to start referring to them using these terms since.
  4. Pretty much as title. Looking for a decent piano instrument I can chuck in my tracks. (Also open to commercial suggestions for when I eventually upgrade)
  5. Iron Keys

    Sought: good free drum samplers¿?

    Thanks I will definitely check out both. And like @abacab said, most usable samplers for drums seem to be commercial. Not even looking for anything fancy, wanna load some hits, have each on own output.
  6. Are there any good free drum samplers out there I can obtain for use with Cakewalk ??? Ideally something where you can load in your samples and adjust pitch, trim the tails (with no clicks n pops) etc. Multiple outputs.
  7. Hey if you haven't found a solution I may have a fix ---!!! ( I had similar problem) My instruments that came with Cakewalk were only showing in the effects slots on channels and not as VSTs... There is an option somewhere (some kind of list of VST and effects ... I can't remember where exactly) some kind of list/category/ settings where you have check boxes of what kind of software the vst is - effect, instrument, etc If you can find this page you can check the box for instrument and it should show up!!! (Hopefully this vague descript is a help)
  8. Iron Keys

    Distorted headphone mystery (help needed)

    Still can't find any differences at all. And Yeah I'm doing it using basic vsts or whatever. Ah, as for sig and specs I'll try get round to that at some point (I don't see an option for it yet as I've just joined... And also I don't see anyone's sig at all either)
  9. Iron Keys

    Distorted headphone mystery (help needed)

    Can it be something to do with the update?? All my existing projects were created in 2018... I updated Cakewalk last week (so it would let me use it), has there been any weird update that could cause This? (Not sure how that would work seeing as my initial template was 2018 too...)
  10. Iron Keys

    Distorted headphone mystery (help needed)

    Well... in my existing project with distortion, I increased buffer... Fixed sound... reduced buffer back. Sound stayed find. So, tried it in the new saved project... distortion stayed, HOWEVER... what is interesting is increasing the buffer affects the way the distortion sounds... it kinda dragss it out more, if I really increase the buffer (on a bassdrum) the bassdrum sound almost completely disappears. The more I increase The buffer the lower pitch the distorted sounds become. So perhaps there is some relevance??? Does anyone know what else deals with buffer related things??
  11. Iron Keys

    Distorted headphone mystery (help needed)

    Shiii well that just made it worse. What I tried: I tried starting a new project, saving it, then opening it and seeing if it behaved as other existing projects. Result: no cigar... the distortion persists. But what's worse: now existing projects are also distorting on playback.
  12. Iron Keys

    Distorted headphone mystery (help needed)

    You know what... I'ma try another possible work-around... 🤞🏼
  13. Iron Keys

    Distorted headphone mystery (help needed)

    Tried using WASAPI and it didn't work at all. Also note when I use asio4all drivers it says asio4all<name of my soundcard outputs> ??? Is that right? I thought asio4all was supposed to operate as like a fake soundcard... Not have it and play through my soundcard too?? I really don't get this at all 😔🙁
  14. Iron Keys

    Distorted headphone mystery (help needed)

    Didn't work 😞💔 Erm, I'm using it gr8 protection/ composition. But ain't really "recording" anything at the moment other than midi.
  15. Iron Keys

    Distorted headphone mystery (help needed)

    Also note... When I plug the headphone in I get the diolague box saying the device has been disconnected would I like cakewalk to reroute these outputs. Which I find weird as I'm connecting it. (I also get it on removal as well)