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  1. I'm not sure where it is... but look for one of those little box menus maybe titled "plugins" or something similar... once there it allows you to add checks to categorize your plugins. I had a similar issue where my VSTs were showing up in the insert plugins, but not in the synth rack... Finding this menu allows you to categorize your plugins (even to put them into subcategories for the drop down menu) and should show them in the places you desire. Let me know if this helps ( :
  2. I can't confirm, but what I can say is i long used such style of sounds and often achieved it via this way... if you want a long slow slide you need to start the note you're sliding to early. (as in a longer drawn out note), and adjust your slide setting so that it reaches the note on the beat you want it to. - start the end note at the point you want the slide to begin - adjust slide setting until you hear it reach your destination note on the correct beat you could also potentially mess with ADSR envelope filters on whatever soft instrument you're using if available, but probably simpler to follow above method. Hope this helps at all ( :
  3. @Blogospherianman I think they need to add a dizzy react for posts 😩💫 Top notch info, brother! Tho my theory knowledge doesnt stretch so far as to immediatwly understand. So are you saying that swinging ⬅️ that way is wrong ¿!? Cause it sounds right, if i swang in the opposite direction it doesnt souns as intended. But i didn't feel my backwards swing sounded wrong or anything out of the ordinary ?
  4. @Blogospherianman Massive thanks for such an indepth response. At the moment im currently using the quantize "effect" when you right click on the clip... i was using 30% swing as it sounded close to what i was playing (originally didn't realise i was swinging, until i drew my midi in and it sounded off). A bit annoying not being able ti have the grid swung, as when viewing my recorded midi it's harder to visually tell how off or on you are. (I make dance based music, but like some elements to stay a little "loose" to give it a bit more natural sound) I'll defijitely come back to your reply a few times as was a lot to take in (that i havent used yet, but sound like a few useful methods in there)
  5. Yeah i tried this but this just opened a glitched looking project window.
  6. Just curious... cant tell if this is what yiu described or not, But theres a list in one of those little box menus where you can select what kind of plugin it is... I had this with the built in strings/e piano/bass vsts they were showing up as insert effects, found this menu and ticked them as soft synths. I think you already expressed this, but if not it might be your answer.
  7. Hi Cakey people, Anyone know how to have swung gridlines in the piano roll??? Also if anyone has any additional info on how to add swing to your tracks in Cakewalk it would be appreciated. The more straight forward and universal the method the better!
  8. Oh my bad, I'm not sure how? I uploaded the screengrab on the desktop site so im not sure why it's not full res. I'll try figure that out. Not sure my specs exactly I'll try update that soon too. The thing it says is causing the crash is the .dll file of cassete 808
  9. I make fresh saves at each major step i make, new sections, events or whatnot. Unfortunately it crashes for each of them. Fortunately with it opening in the background behing the error box, i was able to export it as a midi file and recreate the project with a different instrument. Unfortunately, when i saved my bass sound as a preset and bank, when loadin them on the vst it doesnt change the parameters at all.
  10. Just spent the whole day working on a project only for Cakewalk to hit me with "a fatal error has occurred", claiming a vst causing the problem telling me the program will close. If I wait for the project to load and hit play, the project plays fine including the softsynth in question... if i hit "yes" or "no" to the prompt to save recovery file Cakewalk closes. Why is this happening and how to get around it?! There clearly isnt a problem as the project plays and loads fine, but Cakewalk is insistent on closing. By this point I'm ready to say bye to Sonar/Cakewalk/Bandlab/whatever name is being used for good and move to Studio One. (NOTE): When Cakewalk loads it says there are 0 errors found with the plugins.
  11. Ahh thanks, I remember this from back in the day. Definitely one I was trying to remember!
  12. Looking for tasty analysis/reference tools like spectrum analysers etc. Ideally they'll look pretty, be very clear, and accurate. And obviously, free 😅
  13. Hahaha As soon as you mentioned translate I knew exactly what page that would be. I remember reading it like "assault? Rot¿!? Main... oh Ha Ha" Brilliant. Been tempted to start referring to them using these terms since.
  14. Pretty much as title. Looking for a decent piano instrument I can chuck in my tracks. (Also open to commercial suggestions for when I eventually upgrade)
  15. Thanks I will definitely check out both. And like @abacab said, most usable samplers for drums seem to be commercial. Not even looking for anything fancy, wanna load some hits, have each on own output.
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