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  1. Nice composition. Relaxing. I really like the harpsichord. I wish I could write stuff like this. Thanks for posting.
  2. gtrpastor

    This Is Your Life

    Sounds kind of like U2 in parts of it. I prefer a punchier mix. I think the drums would sound good if they had a bit more umph. But the song is really solid and catchy. Good job. Thanks for posting.
  3. gtrpastor

    Science Rock

    I wasn't sure at first, but then the distorted guitars came in and won me over. Epic! I personally have no idea how to make this kind of music or mix, but it sounds to me like you've done it very effectively. The video is kinda cool. Even though I'm not sure what that is, it gives it kind of a horror flick feel, which seems to fit the song. Like snot from outer space or something.
  4. Trippy song. Sounds a bit out of sync to me, but maybe that's what you were going for. The recording has a vintage sound to me (which I kinda like). Kinda has a surf rock vibe to it. Cool.
  5. Good vocal work. I like the synth sound too. The mix sounds flawless to me. I know I've heard the song before, but I don't remember if the original ends that abruptly. Nice job. I enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.
  6. Nice groove. Great musicianship. Really good production. Cool tune.
  7. A new mix of a song we've been working on. We appreciate your taking time to listen and comment. https://soundcloud.com/sean-peifer/noche-oscura-mix-7 Lyrics and Music by Sean Peifer Sean Peifer - Lead Vox, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitar Solo, Drum Sequencing Mike Hanson - Electric Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, BGV Reece Bain - Keyboards, BGV, Reading Voice Produced and Mixed by Sean Peifer © 2018 Scandalous Grace
  8. Wow! Great guitar work. Tasty stuff. I think your tone is perfect for the song. Sean
  9. Good production quality. Nice warm, fat sound. Nice vox and guitar work. I like the wall of guitars sound. Being a rocker at heart myself, I'm glad to hear music of this style on the forum. Thanks for posting. Sean
  10. First thing I thought was how great the mix sounds. Very clear. Cool tune. Sounds Beatlesque. Very catchy. I really like the piano part. Nice work!
  11. gtrpastor

    "On Your Way"

    Hmm...track not found... Maybe I'll try back later.
  12. I like the guitar tone! The mix sounds good to me (though I'm no expert at mixing). Drums sound good to me. Everything sounds nice and full, and "punchy," as you put it. I'd like to hear this when the vox are added. Nice work.
  13. gtrpastor


    So...if I'm understanding this correctly, the female vox are computer samples? If so, amazing! I didn't know this could be done. If not, still amazing. The vox sound great. The composition is interesting. It kind of reminds me of something Yes would do. I really like some of the dissonance. Nice piece.
  14. Trippy! Reminds me of surf music, psychedelic, sci-fi, Steely Dan, David Lee Roth, Smash Mouth and the Mission Impossible theme. Very unique. Mix sounds good to me. I can hear all the instruments and vox clearly. Nice job!
  15. Thanks Tom, for the listen and the comment. Though I am a vocalist, I've never been a drummer. I'm going to try to add some fills and we'll update the mix soon. - Sean
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