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  1. Just wanted to make an update on this plugin from Antares. I was finally able to get the plugin to install correctly and recognized by CakeWalk. Thanks to Mike and his helpful team. Only hiccup is that the 64 bit version crashes CakeWalk. The 32 bit works just fine.
  2. I believe I have. It does not show up as an excluded plugin.
  3. All the others work fine. Auto-Tune Pro and Auto-Key. I am stumped and disappointed.😕
  4. Have future releases from Antares compatible with CakeWalk. The newest add on of Auto-Tune EFX + is NOT!! Wasted my money.
  5. I just purchased this newest addition to the Auto-tune family and spent hours trying to figure out why CakeWalk would not recognize the plugin. After spending my hard earned money, Antares informed me that CakeWalk was on the list for "may be" compatible. Well...it is not. DO NOT PURCHASE this new plugin as it will be show up no matter what in CakeWalk. I have sent a request to BandLab to investigate this and see if they can add a script for the new Antares products. That's the problem with a FREE DAW. This may be the beginning of the future of "must have" plugins not compatible. I am very disappointed at this moment. As Antares will not refund money. They said to try the demo first...but the demo is not available at this time. So...I just went ahead and purchased since all my other Antares plugins work fine.
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