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  1. I also support this feature request. I've used pre-roll in Cubase in the past for dubbing. It was awesome. With a keyboard shortcut, you can enable or disable it, so you can start playing from the cursor point, or X seconds before (and record with pre-roll, of course). I would love to have that in Cakewalk too, the workflow is much slower for large dubbings, going back and forward to begin the recording (and then just listening to that part). With the punch function, I see I can record in a specific portion only and that's ok, but... the workflow is not the same, at least for the dubbing case.
  2. That's right, I didn't look there. Thank you very much! 😊
  3. Hi, when I import a stock bass sample (2 bars) to Cakewalk, it raises it 3 semitones. Couldn't find how to deactivate this function. Can anyone help me? How can I keep the original tone when importing?
  4. Ok, you were right. I've reset the plugins and my presets are still there. Problem fixed with just that reset! Thank you all! ☺️👍
  5. Cakewalk' message when I press "reset" doesn't seem to say that. "Perderá todos los ajustes de configuración personalizados" could be translated as "You will lose all the presets". I think it's very clear about this (reset not equal to re-scan) Thank you for the similar thread. I'll wait to the support answer and, if they tell me I must do that, I'll do it, despite I may lose my presets (maybe I can export them?)
  6. Yes, got it through Bandlab Assistant. I have Cakewalk by Bandlab (with the last updates)
  7. I've found them. They appear as 32-bit FX plug-ins. I've wrote to support, I guess they should be recognized as (64-bit?) instruments instead, so I think something is wrong.
  8. Ah, I've found them, thank you. Yes, that folder is included in the Cakewalk plug-ins folders. But I can't understand why they don't show up. I'll try uninstalling and re-installing first, because reseting the VST plugins means to lose my presets, and I have some that I prefer not to re-make. I'll tell after the test.
  9. Thanks for your reply. I've made a lot of rescans and they never show up. I wanted to mean the virtual instruments list. That zone in Cakewalk where I can see my installed plug-ins. I'll try a manual uninstall and re-install, now then.
  10. This is all the content on each Program Files\Cakewalk\Studio Instruments folder (in "SI-Electric Piano" in this case). For those who got the Studio Instruments installed, don't you have any .dll file in there? Because I have no one.
  11. Does it mean that they should appear in the virtual instruments list with my other plug-ings? Oh... "Reset" means I must loose my user presets, and I made ones for the acustic compensation (several frequencies). Can I save them in any way before doing that?
  12. Hi, I've instaled the Studio Instruments Suite, but I can't find the four plug-ins inside Cakewalk. They don't appear in the virtual instruments module, as my other manually installed plug-ins. So, where are them? How can I reach the Studio Instruments ones? Cheers,
  13. Seems to be fixed in last Cakewalk update (I've duplicated several tracks, and no more bug replication). Also, about the Focusrite problem, I've updated my drivers as well and seems fixed too (no sound card hanging anymore). If some of these bugs reproduce again, I'll come back and post. Cheers!
  14. It would be so nice to be able to edit individual gain clips straight in the default mouse control mode, instead of having to press T, change to automatization --> volume. Just adding a node at the top of the clip, then you move up or down.
  15. Sometimes I forgot to plug my external sound card when I run Cakewalk. So, Cakewalk tells me "hey, can't find the devices! You must re-configure the audio setup". It would be nice to have a button for re-scanning the devices and check if everything is as Cakewalk knows. Wha t I should do is I go to the task manager, force Cakewalk closing, plug the sound card and re-open it.
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