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  1. Thanks for confirm Craig (fan of your work too). Involves a very long cabling issue in my case but at least I know I have not missed something. Anyway, respect to BL & CW always.
  2. Guys, Bandlab has just disabled CW "saving" features and reverted back to DEMO mode after some months. My Studio PC is never online and so I only initially logged in once to setup. Though I appreciate Bandlab, I do not wish to be forced to login for any SW. Free or not. And even if only once every so often... Is this the normal operation or might I have missed some setting to avoid?
  3. Hi Guys, General question is all. I want to register new works soon with PRO's (i.e. PRS UK etc) but as these are a totally new project/style, I want to register them under a new Alias/Artist title. So I would then have 2 different Artist names under my 1 membership with that Society. I can find very little about this online and PRS slow to reply. Is this possible and if you've had any experience with it, can you tell me what the process was for this? Many thanks, Steve
  4. Great to be back. Go CW! and many thanks to all the Bandlab gang.
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