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  1. javier

    Re-Sampling from 44.1 to 48

    Yes, I think you are right. I probably should be more concerned if the mix was at 16 bit (?). I actually mixed it last night and I am happy with the sound. That’s what matters at the end of the day, more than the numbers. Thank you.
  2. Hi there; I like to work my projects on 24bit/48kHz. I recently discovered an old song/mix of mine that I would like to finish mixing and mastering. For some reason, the project was on 24bit/44kHz. Although I think the quality of the files will not benefit by resampling them to a higher value, is it correct to assume they will benefit when applying plugins and other processes during mixing and mastering? Also, if there is any advantage on doing so, how I should do it? Should I resample each audio track? or is any way to do it at once in Bandlab?
  3. Thanks everyone and thanks to Martin to make the time to make a video. I appreciate it. All the tips were very helpful and I’ll use them.
  4. Hi there. Does anyone know how to make Cakewalk to find and signalized the loudest peak in a track without searching for it by listening to the track and / or watch the peak labels on real time? Thank you.
  5. When changing the meters range, remember there is also a DISPLAY tab on the bottom of the Pro Channel View (I just discovered it), so you can specify the meter range for a track and its associated bus in that view. So far I found 4 places where to change meter ranges: 1- Options/Meter Options (on the Track View) 2- Options/Meters (on the Console View) 3- Display/Module Options/Meters (on the Pro Channel) 4- Right click on a single meter to see the options for that particular track/bus. So far I am using only 3 Workspaces to see only the Track view, the Console view, or both, along my 2 screens; so I opened them and change the meters range for each Workspace and save them. Now I have all my meters at -24dB regardless of the Workspace I am working with.
  6. Hi, I have tried changing and saving all the Options for meters in my template and they are not recalled. Nevertheless, I followed reginaldStjohn suggestion; I changed them in my Workspaces and it worked great. Thank you!!
  7. Hello there; I am trying to save the range of all the audio meters on my default project template to -24. Cakewalk shows them on a -12 range. I am trying to avoid to change them every time I start a new project. Am I missing something or this is something Cakewalk doesn't save it in a Project Template? Thank you!
  8. Awesome msmcleod, I never payed attention to that button. Thanks a lot! Btw, I just discovered pressing (Ctrl+Shift+ the key) does it too. Javier.
  9. Does anyone knows how to use the Dimension Pro's shortcuts in a way doesn't trigger Cakewalk shortcuts? I mean, if I press the R key for example, to reset all nodes on an envelope, it will activate record on Cakewalk; or if I press V for velocity tracking, it opens the video track on Cakewalk. The shortcuts work just fine on the stand alone version of Dimension though. Thank you for any help in advance.
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