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  1. Must have missed the $25 sale. D.....m
  2. Yea, not a fan of the one knobs but in the interest of science, I will give them a shot at least. Thanks
  3. Yea, i have been using Reaper exclusively(hence The Reaper avatar) until I fell back into an affair with my first love Cakewalk. Despite some of the functionality differences, I'm going give CBB all my attention for awhile.
  4. Why not. Nothing beats a failure but a try.
  5. There in lies the problem. I don't remember anything about the account..username, password. I even had another email then.. Believe me, I've tried.
  6. Yea, I'm kicking myself now because I had all of that before; along with the nomad factory blue tube stuff. I moved away from Cakewalk Sonar to Cubase, uninstalled Sonar, changed computers, now back to Sonar (CBB) and lost all that other stuff..grrrr
  7. Something else I thought would be dope (Yea I said dope) Region or arranger markers (Preferably a region that can be named verse, hook..etc and then dragged to different sections of the arrange view and all clips within the region would move with it. To clarify, my workflow is; I make my beat in either Maschine or here recently Serato Studio, export my scenes. Import scenes into CBB and complete arrangement from there in sections; intro, hook..etc. So just being able to have regions above or below the time line would be a big time saver. I could take hook region, drag it to a different area and just rename the region say hook/no drums or something.
  8. I'm sure been suggested already but aye! De-esser, Gate and Limiter Pro channel modules, Please. And if you feeling real ballsy, throw in a transient shaper for good measure.
  9. You know what would be a helpful addition? (For me anyway) To be able to drag the tempo you want with mouse wheel, instead of using the +, - or typing the tempo in. I record vocals mostly to a 2 track beat and I have to find the tempo of the track first and have found it very simple to find the tempo by dragging the tempo with the mouse wheel to match transients with bars and beats. Mostly now I use Hornet Songkey 3 which now has tempo detection. So far it seems to work ok but it would be nice to have that function built in.
  10. Thank you guys for the updates and bug fixes.
  11. I know somewhat of what your trying to do; which requires some set up in Maschine software (I haven't used Maschine like that in awhile so I would have to look at it when I get home) May I also suggest my workflow; I use Maschine stand alone and when I'm ready, I will export individual sounds out and import them into Cakewalk for mixing,arranging...etc. For me it seem easier and less taxing on CPU but I will revisit the way you're inquiring about as well. There are a few videos on Youtube concerning setting up Maschine for that purpose. Eric
  12. Solved. I had to change the color. Marker color was the same as timeline background. LOL
  13. Is the green bar in the time ruler supposed to be visible. I don't see it. In reference manual there appears to be one. A small item but just curious.
  14. Yea, couldn't seem to get Audacity to work (very disappointed) but was able to get WavePad. Not as good as Audacity so I may look into Soundforge.
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