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  1. After many painful hours looking for the problem, I discovered it in the project settings.... Surrond Sound left/right speakers were cleared. Reselected the correct output and all was well.
  2. Restarting the computer fixed the activation issue.
  3. Had cakewalk working fine, but I had to uninstall it over an issue with no sound that I just could not fix. I've reinstalled it but I'm getting the "demo mode can't save message" and can't remember how/where to activate it. I'm not seeing an activate button in bandlab assistant though the message keeps referring me there. Tried logging out/back in in bandlab assistant per another post but it didn't fix the problem.
  4. Had cakewalk working great on Win10, then I tried to connect to my bluetooth speakers. I got a message that said the audio format was unsupported but I elected to try it anyway. Now I get no sound in cakewalk, although the sound works fine in Windows. I've tried restarting my pc, reseting the cakewalk config file, rerunning wave profiler, restoring my backed up Windows Registry settings for cakewalk...can't seem to fix this. I'm considering uninstalling/reinstalling the app altogether. Anyone have any ideas? Update: Just performed a brutal uninstalled/reinstalled of cakewalk. Still not getting any sound. Also now I cannot activate cakewalk....uggh
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