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  1. Never mind. Delete this post.
  2. Hi, kontakt has this thing call instrument banks where you can load 128 instrument and switch thru them using program change(or patch change). This is very useful when dealing with large orchestral library that comes with lost of articulation for example. Keyswitch are nice but you can only use so many. I'd very much like to take advantage of these banks in Kontakt, but unless i can edit each banks with articulation names it won be manageable. So my question is if there's a way to edit those banks/patchs in Cakewalk? They are essentially basic General MIDI banks a believe so I'm thinking it would probably be fairly easy to implement. I know you can edit your own in Reaper. I did a search but couldn't find anything in regard to cakewalk. Thanks
  3. Ok i see it now. And that makes more sense. Thanks Scook.
  4. I've been playing with the archive function and it turns out that archive only saves cpu(unless there's a setting I'm unaware of). If you want to also unload the ram from samplers like kontakt, you need to disconnect the instrument in the synth rack. So this is kind of the best of both world for me since you get a choice. Something you don't have in Cubase i believe. But be aware that you need to either undock the synth rack or dock it in the multi-dock to see the disconnect function cause it will not appear in the side pan. Note that, while disconnected, kontakt still uses a minimum of ram since kontakt itself is still there but it's a pretty small amount. Also, for the same reason i would think, i was unable to unload the ram for vst(fx). Not really an issue at all for me.
  5. Yea i know. 30 years of commercial development i think? Amazing we can get that for free. What tricks me is how many cool features i saw in other daws(like Studio One) were already in Sonar. Aside from a couple of missing features, Studio One was the most attractive DAW on the market for me and now i don't see the point of buying it. Maybe for the chord track but that's it. In the mean time, i finally found something Cakewalk can't do. At least not completely or not the way i would like. But I'll start a thread about that and see if there's a work around. Might not be a show stopper anyway.
  6. You need a different kind of application for that. They call that a girlfriend or a wife i think? P.S. Hopefully, people understand this was meant as a joke and should not be taken literally. I understand it could be interpreted the wrong way so it's a little edgy but it was meant in good fun.
  7. Thanks Mark. No, freezing is not what I'm after here. Disabling a track is what i want. BTW, is there anything Cakewalk can't do? ...Can't believe it's free. Thanks again for your help.
  8. That was fast! 🙂 You know what it does to instrument tracks? CPU? RAM etc? Thanks
  9. Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to disable a track save to cpu(and optionally ram as well) but without deleting the track. I know Reaper, Cubase and S1 does this but i don't know if Cakewalk can? It's pretty much a must now for people working with large temples etc. I'm sure some would even say it's a game changer as far as workflow. I know Reaper can unload cpu by muting a track as shown below. Is there an option for that in Cakewalk? Let me know. Thanks
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