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  1. At present, I appear to have resolved the problem I had as I have managed to upload my music to bandcamp once converting the SONAR 7 files to FLAC. In terms of making new music projects, I would like to upgrade to cakewalk bandlab. However, when I did try downloading the software the old projects -as mentioned earlier- could not play as they did in sonar 7 on bandlab and when I looked at the files in SONAR 7 they appeared to have changed as well. To correct this I uninstalled bandlab and reinstalled SONAR 7 via the disks I had from the sonar package I obtained long ago. The projects then played as before. Is is possible to have both SONAR 7 and bandlab on one PC without alterations being made to the software of SONAR 7? Or, would I need to download bandlab onto a new PC in order not to alter the SONAR 7 program with my old music projects stored there?
  2. I have tried downloading the new cakewalk bandlab but when I open projects -which I composed with SONAR 7- it states that some instruments are no longer available. Does anyone have any suggestions about which free audio converter I might use to upload music to bandcamp at all? Thanks.
  3. I am using the SONAR 7 XL home recording studio and I want to share some of my music on the internet. I understand that I need to download an Mp3 encoder or activator in order to upload it to the internet but I am not sure which I would need: an encoder or an activator. Does anyone have any information about this at all as well as how I might get hold of the relevant Mp3 encoder? Thanks very much.
  4. I have used a cakewalk USB audio interface UA-1G for some years for music making and I am looking to replace it with a similar product as I cannot find anyone selling this product any longer. Can anyone suggest a similar type of USB audio interface at all? Thank you very much.
  5. Thanks for the information. Very useful.
  6. Can anyone inform me how, using a sonar 7 program, I can select a Midi instrument clip which I have recorded on a single track and fade the sound in and out. I have had no problems doing this with audio clips , but I have not yet worked this out for midi clips. I have tried to select the appropriate track and then use the process feature to select 'fading the track' (as recommended in my guide book) but it does not seem to work. All I can do is press 'select all' in the edit feature and then go to process and activate 'fading the track'. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks.
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