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  1. I think it would be useful to be able to invert automation envelopes. I've spent hours searching and experimenting. How do you do this in CbB? At the moment it seems the best answer is to download Reaper. You can select some or all of the nodes in an envelope, right-click on a node and select Invert All Selected Nodes.
  2. In my experience, AudioSnap isn't usable. I got the job with Melodyne but I did have to record a hi-hat manually so that Melodyne could find the beat.
  3. Have you tried Melodyne instead? You can install the Essential version with Bandlab Assistant. Once installed you can drag the audio clip to the timeline.
  4. I've experienced to same problems. CbB crashes while editing transient markers and beat markers. Edits are not saved.
  5. I hope your problem is solved. One thing that occurred to me is that your Korg may have a global parameter like my Trinity called Local On. If the box is not checked the keyboard will not send midi signals. Often, this parameter gets deselected when I launch the DAW and I have to reselect it.
  6. I have a project where the percussion track has a display problem in the Piano Roll View. I can see all the notes clearly at first but as I scroll through the timeline they become progressively dim and eventually fade into blackness. The notes, however, are still there (thankfully) and can be heard at normal volume. In order to edit these notes, if I need to, I have to hunt for them by mousing over the grid where I expect them to be and when the pointer turns into the selection tool I know I have found a faded note. I can then double-click and edit the note. So I have a work-around but it does add frustration factor and time. Have you experienced this? Is there a known fix? Thanks much for your response.
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