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  1. Okay, you're not going to believe this - I barely do. In Control Panel, Programs and Features, I 'repaired' 6 installations of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (right-click, Change, Repair), rebooted, and the problem is GONE! A new, blank project channel's ProChannel now shows the Gloss EQ and two other modules, all of which are operable and removable AND I can now insert a module without CbB crashing. I did this on a wild hunch that maybe some recent installation - maybe a game, I don't know - had somehow clobbered one of the Redistributables, since that was where the mfc140u.dll was that the crash occurred in. There are 20 Visual C++ Redistributables (2005 thru 2017) in my programs list, only the latest 6 of which (2012 thru 2019) offered the 'Repair', so I did all 6 of them. I had already done the most recent two and the problem persisted, so it was one of the 4 remaining that cleared the problem. @msmcleod thanks so much for your help!
  2. Thanks @msmcleod I had never even heard of dism. I ran the scans. Dism found no problems. Sfc "found corrupt files and successfully repaired them. ..." So I ran dism ... restorehealth as you suggested, and just to be thorough, I rebooted, ran sfc again and it found no errors. Sadly, the problem with the ProChannel did not change. I found the instructions for a clean install. I performed the clean install. The problem remains. <ugh>
  3. @John Vere "As I said before" ??? Well, yes, you have edited your first post to add the bit about a clean install, and assumed I would know that BandLab's uninstall doesn't count. That is what you're saying now, isn't it?
  4. Thanks @msmcleod: 1. No directories are compressed. 2. No virus scanners other than Windows Defender Corrupt project: failure occurs with a blank new project. "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) - 14.28.29325" <-- I only did this on suspicion that mfc140u.dll might be at fault. Thanks for your help. I've actually been able to get the "Gloss EQ" into a ProChannel by loading a 'ProChannel Preset', deleting the compressor (leaving only the EQ), and saving the result; then I can load that ProChannel Preset to get the EQ. Still, the Gloss EQ is supposed to be there by default, and the big clue in this scenario, Insert Module should not cause a crash. <sigh>
  5. First, do you know what folder the ARC plugin is in? And is that folder in your "VST Scan Paths" list? (Preferences -> File -> VST Settings)
  6. John, none of the ProChannel EQ controls operate on the new track. ProChannel is present, whatever that may mean, but the EQ is merely a picture. And then there's the crashing.
  7. Now what have I done? 🙃 Starting a few days ago, new tracks have no ProChannel, I mean, the ProChannel area shows up and the default parametric EQ graphic is there, but clicking any control only results in the four corners appearing on the control. Also, attempts to "Insert Module" in the ProChannel area results in a CbB crash with: Error - Unhandled Exception A fatal error has occurred. Module: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\mfc140u.dll ... If I load an older project that used the EQ, it will load and work normally, but new tracks will not. This image is from a project from May '20 with a newly added track, showing the difference in the ProChannel's: Interestingly (I think), if I load a ProChannel Preset, I get a functional parametric EQ. Weird, huh? So far, I have: - uninstalled Cakewalk using BandLab Assistant, re-installed using same - installed VC_redist.x64.exe (yeah, I fumbling around in the dark) - reset VST's and re-scanned What is going on here?? Thanks for your time . 😊
  8. Thanks very much for your help, scook. It appears rebooting has cleared the blockage. The re-scan found ZebraHZ for the first time, and a host of misbehaving VST's, which I will now track down individually and deal with harshly. Also, a 'Logs' folder has appeared as it should, with a VstScan.log file. Yay. - There was no scanning toast message, and Show Notifications was turned on - "Scan in Sandbox" was enabled - The scanner was not showing up in Task Manager <-- that's the real puzzler; why did Cakewalk insist there was a scan running? Thanks again for your help!
  9. I just bought a couple of u-he VST's, Zebra2 and Dark Zebra. Zebra2 works fine (in fact I had already been using the demo when I purchased the license). But Cakewalk has never found Dark Zebra, or "ZebraHZ". The files exist - I've found them in the directories they're supposed to be in and those directories are in the "VST Scan Paths" list. Just to get a "second opinion" I opened ZebraHZ in another VST host, Cantabile, and it works perfectly. Now, here's a big clue (I think): whenever I click "Reset" in the VST Settings page, I get the error "A VST scan is already running. Please wait for it to complete before starting another scan." I get the same error in the Cakewalk Plug-in Manager if I click under VST Configuration, "Options", "Plug-in Properties", or "Scan VST Plug-ins". And one final clue: on the VST Settings page, checking "Generate Scan Log" does nothing. I looked in %appdata%\Cakewalk and there is not even a "Logs" folder. So, I created one just to see if that would get around the problem, but no luck. I believe Cakewalk has decided it's running a scan, so the Log option is never being executed because it would happen on the next scan and the next scan cannot happen. So, is there a way to tell Cakewalk to stop its VST scan, or tell it that it's not running a scan? Is there even any indicator that a scan is in progress (other than the error message of course)? Thanks for reading 🙂 Edit: "Rescan Failed Plug-ins" and "Rescan Existing Plug-ins" are both turned off. "Version: 2020.11 (Build 099, 64 bit)"
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