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  1. I brought that same project I've been working on up to 4 prodigious tracks and now I'm having trouble with CbB freezing repeatedly. I can't open the project without it freezing. Really sucks and I really like the sound of this synth and the only other moog prodigy vst I've found is also 32bit. I did find schematics for the original analog prodigy and I have a good soldering station so I guess that's a option. But I can't open it all now. I have Sonar x3 but I only had the 64bit version registered before they shut down the registration servers so I can't open the 32bit version.
  2. That is the work around I am using Wookiee it gets the job done but is a bit annoying. It still shows the correct preset as being selected but the settings aren't correct when I click it again it loads it correctly now that I've saved them to a new preset bank instead of just using the default one. There is no way for me to rename the presets in my bank for some reason. I'm using ASIO4all because way back when I was using Sonar x3 I was having some problems getting it output sound properly and I found a website that said to use ASIO4all and using it made everything work properly. I'm using what ever sound card is build into my AMD Radeon 7980 graphics card. I use an external DAC called AudioEngineD1 for sound output but my DSP is what ever is built into that. Larry the settings are the same in windows and the DAW I got it to release the audio but setting it's output to WASAPI like msmcleod suggested. I do have an audio interface for my guitar but it doesn't work with my desktop due to not having thunderbolt ports so I only use it with my laptop which is not very powerful. I bought an PCI card that has thunderbolt ports for my desktop but it's a knock off of the ones made for my MB that doesn't work and since manufacture they ripped the design from stopped making them scalpers on ebay are charging insane prices for the real ones. It's a thunderbolt port from my understanding they need to be made specific for each motherboard. I'm trying to get the screen capture I made of the problem to be a small enough size for upload but I can't get it under 4.88mb I think I'm going to have to upload it elsewhere and PM a link to Noel.
  3. It's a free VST. Could it be a problem with running a 32bit vst in CbB like Tez had suggested? I have PMed you the project file. It doesn't seem like there is 64bit version of this plugin to test it with.
  4. Well it's happening every time with prodigious in this project. I can send the project to someone at cakewalk and they can grab a copy of Prodigious if that helps. They might want to try recreating the problem with the steps I used to get here. 1) start a blank project. 2)insert EXD-80 and create a basic 4/4 beat of kick on 2nd and 4th beat. 3)insert prodigious and add a bassline. 4)insert a second prodigious and add a lead instrument with some simple riffs 5)save and then restart.
  5. I'm using ASIO4ALL. It's happening consistently with my current project and the prodigious VST. It's a free VST (and an amazing sounding one too) so using that should allow them to reproduce it. It's happening every time with my current project and this VST. If just using that VST doesn't help I could make a copy of this project it's not a serious one just one I was playing around with to dial it different sounds with this synth. I'm also having a problem with a nice sounding drum VST (that I"m actually using in this project) not displaying it's name correctly in the insert soft synth menue. It displays as "container" when it's actually called EXD-80. I started the project as a blank project if that helps.
  6. Every time I reload my project after starting cakewalk all of the settings in the VST synth are reset to default. This means I have to start over from scratch again with setting up and dialing in my instruments every time I close it down. In the patch selector window it will still show the patch I had selected but all of the settings will be reset to default as if I had just created a new synth track so I needs to recreate all of the sounds I had previously created again. Right now I'm using the VST prodigious which I use a lot as I really like how it sounds but this bug is happening with it. Does anyone know anyway to fix this besides having to make sure I save all of my patches every time before I close down sonar or I loose them? Also, when ever I had sonar running I have to close it down to get any sound from any other program to play. Is there a way to keep cakewalk from locking out all other programs from audio playback?
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