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  1. My SampleTank 3 SE install works fine as a standalone (using an iRig I/O Keys with the ASIO4ALL drivers). But when I load ST3 into a Cakewalk track (default settings in the pop-up window), and use the master bus as the output, I can't get any sound at all. It's not a MIDI problem; both the iRig's key presses and the onscreen keyboard results in activity in the ST levels meter. Using this exact same MIDI input/bus output combination for any other VST in Cakewalk works fine. There's only one bus (Master, natch) in the project, and no returns. I've tried loading ST instruments in different Parts, but again, same non-result.
  2. So I've been attempting to use my iRig Keys I/O with the latest Bandcamp version of Cakewalk, but am running into a few problems: I record something using the iRig's microphone input, and when I playback, the recording has been sped up to be twice as fast as the tempo in which I recorded it. (Perhaps not related to the controller itself): Choosing a different patches in various soft synths/VSTs causes the sound output to have a distorted, "grainy" character. Oddly enough, pressing P to call up the preferences dialogue box will immediately fix this and restore the sond to its correct character). Hopefully a simple fix asked by a simpleton.
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